Married And Wanna Be Single Single And Wanna Be Married

Author: Hazel Claiborn
Editor: St. Paul Press
ISBN: 0983832838
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A must read for any woman, whether married or single. I awoke one morning after completing a hundred hours of fasting and was inspired to write about my experiences in counseling and listening to single women and married women inside and outside of the church. I have spent hundreds of relentless hours listening to single Christian and non-Christian women who are not spiritually ready for marriage, but yet want to be married, and to married women who want to be single again due to prematurely getting married and not wanting to do the mature thing and stay and face the common problems that come when two people get married. --Dr. Hazel Claiborn

Ferroelectrics Literature Index

Author: T. F. Connolly
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1468462105
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Research on ferroelectricity and ferroelectric materials started in 1920 with the discovery by Valasek that the variation of spontaneous polarization in Rochelle salt with sign and magnitude of an applied electric field traced a complete and reproducible hysteresis loop. Activity in the field was sporadic until 1935, when Busch and co-workers announced the observation of similar behavior in potassium dihydrogen phosphate and related compounds. Progress thereafter continued at a modest level with the undertaking of some theoretical as well as further experimental studies. In 1944, von Hippel and co-workers discovered ferroelectricity in barium titanate. The technological importance of ceramic barium titanate and other perovskites led to an upsurge of interest, with many new ferroelectrics being identified in the following decade. By 1967, about 2000 papers on various aspects of ferroelectricity had been published. The bulk of this widely dispersed literature was concerned with the experimental measurement of dielectric, crystallographic, thermal, electromechanical, elastic, optical, and magnetic properties. A critical and excellently organized cpmpilation based on these data appeared in 1969 with the publica tion of Landolt-Bornstein, Volume 111/3. This superb tabulation gave instant access to the results in the literature on nearly 450 pure substances and solid solutions of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric materials. Continuing interest in ferroelectrics, spurred by the growing importance of electrooptic crystals, resulted in the publication of almost as many additional papers by the end of 1969 as had been surveyed in Landolt-Bornstein.

The Annual Report Of The Board Of Water Commissioners

Author: Saint Paul (Minn.). Board of Water Commissioners
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Connector Electrical

Author: Defense Logistics Services Center (U.S.)
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Monitoring The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Data Processing And Infrasound

Author: Zoltan A. Der
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3034881444
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On September 10, 1996, The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Copmprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), prohibiting nuclear explosions worldwide, in all environments. The treaty calls for a global verification system, including a network of 321 monitoring stations distributed around the globe, a data communications network, an international data center (IDC), and on-site inspections, to verify compliance. This volume presents certain recent research results pertaining on methods used to process data recorded by instruments of the International Monitoring System (IMS) and addressing recording infrasound signals generated by atmospheric explosions. Six papers treating data processing provide an important selection of topics expected to contribute to improving our ability to successfully monitor a CTBT. Five papers concerning infrasound include descriptions of ways in which that important research area can contribute to CTBT monitoring, the automatic processing of infrasound data, and site conditions that serve to improve the quality of infrasound data.

Single Ology 101

Author: Stephanie Singleton
Editor: Single·ology 101
ISBN: 1480231886
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What is Single·ology 101?Single·ology 101 8 Basic Steps to Enjoying a Single Life is a little pocket guide to help those individuals who may be struggling with feeling, lonely, or abandoned, while being Single by; Choice, Divorced, Widowed, or perhaps while in a Committed Relationship, or Marriage. This pocket guide is designed to encourage those individuals to {B.U.I.L.D} •Build a relationship with yourself •Understand why you are single•Identify what issues may be causing you to be single•Love yourself unconditionally•Date AgainWhen love finds you alone and torn between heartbreak and pain, all it takes is a seed of faith to mend your self-love together again. ~ Single·ology 101

Great Resource For Single Moms

Author: Patience Young
Editor: Patience Young
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The list of resources for single moms from financial assistance, childcare, and housing.

God Of Our Single Years

Author: Kevin Morgan
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781420800531
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Christian singles face many challenges that threaten our peace of mind. African-American Christian singles must confront these and additional obstacles that arise solely because of our heritage and racial background. Compounding these challenges, many of us make decisions involving our spirituality, our platonic, family, professional and romantic relationships that potentially introduce devastating long-term problems into our lives. Additionally, many of the choices we make regarding our sexuality harms our relationships, destroys our communities and blocks the blessings that God has for us. This book seeks to clearly identify what is unique about the African-American Christian single experience and to point out the role that Gods purpose plays in defining who we are. Secondly, this book proposes concrete and practical steps we can take to transform our singleness into blessedness.