Scraps Shirttails

Autore: Bonnie K. Hunter
Editore: C&t Publishing / Kansas City Star Quilts
ISBN: 9781933466828
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Learn how to make 12 earth friendly quilts plus a shopping bag.

Scraps Shirttails Ii

Autore: Bonnie K. Hunter
Editore: C&T Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1617453692
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Quilters have always known how to use scraps to make quilts. Today, the idea takes on a whole new meaning for those who find it important to make our world a little greener. These books by Bonnie Hunter continue the art of quilting green projects that help you reuse, re-purpose and recycle your scraps into beautiful quilts.

Adventures With Leaders Enders

Autore: Bonnie K. Hunter
Editore: C&T Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1617453641
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Formato: PDF, Kindle
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An easy method to faster quilt-making, and incredible patterns to make use of your scrap stash. What if you could piece quilts even faster, work on more than one quilt simultaneously and save money, fabric and thread all at the same time? Bonnie K. Hunter will show you how to put the concept of Leaders & Enders to work quickly and easily, expanding your creativity, and upping your productivity all at the same time. If you have ever found yourself paralyzed by your stash, overwhelmed by scraps you just can't bear to toss out, arm yourself with a new rotary blade for your cutter, make yourself a cup of tea and start reading. This book is not only full of beautiful scrap quilts that can be made in between the lines of other sewing, but also contains many ideas for getting your ever burgeoning scrap stash under control, into useable sized pieces that work well with one another, and ready to be sewn into quilts you've always wanted to make. Bonnie K. Hunter has done it again!

The Quilter S Bible

Autore: Linda Clements
Editore: David & Charles
ISBN: 1446361780
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Formato: PDF, ePub
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An essential reference with a collection of projects to inform and inspire quilters. This book presents essential know-how—together with a wide range of inspirational projects, tips, and ideas collected from international top-name quilters. Ideal for both beginners looking for trustworthy advice in a single volume and committed quilters searching for authoritative reference on seldom-used techniques, it features over fifteen projects including cot quilts, bed quilts, lap quilts, bags, cushions, wall hangings, table mats, runners, and other beautiful projects for the home. Includes color photos and illustrations.

Holiday Scrap Crafts

Autore: Marti Michell
Editore: Meredith Corporation
ISBN: 9780696023583
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Includes patterns and instructions for making Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other crafts, and discusses tools and techniques

Alabama Conservation

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Towards Polaris

Autore: Mason Smith
Editore: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9780815609063
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Robert Sochia, a young man just acquitted of murder, returns to face the hostility of his home town not far from the Canadian border. Julia, a recently arrived music student, befriends him and helps him start a new life. When a suspicious fire burns his house to the ground, the outlaw suddenly abducts Julia. This small, provincial community gathers a search party to rescue her, with comical and disastrous results. Mason Smith's new novel is an exuberant, often humorous celebration of the human voices of a distinct place.

Three Plays

Autore: Ernst Barlach
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For contents, see Author Catalog.

Hidden Treasures In The Book Of Job Reasons To Believe

Autore: Hugh Ross
Editore: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441234322
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Arguably the oldest book in the Bible, the book of Job has a surprising amount to say about some of the newest scientific discoveries and controversies. Far from a book that is just about suffering, Job is filled with rich insight into both ancient and modern questions about the formation of the world the difference between animals and humans cosmology dinosaurs and the fossil record how to care for creation and more With careful consideration and exegesis, internationally known astrophysicist and Christian apologist Hugh Ross adds yet another compelling argument to the case for the veracity of the biblical commentary on the history of the universe, Earth, life, and humanity. Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job shows that the Bible is an accurate predictor of scientific discoveries and a trustworthy source of scientific information, and that both the book of Scripture and the book of nature are consistent both internally and externally.

Nothing Wagered

Autore: Jo Ann Ferguson
Editore: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504008855
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Golden dreams in California never came true for Lizzie Buchanan and her family. After her sister and brother-in-law died trying to find gold, Lizzie is left with her two young nephews. She vows to take them home to Kentucky where they can live far away from the greed in the gold fields. To fulfill her vow, she needs help. The only one she can turn to is the man who shattered her heart on her way west. Cliff Hollister likes working hard and playing hard. He doesn’t have room in his life for Lizzie and the boy. Then he realizes that she could earn him a fortune with her skills at the card table, so he agrees to escort them east. But it’s more than gold that draws him to her, because he is curious why he has never been able to forget lovely Lizzie. Now, as they travel, he is determined to find out . . .

Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit

Autore: Steve Lowe
Editore: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0446543403
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An encyclopedic attack on modern culture so hilariously bitter that it actually becomes uplifting. Based on two runaway UK bestsellers, this new American edition has been ingeniously adapted and features exclusive new material for US audiences by Brendan Hay, a former Daily Show headline producer and contributing writer to America: The Book. If you hate chick lit, Che Guevara merchandise, pop Kabbalah, cosmetic-surgery-gone-wrong-as-tv-programming, DVDs with ads you can't skip, or any of a few hundred other insanely annoying modern things, then this book will finally lend creedence to your frustrations. Say NO to the awful ideas, terrible people, useless products, and infuriating doublespeak that increasingly dominates our lives. Never before has there been a book so completely full of shit. Clearly, it isn't just you...

Pudd Nhead Wilson And Those Extraordinary Twins

Autore: Mark Twain
Editore: Modern Library
ISBN: 0307769801
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Featuring the brilliantly drawn Roxanna, a mulatto slave who suffers dire consequences after switching her infant son with her master’s baby, and the clever Pudd’nhead Wilson, an ostracized small-town lawyer, Twain’s darkly comic masterpiece is a provocative exploration of slavery and miscegenation. Leslie A. Fiedler described the novel as “half melodramatic detective story, half bleak tragedy,” noting that “morally, it is one of the most honest books in our literature.” Those Extraordinary Twins, the slapstick story that evolved into Pudd’nhead Wilson, provides a fascinating view of the author’s process. The text for this Modern Library Paperback Classic was set from the 1894 first American edition.

Tender As Hellfire

Autore: Joe Meno
Editore: Akashic Books
ISBN: 1617750085
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From the award-winning author of The Boy Detective Fails: A novel of two brothers growing up on the other side of the tracks. “A trailer park in the Plains town of Tenderloin is the setting of this crusty coming-of-age debut, which features some of the liveliest characters just this side of believable that one is apt to meet in a contemporary novel. The first-person narrator is a moral but susceptible eleven-year-old called Dough, who lusts after his fifth-grade teacher and idolizes his trouble-making older brother, Pill-Bug. The boys, who are new to the town and shamed by the stigma of living in a trailer, were named by a father who wanted them to remain tough and who ended up dying while smuggling cigarettes along a Texas highway. Their mother and her new boyfriend, French, are low-life swingers, allowing the siblings to spend nights with Val, who entertains a slew of men but whom Dough worships as a virginal Madonna. Dough’s own adoring friend is Lottie, a slightly deranged girl who offers Dough a gift of one of her taxidermist father’s specimens; meanwhile, Pill-Bug earns a special affection from Lunna, a high school floozy. Each character is vividly described . . . Meno’s passionate new voice makes him a writer to watch.” —Publishers Weekly

Battles And Victories Of Allen Allensworth Lieutenant Colonel Retired U S Army

Autore: Charles Alexander
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Autore: James Brandon
Editore: James Brandon
ISBN: 1905277709
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Mark Jacques, a freelance journalist who also works as a counter-terrorism officer for MI6, is investigating the activities of a remarkably beautiful, extremely intelligent, and immensely rich Lebanese businesswoman - the mysterious Maha Kermani. His quest for the truth takes him to the Iranian city of Zahedan. But the truth is elusive, and nothing is at it appears in this journey of discovery where love and death conspire to confuse - and even destroy - Mark. Is Maha a mere pawn caught up in a deadly game of chess, or is she implicated in the running of her husband's suspected Islamist terrorist organisation?

Accidentally On Purpose

Autore: Eli Leon
Editore: University of Washington Press
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This catalogue has been published in conjunction with the exhibition: Accidentally on Purpose: Improvisation in African Textiles and African-American Quilts, presented at the Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa from November 18, 2006 to February 11, 2007. Accidentally on Purpose presents 129 African textiles and improvisational African-American quilts by 61 quilters. These quilts differ from standard-traditional quilts in their use of approximate measurement, flexible patterns, bold colors, strong contrast, multiple patterns, shifts in scale, scrap applique, and construction techniques similar to those used in West and Central African textiles. The exhibition and catalogue explore the relationship between these transatlantic traditions. Accidentally on Purpose celebrates the sophistication, vivacity, and significance of improvisational African-American quilts, both as artistic achievements and as expressions of African-American culture.

Bloody Coincidence

Autore: Avella Write
Editore: susan hern
ISBN: 1466191147
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The Hills Remember

Autore: James Still
Editore: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813139716
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 1896

James Still remains one of the most beloved and important writers in Appalachian literature. Best known for his acclaimed novel River of Earth (1940), the Alabama native and adopted Kentuckian left an enduring legacy of novels, stories, and poems during his nearly seventy year career. The Hills Remember: The Complete Short Stories of James Still honors the late writer by collecting all of Still's short stories, including his stories from On Troublesome Creek (1941), Pattern of a Man and Other Stories (1976), and The Run for the Elbertas (1980), as well as twelve prose pieces originally published as short stories and later incorporated into River of Earth. Also included are several lesser-known stories and ten never-before-published stories. Recognized as a significant writer of short fiction in his day -- many of his stories initially appeared in The Atlantic and The Saturday Evening Post and were included in The O. Henry Memorial Award Stories and The Best American Short Stories collections -- Still's short stories, while often overshadowed in recent years by his novels and poetry, are among his most enduring literary works. Editor Ted Olson offers a reassessment of Still's short fiction within the contexts of the author's body of work and within Appalachian and American literature. Compiling all of James Still's compelling and varied short stories into one volume, The Hills Remember is a testament to a master writer.


Autore: Allison Adelle Hedge Coke
Editore: Coffee House Press
ISBN: 1566893836
Grandezza: 34,45 MB
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An award-winning poet turns to her indigenous background to consider loss, memory, and the fate of the planet.

The Undefeated

Autore: Jim Dent
Editore: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429972866
Grandezza: 51,10 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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For three perfect seasons (1954-1956), the Oklahoma Sooners won every football game they played - home or away - and over the course of five years they won 47 straight games. This awesome record was the product of a genius and masterful coach named Bud Wilkinson and the spirited young men he led. The Undefeated will detail all the thrilling action on the field during this record winning streak, but it will also reveal all the behind-the-scenes tumult and pressure swirling around it. Dent presents an absorbing character study of the brilliant, complex coach who engineered it all - Bud Wilkinson, the on-field genius whoses starched-shirt public persona hid a man of many secrets and an in-depth look at a state and its people still suffering from a Depression hangover and an identity crisis, who took up the Sooners football banner almost as a religious cause. Through it all, the young men who accomplished this amazing feat shine in vivid life.