Secrets Of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

Author: Mike Murdock
Editor: Wisdom International Inc
ISBN: 1563946211
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Carefully Researched, This Powerful Teaching Unlocks Solomon's 31 Secrets of Success. 9 Success Keys For Negotiation / 10 Qualities of Uncommon Achievers / 7 Keys In Getting Along With Others. This Book Can Remove Mental Blocks To Your Success. The Perfect Gift! Also Available In Spanish #SB-99 Los Secretos Del Hombre M s Rico Que Ha Existido Also Available In Portuguese #PB-99 Os Segredos Do Homem Mais Rico do Mundo

The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

Author: Steven K. Scott
Editor: Currency
ISBN: 9780385517775
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In this short, powerful book, multimillionaire and bestselling author Steven K. Scott reveals King Solomon’s breakthrough strategies to achieve a life of financial success and personal fulfillment. Steve Scott flunked out of every job he held in his first six years after college. He couldn’t succeed no matter how hard he tried. Then Dr. Gary Smalley challenged him to study the book of Proverbs, promising that in doing so he would achieve greater success and happiness than he had ever known. That promise came true, making Scott a millionaire many times over. In The Richest Man Who Ever Lived, Scott reveals Solomon’s key for winning every race, explains how to resolve conflicts and turn enemies into allies, and discloses the five qualities essential to becoming a valued and admired person at work and in your personal life. Scott illustrates each of Solomon’s insights and strategies with anecdotes about his personal successes and failures, as well as those of such extraordinary people as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Steven Spielberg. At once inspiring and instructive, The Richest Man Who Ever Lived weaves the timeless truths of one of our greatest works of literature into a detailed roadmap for successful living today.

The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

Author: Greg Steinmetz
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451688563
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"The life and times of the wealthiest man who ever lived--Jacob Fugger--the Renaissance banker who revolutionized the art of making money and established the radical idea of pursuing wealth for its own sake. Jacob Fugger lived in Germany at the turn of the sixteenth century, the grandson of a peasant. By the time he died, his fortune amounted to nearly two percent of European GDP. Not even John D. Rockefeller had that kind of wealth. Most people become rich by spotting opportunities, pioneering new technologies, or besting opponents in negotiations. Fugger did all that, but he had an extra quality that allowed him to rise even higher: nerve. In an era when kings had unlimited power, Fugger had the nerve to stare down heads of state and ask them to pay back their loans--with interest. It was this coolness and self-assurance, along with his inexhaustible ambition, that made him not only the richest man ever, but a force of history as well. Before Fugger came along it was illegal under church law to charge interest on loans, but he got the Pope to change that. He also helped trigger the Reformation and likely funded Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe. His creation of a news service, which gave him an information edge over his rivals and customers, earned Fugger a footnote in the history of journalism. And he took Austria's Habsburg family from being second-tier sovereigns to rulers of the first empire where the sun never set. The ultimate untold story, The Richest Man Who Ever Lived is more than a tale about the richest and most influential businessman of all time. It is a story about palace intrigue, knights in battle, family tragedy and triumph, and a violent clash between the 1 percent and everybody else. To understand our financial system and how we got it, it pays to understand Jacob Fugger"--

The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

Author: King Solomon
Editor: Bnpublishing.Com
ISBN: 9789562913553
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The original Hebrew title of the book of Proverbs is "Mshl Shlomoh" ("Proverbs of Solomon"). The authorship of Proverbs has not been easy to determine. Solomon's name appears in Proverbs 1: 1, "The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, King of Israel," although this does not necessarily mean that he was the author. It was often the custom to place the name of the King or someone of prominence in writings in order to honour them, or to give those writings more prestige. However, Solomon is often mentioned as someone who has extensive wisdom in the Bible as well as in extra-Biblical literature. It is also said that people came from all over to hear the wisdom of Solomon. The general assumption is that Solomon was a part of the authorship to some extent, but that the book was not solely his work.

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Author: Steve Scott
Editor: Broadway Business
ISBN: 0385526008
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Uncovers the six keys Jesus used in his daily life to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and reveals how we can apply them to our careers, relationships, and endeavors enabling us to achieve more successful, happier lives, from finding meaning that motivates us to identifying the purpose that drives us.

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Author: Steven K. Scott
Editor: Crown Business
ISBN: 0385529430
Size: 16,42 MB
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Just as the sun blinds our eyes to a sky filled with stars, Jesus’ deity can blind us to the unseen riches of His humanity. In The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, Steven K. Scott reveals the hidden treasures to be found in Christ’s life as a human. When you learn from Jesus’ life on earth, your own life will be propelled to a whole new level of achievement, happiness, and success. As you look at Jesus’ life, you will learn how to: •Find new meanings that will raise your life to new heights. •Develop missions that will produce greater creativity and productivity. •Communicate messages that will move the minds and hearts of your listeners. •Act in a manner that attracts others, increases your value, and heightens your self-esteem. •Adopt a method that accelerates extraordinary success. •Discover your incredible worth. •Give and receive a type of love that is truer than any you have experienced before. Let the greatest Man who ever lived turn your purpose-driven life into a purpose-accomplished life! From the Hardcover edition.

The Wisest And Richest Man Who Ever Lived

Author: George K.
ISBN: 9781549799846
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A Proven, Step-By-Step Method To Become Prosperous, Successful and Happy Everybody wants to be Rich and Wealthy with lot of options in life to choose but unfortunately not everyone gets to enjoy the wonderful life we all desire. There are numerous reason for failing in life which cannot be explained. In Old Testament Bible mentions about the richest and wisest man who ever lived. He was King Solomon, By following his strategy we can become more prudent and wealthy. King Solomon has written more than 3000 Proverbs and part of his proverbs are in Bible. Following the proverbs mentioned in the bible gives us more wisdom and key to become rich. This book will help you to unlock your potential based on Ancient Wisdom Followed by Richest and Wisest man Who ever lived.You might have tried your best in the past to become rich and prosperous but were not successful. But the truth is you are unable succeed because of lack of effective strategy. This book goes into step-by-step strategy that will help you become successful and prosperous. And also will help you to take control of your life. Once you apply the principles in this book you won't feel the embarrassment, self-pity and depression because of the past instead you will feel calm, confident, free and happy. You're well on your way to becoming successful, Prosperous, and happy for life! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Chapter 1: POWER OF MAKING FIRM DECISIONS Chapter 2: CREATING YOUR NICHE TO SUCCESS Chapter 3: BUILDING YOUR EMPIRE Chapter 4: BEING ORGANIZED Much, much more! Purchase your copy today!Take action right away to Become Successful, Prosperous and Lead a Happy Life by purchasing this book "The Wisest And Richest Man Who Ever Lived:King Solomon's Biblical Principles To Success, Prosperity And Happiness".Tags: Wealth, Success, Prosperity, Prosperous, Unlock Your Potential, Key to Success, Become Wealthy, Biblical Principles, King Solomon, King Solomon's Secret, Proverbs, Financial Freedom, Money, Bible, Old Testament..

The Celebrated Pedestrian And Other Historical Curiosities

Author: BBC History Magazine
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1448142091
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Who is the Downing of Downing Street? What did the first illuminated adverts in Piccadilly Circus advertise? Was Oliver Cromwell actually Welsh? Questions like these and many more are answered in this, the first ever miscellany from the editors of BBC History Magazine. The Celebrated Pedestrian - the title refers to people in Victorian times who walked for sport - collects a wide variety of historical facts and curiosities, helping to uncover little-known truths (Who was the richest man who ever lived?) and debunk myths (Was there one man who survived both the sinkings of the Titanic and the Lusitania?) from ancient times to the present day. Also including a collection of fascinating lists (Top 10 famous riots! Top 10 writers who were banned by the Vatican!) and 'This Day in History' features, The Celebrated Pedestrian is the perfect gift for trivia fans and history buffs alike.

Unleash The Billionaire Within

Author: Esmonde Holowaty
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1456735985
Size: 10,25 MB
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It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I present to you "Unleash The Billionaire Within." UTBW is the nuclear modern day "Think and Grow Rich" for our times and times to come. UTBW was created by modeling the results of studying men and women who have studied the wealthiest and most successful people in the world, people such as Napolean Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates to mention a few. UTBW teaches it's reader to think into the unimaginable and to realize that they already possess the power within themselves to turn this knowledge into abundant power for acquiring anything they so desire. Each and every one of us is standing right over our own abundant avalanche of successes ready to be reaped. We all have dreams, desires, and passions that need not go unfullfilled in our lifetime. The book also helps the reader to see how he or she may obtain success without violating the rights of god or other people by aligning his or her values and beleifs intelligently. UTBW also teaches how adversities may be overcome in the pursuit of any goal. An Napolean Hill said, "Don't be afraid of a little opposition, Remember that the "kite" of success generally rises against the wind of adversity - not with it." Like a martial arts expert if one masters the skill of repetition of a successful skill he or she will reach their sought after treasure no matter how large or small. The book also helps the reader to answer questions such as, If I daily have a billion dollar vision as a definite goal and take massive action towards obtaining my billion dollar vision will I become a billionaire ? Enjoy the adventerous read of your life as you discover it's not just how having a billion dollar vision, it's who you become in the process of that billion dollar vision that creates true fullfillment and happiness in life. So please give yourself permission to start your journey into the future of tommorrow now, by purchasing your copy of "Unleash The Billionaire Within" now. God Bless

From Trials To Triumphs The Coscharis Story

Author: Ph. D. Ambassador Udo Moses Williams
Editor: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1607919257
Size: 20,92 MB
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Udo Moses Williams, PhD, commenced his work experience in the University of Calabar in 1978 and later joined the Nigerian Foreign Service where he served in various capacities, including as Nigeria's Ambassador Extra-Ordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Congo. Dr. Williams has written three books: The Nigerian Diplomatic Practice: A guide (2004); The Nigerian Diplomatic Practice: A revision (2005); and the Philippine Presidency (2007). His wife, Mrs. Eno Udo Williams, a public relations expert, is a graduate of the University of Lagos and also has a degree in Linguistics from France. Her work experience includes a stint as Assistant Manager in Sprint and later as Sales Manager in Tempo both in Quebec, Canada. She is a committed Christian, wife and mother. Udo and his wife, Eno, live in Canada. His father died when he was four years old, which denied him the benefit of formal education but with only 400 dollars as investment capital he built a conglomerate with interests spanning the globe. How did Cosmas and Charity Maduka create the Coscharis phenomenon despite the challenges inherent in their background and the vicissitudes of a developing country? Unarguably one Nigerian whose entrepreneurial skills have touched virtually every sector of the Nigerian economy. - The Sun. I sincerely want to encourage the youth to read this book as a motivational guide and as an encyclopaedia of how to grow success and wealth. - Professor Ibidapo Obe FASFA Eng, OFR, Former Vice Chancellor, University of Lagos (2002-2007). This book is something that all of us, young and old, accomplished and aspiring, should read. The lives of these two souls shine forth with the love of God, shine forth with courage, honesty, determination, humility and kindness. - Brian Browne, Former US Consul-General, Lagos, Nigeria.