Safe Haven Wie Ein Licht In Der Nacht

Author: Nicholas Sparks
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Catastrophe And Utopia

Author: Ferenc Laczo
Editor: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 311055934X
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Catastrophe and Utopia studies the biographical trajectories, intellectual agendas, and major accomplishments of select Jewish intellectuals during the age of Nazism, and the partly simultaneous, partly subsequent period of incipient Stalinization. By focusing on the relatively underexplored region of Central and Eastern Europe – which was the primary centre of Jewish life prior to the Holocaust, served as the main setting of the Nazi genocide, but also had notable communities of survivors – the volume offers significant contributions to a European Jewish intellectual history of the twentieth century. Approaching specific historical experiences in their diverse local contexts, the twelve case studies explore how Jewish intellectuals responded to the unprecedented catastrophe, how they renegotiated their utopian commitments and how the complex relationship between the two evolved over time. They analyze proximate Jewish reactions to the most abysmal discontinuity represented by the Judeocide while also revealing more subtle lines of continuity in Jewish thinking. Ferenc Laczó is assistant professor in History at Maastricht University and Joachim von Puttkamer is professor of Eastern European History at Friedrich Schiller University Jena and director of the Imre Kertész Kolleg.

Poetry And Parental Bereavement In Early Modern Lutheran Germany

Author: Anna Linton
Editor: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191552771
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In early modern Europe it has been estimated that up to one in two children did not survive to the age of ten. In the light of this high mortality rate, some historians have argued that parents did not form close relationships with their children, especially the very young. This is clearly refuted by the testimony of bereaved parents such as Martin Luther, and by the volume of consolatory writings produced for grieving families in early modern Lutheran Germany. The authors, clergymen and lay people, regarded grief as a deep wound which required treatment, and they applied the balm of consolation through sermons, tracts and occasional poetry. This study analyses these writings, focusing particularly on the neglected genre of the epicedium (funeral poem). It asks how and why poetry was used to counter the affective impact of parental bereavement, and considers what makes it a suitable vehicle for consolation. The poems, which are analyzed against the contemporary theological, philosophical, and poetological background, are taken from Leichenpredigten (printed funeral booklets), as well as from collections by two contrasting poets, Paul Fleming (1609-40), an unmarried man who wrote to console others, and Margarethe Susanna von Kuntsch (1651-1717), who lost thirteen of her fourteen children. The study seeks to rehabilitate a neglected genre and participates in discussions on the sociology of death, Lutheran teachings about death and mourning, literary presentations of mortality and loss, and the depiction of children and parent-child relations in literature.

Sex Drugs And Rock N Roll In The Dutch Golden Age

Author: Benjamin B. Roberts
Editor: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 904853299X
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Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll in the Dutch Golden Age focuses on the generation of rich young men that grew up in the seventeenth century in the Dutch Republic. These men had more money to spend on clothes, music, and recreation than the generation before them. This fascinating account of male adolescence in the Dutch Golden Age reveals how young men including Rembrandt van Rijn disregarded conservative values and rebelled against the older generation, and consequently created a new youth culture that was similar to the one of the 1960s. They had long hair, wore colorful and extravagant clothing, and started taking drugs. Theirs was the first generation in European history to smoke tobacco. Moreover, they defied conventional norms and values with their promiscuity and by singing lewd songs in their free time. With his engaging storytelling-style filled with humorous anecdotes, Roberts convincingly shows how deviant male youth behavior is a feature of all ages, especially in periods when youngsters have too much free time and money.

Collins German English English German Dictionary

Author: Stuart Fortey
Editor: Collins
ISBN: 9780004707105
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A completely new edition of the Desktop German Dictionary, fully revised and updated for the upper-intermediate to advanced learner.

Zwischen Sandkasten Und Abschiebung

Author: Anne Wihstutz
ISBN: 9783847422228
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Basierend auf einer mehrmonatigen Feldforschung beschreiben die AutorInnen das Leben junger Kinder in Unterkünften für geflüchtete Menschen. Insbesondere die räumlich-materielle Ausstattung der Unterkünfte wird in ihrer sozialen und emotionalen Bedeutung für die Kinder und ihre Eltern präsentiert und vor dem Hintergrund universeller Kinderrechte diskutiert. Die AutorInnen kommen zu einer kritischen Einschätzung der Lage und richten Empfehlungen an Politik, Praxis und Wissenschaft. (Quelle:

Governance Der Kreativwirtschaft

Author: Bastian Lange
Editor: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 9783899429961
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Arthritis And Allied Conditions

Author: Daniel J. McCarty
Editor: Williams & Wilkins
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Arthritis and Allied Conditions delivers start-to-finish information and guidance on the whole field of rheumatology. This includes: a clinically relevant presentation of advances in basic sciences applicable to rheumatology, clinical pharmacology of anti-rheumatic drugs, modern differential diagnosis, theoretical foundations, historic perspectives and clinical treatment of common and rare rheumatic disorders.

Migration Familie Und Gesellschaft

Author: Thomas Geisen
Editor: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3531941267
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Moderne Gesellschaften sind durch eine Pluralisierung familiärer Formen und Muster gekennzeichnet. Dies gilt auch für Familien im Kontext von Migration, die meist als „traditionelle Familien“ wahrgenommen werden. Ein Teil der Veränderungen von Familien im Kontext von Migration steht in engem Zusammenhang mit Veränderungen in den Migrationsprozessen selbst. Diese haben einen Einfluss auf die innere Strukturierung und die Entwicklung der Familien. Vor dem Hintergrund der aktuellen Debatten um „Transnationalisierung“ und „Transkulturalität“ untersuchen die Beiträge im vorliegenden Band die Komplexität von Familie im Kontext von Migration und fragen nach der Bedeutung von Migrationspolitiken und dem Umgang mit sozialen und kulturellen Differenzen im Zusammenhang von Familie und Migration.

M Ll

Author: Christiane Lewe
ISBN: 9783837633276
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The International Film Index 1895 1990 Film Titles

Author: Alan Goble
Editor: London ; New Jersey : Bowker-Saur
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Kelly S Directory Of Merchants Manufacturers And Shippers

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