Selected Speeches

Author: Gerald R. Ford
Editor: Desert Publications
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Author: Lysias
Editor: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 9780806113968
Size: 14,38 MB
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The Greek writer Lysias is a fascinating source for the study of Athenian law, society and history in the late fifth century B.C. Six of his professional legal speeches are included in this new edition, both for their intrinsic interest and for the accessibility of their language. In his introduction, Dr. Carey discusses Lysias’ life and place in the evolution of Greek prose style and in the development of Greek rhetoric. He approaches the speeches as attempts to secure a verdict favorable to the speaker and assesses how effectively the selection and deployment of arguments promote this end. He addresses textual issues and problems of Lysias’ style and syntax, while focusing particularly on literary concerns: Lysias’ use of rhetorical devices, his marshalling of fact and argument and his manipulation of contemporary values and prejudices.

Lysias Selected Speeches

Author: Lysias
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521269889
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Six of Lysias' professional legal speeches chosen for their interest and accessible language.

Selected Speeches Ed By T E Kebbel

Author: Benjamin Disraeli (earl of Beaconsfield.)
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Preface To The Presidency

Author: Arkansas. Governor (1979-1981 : Clinton)
Editor: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 1557284415
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Bill Clinton has long been touted as a master of public speaking form and political discourse. Taken from his speeches as a twenty-seven-year-old candidate for Congress though his 1992 victory speech, Preface to the Presidency reveals the power and range of his contribution to our nation's political dialogue.

Frederick Douglass

Author: Frederick Douglass
Editor: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 1613741472
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One of the greatest African American leaders and one of the most brilliant minds of his time, Frederick Douglass spoke and wrote with unsurpassed eloquence on almost all the major issues confronting the American people during his life--from the abolition of slavery to women's rights, from the Civil War to lynching, from American patriotism to black nationalism. Between 1950 and 1975, Philip S. Foner collected the most important of Douglass's hundreds of speeches, letters, articles, and editorials into an impressive five-volume set, now long out of print. Abridged and condensed into one volume, and supplemented with several important texts that Foner did not include, this compendium presents the most significant, insightful, and elegant short works of Douglass's massive oeuvre.

The Missing Headlines

Author: Emeka Anyaoku
Editor: Liverpool University Press
ISBN: 085323812X
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Chief Emeka Anyaoku, third Commonwealth Secretary-General and the first African holder of the office, has immense international experience and commands wide international respect, having been a key player in world diplomacy. Emeka Anyaoku has a long involvement with the Commonwealth, having been Assistant Director, and then Director of International Affairs (1966-75); Assistant Secretary-General (1975-77); and Deputy Secretary-General (1978-83 and 1984-89). His first elected term as Secretary-General began in 1990. This selection of insightful and inspirational speeches, mainly from Anyaoku's first period of office (1990-95), on major world events and themes highlights the role he has played in world affairs. It also shows the often unrecognized strength and influence of the Commonwealth in altering the course of history for the improvement of the lot and condition of mankind-particularly where deep deprivation and absence of basic human rights are involved. Emeka Anyaoku's selected speechesare grouped into a series of themes: The Changing Commonwealth; Democracy; The Commonwealth and the Making of the New South Africa; Sustainable Development; Development and Democracy in Africa; Nigeria in Transition; Peace and Security in a Pluralistic World; Toward a Common Humanity. In a context-setting introduction, Chief Anyaoku explains the choice of speeches, drawing out common threads. He also has a word about the title of the book, which reflects the "missing headlines", the often unreported aspects of the Commonwealth's work. This book will, Anyaoku hopes, 'reveal some of these "missing headlines" and encourage greater public debate on the work of the Commonwealth. As we enter the newmillennium, this book offers a major insight into key issues and emerging international concerns.

Speaking My Mind

Author: Ronald Reagan
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743271114
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The most important speeches of America's "Great Communicator": Here, in his own words, is the record of Ronald Reagan's remarkable political career and historic eight-year presidency.

Jawaharlal Nehru Selected Speeches Volume 4

Author: Publicatons Division
Editor: Publications Division Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
ISBN: 8123022565
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This volume, which is the fourth in the series, contains a selection of Jawaharlal Nehru's speeches delivered during the period September 1957 to April 1963. These are grouped under eight heads. The speeches under each head are arranged chronologically. The concept of India's unity receives great emphasis in the speeches covered by this volume.

Selected Speeches

Author: Demosthenes
Editor: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191645737
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'Even if everyone else succumbs to slavery, we must still fight for our freedom.' Admired by many in the ancient world as the greatest of the classic Athenian orators, Demosthenes was intimately involved in the political events of his day. As well as showing a master orator at work, his speeches are a prime source for the history of the period, when Athens was engaged in a doomed struggle against the rising power of Macedon under the brilliant father and son, Philip and Alexander. Demosthenes wrote for the courts, both for political trials in which he was involved and for other cases in which he acted as ghost-writer for plaintiff or defendant, and his lawcourt speeches give an unrivalled glimpse of the daily life of ancient Athens. He also played a central role in education in Greece and Rome from the Hellenistic period onward, and was imitated by the greatest of Roman orators, Cicero. This selection includes the fullest range of Demosthenes' speeches, for trials both public and private and for the assembly, in a single volume.