The Sinking Of The Titanic

Author: Rebecca Aldridge
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The ship was supposed to be unsinkable. But on April 14, 1912, the unthinkable happened: the world's largest and most luxurious ocean liner the Titanic struck an iceberg in the frigid waters in the dark of night. What happened next seemed unbelievable to people at the time. In approximately two and a half hours, the celebrated ship flooded with water, cracked in half, and sank miles to the ocean floor below. Of the 2,200 passengers and crew onboard, only 705 survived. The rest suffered a terrifying and cold death in the Atlantic. Observers around the world were horrified and saddened by the tragedy, and many wanted answers. What caused this incredible disaster to happen, and why did so many people have to die? In The Sinking of the Titanic, read about the steamship from stem to stern, from the building and construction, the crew and passengers, and the ship's fate with an iceberg, to the effect this tragedy had, and continues to have, on the shipping industry and the world.

The Sinking Of The Titanic And Great Sea Disasters

Author: Logan Marshall
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Das wohl größte Unglück der modernen Schifffahrt, der Zusammenstoß der Titanic mit einem Eisberg im Nordatlantik im Jahre 1912, ist beispiellos in der Geschichte. Diese Kathastrophe, bei der weit mehr als die Hälfte der Passagiere den Tod fanden, hinterließ Fragen und Zweifel, aber auch ein Apell an Konstrukteure und Kapitäne. Denn wäre etwas weniger Größenwahn und Leichtsinn und mehr Vorsicht und Respekt vor dem Meer und seinen Tücken Antrieb für die Fahrt der Titanic gewesen, sie hätte Amerika planmäßig erreichen können. Das vorliegende Buch von Logan Marshall enthält spannende Geschichten über dieses Unglück wie auch weiterer Schiffsunglücke, welche ungemein packend und authentisch erzählt sind und somit bis heute interessantes Lesematerial darstellen. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine englischsprachige Ausgabe.

I Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic 1912

Author: Lauren Tarshis
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ISBN: 0545206871
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Excited to board the Titanic with his aunt and little sister, 10-year-old George begins to explore the ill-fated ship's first-class storage cabin when the ship is rocked by a collision with an iceberg and begins to sink. By the author of Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree. Simultaneous.

On A Sea Of Glass

Author: Tad Fitch, J.Kent Layton & Bill Wormstedt
Editor: Amberley Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1445614391
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Made special by the use of so many rare survivor accounts from the eye witnesses to that night to remember, the narrative places the reader in the middle of the maiden voyage, and brings the tragic sinking to life as never before.

Sinking Of The Titanic

Author: Matt Doeden
Editor: Raintree
ISBN: 140621437X
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Series brings history to life using high-interest topics. These graphic novels tell the story of important historical events in a narrative format that will capture kids' imagination and teach them key facts and details.

The Titanic For Dummies

Author: Stephen J. Spignesi
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118177665
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Examines the building of the Titanic, life onboard during its maiden voyage, tragic decisions made that fateful night, the discovery of the wreck and all the controversies surrounding one of the worst naval disasters of all time. Original.

Iceberg Right Ahead

Author: Stephanie Sammartino McPherson
Editor: Twenty-First Century Books ™
ISBN: 1512452971
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"Iceberg, Right Ahead!" Only 160 minutes passed between the time a sailor on lookout duty uttered these chilling words and the moment when the mighty ocean liner Titanic totally disappeared into the cold, dark waters of the North Atlantic. This century-old tragedy, which took more than 1,500 lives, still captivates people in the twenty-first century. Seventy-three years separate the two major Titanic events—the 1912 sinking of the vessel and the dramatic 1985 discovery of the wreck by Robert Ballard. But additional stories about the victims, survivors, rescuers, reporters, investigators, and many others show the far-reaching effects this tragedy had on society. Award-winning author Stephanie Sammartino McPherson has collected numerous personal accounts of the event, including the knighted man who spent the rest of his life in seclusion because he was accused of dishonorable behavior in a lifeboat, the stewardess who survived two shipwrecks and a mid-ocean collision, and the New York Times executive who sent multiple reporters to meet the rescue ship, thus earning a national reputation for his newspaper. She also links the Titanic tragedy to changes in regulations worldwide. After a Senate Inquiry and a British trial attempted to assign blame for the disaster, new laws on ship safety were put in place. A group of nations also banded together to form an ice patrol, eventually leading to the formation of the U.S. Coast Guard. Even the most avid Titanic fans will learn something new as McPherson brings the reader up to date on the politics and intrigue still surrounding the wreck—including what modern science can reveal about what really happened to the ship and who was at fault. Prepare to follow the never-ending story of the Titanic into its second century.

The Sinking Of The Titanic

Author: L. M. Collins
Editor: Souvenir Press
ISBN: 9780285638167
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Common belief has always suggested that the Titanic was destroyed with a collision with an iceberg. However, this account of the sinking of the great ship argues that subsequent evidence of the disaster was misinterpreted, and that the court enquiry of 1912 reached the wrong conclusions.

The Wreck Of The Titan

Author: Morgan Robertson
Editor: Courier Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486846121
Size: 19,18 MB
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This eerily prescient novella from 1898 — 14 years before the Titanic disaster — tells of an "unsinkable" luxury liner's maiden voyage across the Atlantic and her disastrous collision with an iceberg.


Author: Colonel Archibald Gracie
Editor: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 0897334523
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Two survivors' accounts of the sinking of the Titanic. The information contained in Colonel Gracie's story is available from no other source. He provides details of the final moments, including names of passengers pulled from the ocean and of those men who, in a panic, jumped into lifeboats as they were being lowered. Walter Lord, author of A Night to Remember, calls Gracie "an indefatigable detective." John Thayer was, like Gracie, one of the last to leave the ship. His account, The Sinking of the S.S. Titanic, is meticulously detailed. The sinking of the Titanic was, in his eyes, a symbol of the end of the world that he knew, and the beginning of a frightening new era.