Sacred Sites Oracle Cards

Author: Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
ISBN: 9781780288420
Size: 14,91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 969

Sacred Sites Mandalas

Author: Britta Schier
Editor: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3748110138
Size: 15,72 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 336

The Sacred Sites Mandalas coloring book is truly a coloring book for the soul. It is for those who seek relaxation and support from the enchanting world of the sacred sites. Beginners and therapists alike can experience the power of color, meditation and sacred sites. It includes 22 sacred sites mandalas with spiritual places from around the world. With the sacred site symbolizing the Earth, or earthly, and the mandala the Sky and the spiritual, you "the artist within" are the connecting link. You relax and draw strength from the meditative activity of painting, while energetically infusing your picture with your own energetic signature through coloring and thereby initiating process, insights, findings etc. You can then use your mandalas to heal, charge or balance specific chakras, with help from the attached chakra list. Enabling your inner artist to become your own personal healer.

Soul Coaching Oracle Cards

Author: Denise Linn
ISBN: 9781401908003
Size: 14,32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 386

The Soul Coaching Oracle Cards, by best-selling author and healer Denise Linn, provide a direct connection to the Soul. The card deck and guidebook can be used to give yourself, your loved ones, and your clients remarkably accurate, heartfelt readings . . . as well as help you touch the sacred place within. You'll come to understand what your Soul wants you to know about your relationships, your career, your creativity, and even your future. Every card glows with beautiful artwork and a positive message that can help you receive profound spiritual guidance from your higher self!

Funny Mexican Chula Cabrona Chingona

Author: Jackson Antonio
Size: 13,20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 592

Funny Mexican Chula Cabrona Chingona Original and unique graduation gift for your favorite graduate, a great way to say congratulations to that someone who has finally achieved what they have been fighting for all these years. This notebook/journal will be a reminder of that special day and also of the struggles and sacrifice they have made to get to this point. A great and original alternative to a card, they can use this after the day they get it and they'll be reminded everyday of your present. This is great as a journal or notebook perfect for you to write your own thoughts, get a little creative with poetry or just writing down lists or ideas. It is a 100 pages blank ruled journal ready for you to fill with your own writing and get a little creative every now and then. 120 pages of high quality paper (60 sheets) It can be used as a journal, notebook or just a composition book 6 x 9 Paperback notebook, soft matte cover Perfect for gel pen, ink or pencils Great size to carry everywhere in your bag, for work, high school, college... It will make a great gift for such an special event like someone's graduation

The Spiritual Scientist

Author: Maria Afentakis
Editor: SCB Distributors
ISBN: 1912839512
Size: 12,22 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 185

The Spiritual Scientist bridges the gap between science and spirituality to give the reader an understanding of how energy works and how one can balance and restore their energies to have a tranquil and peaceful life. The book covers the scientific concepts of energy and the human body and relates these concepts to their spiritual aspects. The scientific concepts will be written in an accurate and a simple fashion, so the reader will be able to understand these concepts without having a high degree of scientific knowledge. The book will discuss the scientific concept first then relate these to the spiritual aspect. The first chapter is an introduction to what energy is in basic terms with equations and diagrams so the reader can fully understand that every living thing has its own unique energy. Chapter 2 will describe energetic aura in detail as this is very important for the reader to fully understand, as the book will focus on spiritual practices that can be used to balance and restore energetic aura, including the chakra system. Chapter 3 will describe the basic anatomy of the human body and will describe the basic fundamental structures such as a cell and DNA, as well as organs and bodily systems including the endocrine system. Chapter 4 will focus on the 13 chakras in the body. The 13 chakras are represented in the spiritual scientist’s logo. This chapter will help the reader understand the different chakras in the body and identify when there is a problem or if chakra is inactive, overactive or imbalanced. Chapters 5-7 will describe specific spiritual practices including crystal healing and aromatherapy that can be incorporated to ground, balance and restore ones' chakras. Chapter 8 will describe the basic function and structure of the brain and how mindfulness techniques including meditations can be used to restore peace and tranquility in ones' everyday life. The final chapter will be a guided step-by step protocol combining all the knowledge learnt throughout the book to create their own meditation kits to balance specific auras. Throughout the book, there will be guided meditations and activities, so the reader will find it easier to understand the importance of these spiritual practices and incorporate them into everyday life.

Tourism Business Frontiers

Author: Dimitrios Buhalis
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1136353631
Size: 17,17 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 133

As the global tourism industry continues to expand and to become more complex, it is vital that those in the industry are equipped with a thorough knowledge of all topics involved. New Tourism Consumers Products and Industry: Present and Future Issues provides this comprehensive coverage and more. Written by a team of globally renowned thinkers and researchers, it not only provides a brief historical overview of tourism, but delves deeper, to discuss emerging trends, consumer types and looks at the way the industry itself is changing and developing. It provides the manager of tomorrow with the ability to look beyond normal planning horizons and identify potential opportunities from these changes. New Tourism Consumers Products and Industry: Present and Future Issues is part of a two part set with its companion text, Tourism Dynamics, Challenges and Tools: Present and Future Issues which takes the reader on a logical progression to look at issues relating to the external environment in which the tourism industry functions. Both texts thereby provide the reader with a complete set of tools and knowledge recognise the key areas of growth and change, and the ability to use the new tools and technologies available to develop them and maximise business potential.

Oracle Of Shadows And Light

Author: Lucy Cavendish
Editor: Simon Pulse/Beyond Words
ISBN: 9781582703053
Size: 11,35 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 874

This charismatic set of forty-five oracle cards and an in-depth guidebook provides teens with the power to change their lives. Seeking both to empower and entertain, bestselling Australian author Lucy Cavendish joins forces with world-renowned fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith to craft popular oracle cards that specifically address today’s independent teens. Misfits, mystics, seekers, and wanderers alike will delve into the forty-five beautifully illustrated cards, each with its own guiding message, from developing your inner strength, intuition, or simply finding happiness with oneself. Within the wide-eyed wonder of Oracle of Shadows and Light, readers will encounter grumpy fairies, sassy witches, cheeky ghosts, and brazen beings, all acting as the magickal messengers of mysterious dreams. Honest, quirky, and haunting, these shadowy-sweet strangelings appear within the in-depth guidebook, offering with step-by-step instructions for powerful, accurate, healing readings that can shape the seeker’s day, year, and future.

Oracle Of The Dragonfae

Author: Lucy Cavendish
Editor: Blue Angel Gallery
ISBN: 9780980398342
Size: 12,49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 913

Stunningly illustrated set of oracle cards that deliver powerful messages of love, healing and protection to a new generation. From the author of The Oracle Tarot, Magical Spell Cards and White Magic. As Above, So Below CD also available.

Sacred Geometry Of Nature

Author: Francene Hart
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 159143274X
Size: 10,87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 422

A fully illustrated inspirational art book from visionary painter Francene Hart • Includes more than 80 full-color reproductions of Hart’s intricate watercolor paintings and the stories behind them • Recounts the evolution of her art and her discovery of the hidden order of Nature that led to her masterful artistic integrations of Nature, Spirit, and Sacred Geometry • Explores how to tap into the energies provided by spirit guides and power animals, like Jaguar, Raven, Octopus, and Dolphin, and harness the intelligence of the heart for creative inspiration and vision Every one of us possesses the potential to receive visionary experiences and integrate them into our lives. Artists become visionaries by cultivating their instinctive creative spark and sharing their profound visions with the world. In this lavishly illustrated memoir, including more than 80 full-color reproductions of her intricate watercolor paintings and the stories behind them, Francene Hart recounts the evolution of her art from formative influences to her masterful integrations of Nature, Spirit, and Sacred Geometry. Opening with her early work on mandalas and her explorations of the work of Joseph Campbell and C. G. Jung, Hart explains how her first works of art were in response to the solitary life she led in the forest, where she discovered the hidden order of Nature. She reveals how she learned to center her artistic explorations on the intelligence of the heart rather than the intellect, utilizing the wisdom and imagery of Sacred Geometry, reverence for the natural environment, and the interconnectedness between all things as her inspirations. She describes the shamanic lessons that accompanied her discoveries and shaped her understanding of sacred relationships with the self, others, and Mother Earth. She explores how to tap into the energies provided by spirit guides and power animals, like Jaguar, Raven, Octopus, and Dolphin, and explains her profound affinity for the ocean, including her discovery of water consciousness in Hawaii. Offering chronicles of her inspiring travels and transformational encounters around the world, Hart shares her experiences at sacred sites in the Amazon, Central America, Egypt, England, Scotland, Paris, Cambodia, and the Himalayas and how these places influenced her art. Exploring what is revealed as inspiration arises, Spirit informs, and vision is transformed into art, Francene Hart’s journey offers a window into the secret order of Nature, the power of sacred symbols for evolving consciousness, and a visionary artistic path that perfectly blends the mathematical rigors of sacred geometry and the numinous.

Bibliography Of Occult And Fantastic Beliefes Vol 2 E K

Author: Paul Smith (collective pseudonym)
Editor: Buike Science And Music
Size: 12,94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 553

EDITION of undercover-collective "Paul Smith", probably Melbourne/Australia - general purpose: mental hygiene in "esoteric matters", special purpose: esoterism around "Rennes-le-Chateau and Berenger Sauniere" - covering ca. 21.000 titles in 2017