Save Money Good Food Family Feasts For A Fiver

Author: Crackit Productions Limited
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1473662737
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The essential cookbook for delicious and nutritious recipes without spending more than a fiver! The accompaniment to ITV's hit series Save Money: Good Food, starring household favourites Susanna Reid and Matt Tebbutt. The premise of ITV's Save Money: Good Food is simple: families can eat like royalty for just a fiver per meal, if they buy wisely, eliminate waste, and know not just what the best buys are but what tastes truly great. With Family Feasts for a Fiver, you'll be able to use that knowledge to create dishes that range from quick fixes to showpiece family meals - not to mention getting the best out of every ingredient with leftover specials. You'll save time and money, but not compromise on taste. Cook smart; Waste less; Eat deliciously. EAT WELL EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK FOR JUST £5!

Food For Free Cheap Cuisine

Author: Ransom Frost
Editor: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781540647528
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Food is a human necessity without it you will die, but why should it cost an arm and leg? In recent years, food bills have begun to skyrocket for many reasons. The rising cost of oil, electricity and environmental factors have all contributed. Free food sounds like a fantasy or a scam but it is obtainable if you know how. This superb guide will teach you how to achieve the seemingly impossible. You will learn how to: - Forage for food. With over 100 edible plants, mushrooms and fungi listed, you will discover delicious recipes and practical advice on how to pick plants with a feast in mind. - Cook Your Own Under £1 Meals To Save Or Make Money. - Feed Your Family For Less Than £20 A Week Each Day Recipe Guide - Create Delicious Meals From Left Over Food. - Grow Fruits & Vegetables For Fun & Profit. - Feed Your Family Fresh & Filling Feasts For Under A Fiver With Our UK Bargain Supermarket Recipes. - Cook, Gut & Hunt Wild Animals & Insects. - Make Candy Recipes To Make For Fun Or For Profit. - Brew & Make Your Own Alcoholic Drinks On The Cheap. - Grow Your Own Tobacco For Smoking & Snuff. - What To Make For A Bake Sale: Cheap Cakes & How Much To Sell Them For. - Ways To Save Money On Your Weekly Food Bills. Also Included are other financial tips on how to save money on all aspects of your life from your utility bills to your wedding and much, much more! This is the ideal book for nature lovers, cooks and anyone who wants to save a buck on feeding themselves and their families.