Show Me A Story

Autore: Nancy Loewen
Editore: Capstone Classroom
ISBN: 1404853421
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Show Me a Story is a Capstone Press publication.

Show Me A Story

Autore: Leonard S. Marcus
Editore: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 076366720X
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“Will inspire, inform, and delight those of any age who areengaged in—or by—the arts.” — The Horn Book Renowned children’s literature authority Leonard S. Marcus speaks with twenty-one of the world’s most celebrated illustrators of picture books, asking about their childhood, their inspiration, their creative choices, and more. Amplifying these richly entertaining and thought-provoking conversations are eighty-eight full- color plates revealing each illustrator’s artistic process in fascinating, behind- the-scenes detail. This inspiring collection confirms that picture books matter because they make a difference in our children’s lives.

Show Me A Story

Autore: Emily K. Neuburger
Editore: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1603428976
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Encouraging children to let their imagination run wild, Emily K. Neubinger offers 40 inventive projects and activities that will inspire kids ages 5 to 12 to express themselves through storytelling. Younger children will love making story stones and a storytelling jar, while older kids will open up and thrive as they embark on guided story walks and inspiring journaling exercises. Sparking creativity while developing a child’s love of language, Show Me a Story will kindle a lifelong passion for both writing and telling original stories.

Show Me A Story

Autore: Julie C. Jackson
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Missy The Show Me Mule A Story About Missouri

Autore: Nancy Tuminelly
Editore: ABDO
ISBN: 161714892X
Grandezza: 18,46 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Missy the Show-Me Mule: A Story About Missouri introduces young readers to the state of Missouri through stories about the state animal on a big adventure! The narrative incorporates state symbols, history, and geography. Factual sidebars, full-color photographs, and state-appropriate recipes support each title. The book ends with state facts at a glance, a reading comprehension quiz, and a map with more things to see and do around the state. This title is a great way to explore Missouri in preparation for state reports or family vacations! Super Sandcastle is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

So Tell Me A Story

Autore: Stephen Farris
Editore: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1532637519
Grandezza: 42,50 MB
Formato: PDF
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"Everyone loves a good story, and So Tell Me a Story offers wise counsel to preachers and teachers who want to improve their storytelling skills. Farris, an experienced and skilled speaker, provides instruction, encouragement, and advice on how to avoid pitfalls that face storytellers. The book moves beyond the realm of the how-to manual, however, with an extensive collection of stories and reflections on Christian life that will spiritually enrich both speakers and other readers.

Tell Me A Story

Autore: Jonathan London
Editore: Meet the Author
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The author of "Froggy Gets Dressed" and other Froggy tales discusses his life, his daily activities, where he gets his ideas, and how he writes.

Tell Me A Story

Autore: Amy Friedman
Editore: Tell Me A Story
ISBN: 0979086701
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Presents a collection of eight folk tales read by a cast of performers and accompanied by original music.

Tell Me The Story

Autore: Max Lucado
ISBN: 9780891076797
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Formato: PDF, Mobi
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Short stories present the messages of creation, the fall, redemption, forgiveness, spiritual warfare, and other Scriptural passages; and can be used by adults to bring Christian fundamentals alive for their children.

Tell Me A Story Sing Me A Song

Autore: William A. Owens
Editore: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0292786123
Grandezza: 65,15 MB
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Texas, the 1930s—the years of the Great Depression. It was the Texas of great men: Dobie, Bedichek, Webb, the young Américo Paredes. And it was the Texas of May McCord and "Cocky" Thompson, the Reverend I. B. Loud, the Cajun Marcelle Comeaux, the black man they called "Grey Ghost," and all the other extraordinary "ordinary" people whom William A. Owens met in his travels. "Up and down and sideways" across Texas, Owens traveled. His goal: to learn for himself what the diverse peoples of the state "believed in, yearned for, laughed at, fought over, as revealed in story and song." Tell me a story, sing me a song brings together both the songs he gathered—many accompanied by music—and Owens' warm reminiscences of his travels in the Texas of the Thirties and early Forties.

Show Me The Money

Autore: Chris Roush
Editore: Routledge
ISBN: 1136946993
Grandezza: 72,69 MB
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Show Me the Money is the definitive business journalism textbook that offers hands-on advice and examples on doing the job of a business journalist. Author Chris Roush draws on his experience as a business journalist and educator to explain how to cover businesses, industries and the economy, as well as where to find sources of information for stories. He demonstrates clearly how reporters take financial information and turn it into relevant facts that explain a topic to readers. This definitive business journalism text: provides real-world examples of business articles presents complex topics in a form easy to read and understand offers examples of where to find news stories in SEC filings gives comprehensive explanations and reviews of corporate financial, balance sheet, and cash flow statements provides tips on finding sources, such as corporate investors and hard-to-find corporate documents gives a comprehensive listing of websites for business journalists to use. Key updates for the second edition include: tips from professional business journalists provided throughout the text new chapters on personal finance reporting and covering specific business beats expanded coverage of real estate reporting updates throughout to reflect significant changes in SEC, finance, and economics industries. With numerous examples of documents and stories in the text, Show Me the Money is an essential guide for students and practitioners doing business journalism.

True Story

Autore: Bill Maher
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 074329341X
Grandezza: 55,52 MB
Formato: PDF
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Bill Maher, the hilarious, irreverent star of the hit ABC talk show Politically Incorrect, is one of America's hottest comics. But like many of today's late-night humor kings, Maher began his career navigating New York City's seedy stand-up comedy circuit. He was there back in the Golden Age of comedy, when everybody wanted to be Eddie Murphy, and even the laundromat had its own open-mike night. True Story is Maher's debut novel about the wild and crazy life of the stand-up comedian -- a bawdy, rowdy tell-all report from the front line. Set in New York, circa 1979, in the late-night, neon-lit comedy clubs when the comedy boom was just heating up, True Story features five would-be comics, their shticks, their chicks, their rampant egos. These guys are desperate for celebrity, desperate for money, and -- what else? -- desperate to get laid. Which means they're also required to become "road comics," shacking up in low-rent condos provided by sleazy club owners as the comedy scene spreads to the heartland in the early '80s. The result is a hilariously funny novel about the peculiar world of stand-up, where the ultimate prizes are fame, fortune, and fornication -- and the ultimate aspiration is, quite simply, to be laughed at. Dick, Shit, Fat, Chink, and Buck -- so stage-named for their specialty jokes -- can't begin to fathom the idea of a day job. Hey, they think, it might actually be possible to make a living from comedy! Their crises -- on stage, on the road, and with the ladies -- provide ideal set pieces for Maher's tongue-in-cheek riffs and observations. With perfect-pitch delivery, in classic sardonic style, Maher gives us a bona fide look at these resilient comedians and the scumbag promoters, hostile audiences, and die-hard groupies who make up their warped and twisted world. Only Bill Maher could have written True Story. And lucky for us he did. Because True Story is hilarious. It's offensive. At times it's even touching. So sit back as Maher puts you stageside at the very birth of the comedy boom. You'll laugh in all the right places. Hey, it's a True Story.

Tell Me An Uncle Larry Story

Editore: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1434977145
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Show Me

Autore: Katherine Scraper
Editore: Good Year Books
ISBN: 1596470925
Grandezza: 63,10 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
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Organized into fiction, nonfiction, and word-study units, 32 graphic organizers build reading strategies such as predicting, identifying main ideas, making inferences, analyzing cause and effect, and drawing conclusions. Each organizer is supported by a six-page lesson comprising teacher instructions, a reproducible passage to read, a photocopy master of the organizer, a filled-out copy of the organizer along with model student responses, a writing assignment (for which the graphic organizer becomes a writing planner), and assessment and extension activity ideas. Grades 4-6. Illustrated. Good Year Books. 202 pages.

Mommy Tell Me A Story

Autore: Desaree Seals
Editore: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1496954254
Grandezza: 63,37 MB
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Mama Tell Me a Story Mama, tell me a story while you tuck me in and I curl up with my favorite teddy bear. Mama, tell me a story about the time when you were my age and you could not sleep and counting sheep’s is all you knew how to do. Mama, tell me a story about the time when you dress up like a princess and dad dress like a knight pretending to slay the dragon. Mama, tell me a story about the time when you flew around on a magical unicorn and dad travel around the world to find missing treasure. Mama, tell me a story about the time when you have a monster living under your bed and daddy wrestling with a bear. Mama, tell me a story about the time when you play with dolls and daddy build a tree house. Mama, tell me a story about the time you bake a cake with your mama and dad build a car with his daddy. Mama, tell me a story about the time when you watch a rainbow and dad watch a shooting star. Mama, tell me a story about the time when you first met my dad, sweet dream sweetie I think you already told mama a story.

Let Me Tell You A Story

Autore: Tony Campolo
Editore: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1418516155
Grandezza: 46,67 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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Vivid. Passionate. Witty. Poignant. No one tells a story like Tony Campolo. Why stories? Stories have the power to sneak up on us, catch us unaware, and in the process draw us closer to our fellow human beings . . . and to God. And when Tony Campolo tells a story, we are captivated and entertained by the amazing characters and situations he describes. You'll laugh (or wince) at how one particular missions offering was raised. You'll feel the tragedy of a friend Tony didn't stand up for. You'll thrill to the "Sunday's comin' " sermon. You'll be moved when you learn about the childhood event that caused Bishop Tutu to become a priest. These are stories of hope, doubt, faith, failure, and triumph. Of people standing up for justice, showing mercy, and living for God. But don't just expect to be entertained by Tony Campolo-though you will be. He just might change your heart and your life's priorities. Listen well. You might overhear God talking to you.

Tell Me A Story

Autore: Clare Beswick
Editore: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408194996
Grandezza: 75,50 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub
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Tell Me a Story helps practitioners to build progression into a favourite part of the day for all children. Matched to the development stages of the EYFS. Each page features 'activity boxes' labelled for each age group showing how each area can be approached by children at different stages of development. The format makes it easy to select the level of activity appropriate for each child making these books ideal for groups of mixed ages. When returning to the same areas later the user can choose another activity to support progression and extend learning.


Autore: Unbroken
Editore: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1617775924
Grandezza: 72,32 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 9436

Some stories are more dramatic and movie-screen bound than others, but everyone has one. Don't you wish people considered yours before they said hurtful or demeaning things to or about you? The old adage could not be more accurate: We truly never know what someone has been through until we have walked a mile in their shoes. However, there is one who really gets all of our stories and has lived it and walked it Himself yet loves us anyway: God. This beautiful collection of real-life inspirational stories from the perspectives of different women—known as Unbroken Corporation—will have you laughing and crying, all while showing you that God is always there for you, no matter what your situation may be. These motivational and insightful women will illustrate to you through their remarkable words that when life beats you down beyond recognition, there is One who will hold you togetherUnbroken.Be encouraged and motivated as you read these stories of God's amazing love for His people, including you.

The Story Of The Jubilee Singers With Their Songs The Preface Signed J B T M I E J B T Marsh Second Edition

Autore: J. B. T. M.
Grandezza: 45,15 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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The Visual Toolbox

Autore: David duChemin
Editore: New Riders
ISBN: 0134085116
Grandezza: 62,37 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 9645

Simply having a certain camera or lens isn’t going to make you a better photographer. So, what will? Understanding your camera. Thinking differently. Studying photographs and knowing what they provoke in you, and why. Giving the craft time to grow. Looking to painters, designers, and others who work in two dimensions and learning from them. Relentlessly looking for light, lines, and moments. Making photographs–thousands and thousands of photographs. There’s no magic bullet to achieving success, but in these pages you will learn the value of studying, practice, and remembering that your most important assets as an artist are imagination, passion, patience, receptivity, curiosity, and a dogged refusal to follow the rules. THE VISUAL TOOLBOX is photographer David duChemin’s curriculum for learning not just how to use a camera–but how to make stronger photographs. He has developed 60 lessons, each one a stepping stone to becoming more proficient with the tools of this art, and the means to create deeper visual experiences with your images. David introduces you to the technical side of the craft but quickly moves on to composition, the creative process, and the principles that have always been responsible for making great photographs; he shows you these principles and invites you to play with them, turn them on their heads, and try a different approach to create beautiful, compelling images with your camera. Features action-oriented micro-chapters designed to improve your photography immediately Includes explanations of 60 concepts with an assignment for nearly every chapter Covers such topics as balance, using negative space, exploring color contrast, waiting for the moment, learning to incorporate mood and motion, and much more