Who Can Ride The Dragon

Author: Yu Huan Zhang
Editor: Paradigm Publications
ISBN: 9780912111599
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(The authors) have performed a great service by clearing a path into the formidable dense thicket that constitutes Chinese medicine in the West. This text provides... a window of inestimable value into a world of meaning that satisfies a yearning on the part of many who hunger to know the substrate from which Chinese Medicine emerges. Harriet Beinfield Author, Between Heaven and Earth, A Guide to Chinese Medicine An excellent book for those studying Traditional Chines Medicine (TCM), this new text provides an insight into the depth and subtlety of this interesting subject. It delves into the linguistic and cultural wellsprings of Chinas venerable past, describing all aspects of TCM and making it applicable to Western approaches. It teaches the reader about the characteristics, expressions and concepts of TCM, allowing them to integrate its theories and practice into their own personal approach.

Riding The Dragon S Back

Author: Richard Bangs
Editor: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781493572380
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This exciting account of adventure and competition follows several expeditions to be the first to descend China's longest river, from its headwaters in Tibet to the Three Gorges region, and eventually to the East China Sea. Among the players are a megalomaniac American fishing guide, patriotic members of China's youth movement, novice boaters full of fear and experienced rafters filled with hubris, thrown together to challenge one of the world's most dangerous rivers. Originally published in 1989, and winner of a Lowell Thomas Award that year for best travel book, "Riding the Dragon's Back" has been slightly revised to emphasize the drama and excitement of its narrative of competition and challenge, although the chapters on Chinese exploration and history remain. This is modern river exploration at its best, and the book has inspired numerous whitewater enthusiasts over the years to emulate its adventurous spirit.

Riding The Dragon

Author: Robert J. Wicks
Editor: Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 1933495448
Size: 12,62 MB
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With over 50,000 copies sold, Riding the Dragon has for a decade made itself an indispensable spiritual and psychological guide to readers experiencing seasons of adversity. This anniversary edition includes a new introduction from the author with personal reflections and fresh perspectives on today's challenges. "Don't try to slay your dragons; learn to ride them!" Drawing on Eastern and Western traditions, psychologist Robert Wicks emboldens readers to face life's difficulties--the "dragons" that escape from the cave. Readers will find guidance and encouragement to engage problems as a means to growth and transformation, to ride their dragons rather than slay them or drive them back into their cave. Wicks fashions ten simple lessons on identifying and confronting the everyday dragons readers meet: from engaging darkness to finding simplicity to keeping perspective.

Riding The Dragon

Author: CT Johnson
Editor: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1326525034
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CT Johnson was a top executive in one of China's largest companies and is now one of the world's leading experts on managing and selling to the Chinese. As one of the few Westerners to ever hold an executive role in a Chinese multinational, and as a Mandarin-speaker with extensive relationships in China, CT brings a unique perspective to Chinese business culture. Riding The Dragon gives the reader insights on why they can't rely on Western thinking to solve Chinese problems. It lays out a step-by-step model for understanding the Chinese way of thinking and challenges the belief that only China experts can navigate the world of Chinese business. A must read for anyone engaged with the Chinese market.

Riding The Dragon S Spine

Author: David Bristow
Editor: Penguin Random House South Africa
ISBN: 1920545298
Size: 17,86 MB
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When windmill-dodgers David Bristow and Steve Thomas followed their dream to blaze (and map) a mountain bike trail across South Africa, they hoped to be spared howling headwinds, freezing rain and slushy terrain. They weren’t, yet were not deterred from having a mud-splattering good time. The result, the Spine of the Dragon trail, is the country’s ultimate mountain bike tour, covering a distance of 4000km from Beit Bridge to Cape Town. Aimed at the average off-road rider, the 58-day trail through South Africa and Lesotho is broken into nine sections, each with several stages. The entire course can be done in one go, or as a series of shorter rides – ideal for those with boundless enthusiasm but limited time. The authors offer valuable advice on preparing for the trail that includes suggested clothing, gear, bike maintenance, food and safety. Each day’s route is described in detail and includes: • Customised, annotated map with GPS points • Total daily distance • Difficulty grading: from short and easy to long and hard • Entertaining insight into the people and places along the way • Engaging photographs • Accommodation suggestions and contact details When he’s not out cycling, David Bristow writes for a living. He is the former editor of Getaway travel magazine and the author of more than a dozen books for Random House Struik. Steve Thomas discovered mountain bikes while living in the US in the 1980s. Upon his return to South Africa in 1992, he established Daytrippers, South Africa’s oldest and biggest bicycle touring company.

Riding The Dragon Living The Vision

Author: Thomsen Poet
Editor: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1435722043
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"Know thyself," says Socrates. But humankind tends to ignore human nature, choosing instead to politicalize (escape) thyself. But humankind is turning in on himself (ourself), and like it or not, in time we will be forced by necessity (the dynamic pattern of our own behavior) to meet our Lord (innermost Being), and know thyself as Life-Death, a Spirit-Matter Continuum (one Adam)--or perish altogether. The author offers a philosophical companion to his previous book of poetry The Heart Speaks. 86 pages, consisting of an introduction, 4 chapters, 3 poems and 12 articles on living faith.

Riding The Tail Of The Dragon

Author: Jeannine Dahlberg
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1403345082
Size: 16,34 MB
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"Eyes Behind My Back" is poetry with a down to earth flavor - poetry that reflects both the bitter and sweet aspects of life and love seen from 360 degrees. Each poem relates to real-life situations with which you or someone you know can relate hopefully it will reveal a new perspective on the world around you. As "Eyes Behind My Back" unfolds, it will leave you crying, amused, and lucid about life and love in its rawest and purest form, leaving you consciously aware of your inner-self and your outer-surroundings.


Author: Nickolas Donkersloot
Editor: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781475213683
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NOTE: This is THE SAME book as the first version of "Donkersloot: Riding the Dragon", with the only difference being that the trademarked logo for a certain motorcycle gang has been removed from the cover and a few pictures in the interior. To see the many favorable reviews for "Donkersloot" please see the Amazon page for the first version of the book at: http://www.amazon.com/Donkersloot-Riding-The-Dragon-Nickolas/dp/0615556604/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335990857&sr=8-1 . In 1992, at age 18, Nick Donkersloot joined the 1%ers, the same motorcycle gang his beloved father belonged to. Telling himself he needed to stay close to his father to protect him, Nick partied and did drugs. Over the course of the next thirteen years he became addicted, divorced, and grew increasingly disillusioned with the direction his life had taken. Then his father died in his arms on the side of a road after being hit by a drunk driver, and Nickâ(tm)s life went into a tailspin. On the outs with his former brothers, Nick finds himself in a federal courtroom, wondering if his future will have him on a motorcycle or in prison.And his journey continues...

The Artist S Way At Work

Author: Mark Bryan
Editor: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0688166350
Size: 19,19 MB
Format: PDF
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After the publication of the bestselling book The Artists' Way, Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan, co-creators of the country's most successful course on creativity, were often told that their techniques helped people achieve their business goals. This spurred them to refine the methods to help people perform more creatively and effectively at work. The program is revealed in The Artists' Way at Work: a twelve-week encounter with your own ingenuity, struggles, strengths and dreams -- as well as the political guidance to enable you to get things done. Through powerful self-assessment exercises with intriguing titles such as "Power Inside vs. Power Outside," "Developing Creative Continuity," and "Finding Your Truth," readers learn to release their creative spirit at work and tap reserves of energy, vision, and passion. The Artists' Way at Work will help you excel in your job, launch the business of your dreams, or find the career you love. Best of all, you will learn to "live in the paradox" -- to develop a personal philosophy of excellence that sustains you, whatever the future holds. The processes in this book are rooted in cutting-edge principles of human development, organizational behavior, and the arts. They have been rigorously tested among business audiences and will unleash a degree of satisfaction at work (and in life) you may never have believed possible. For every one of us who works, The Artists' Way at Work reveals a completely new way to thrive.

Riding The Dragon

Author: Rhea Powers
Editor: North Star Publications (MA)
ISBN: 9781880823095
Size: 18,69 MB
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