Sir Nigel And The White Company

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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Certainly everyone has heard of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His Sherlock Holmes stories will never be forgotten. But most people don't realize that he was also very possibly the best historical novelist of his day. Sir Nigel and the White Company combines two of his best novels into one. Sir Nigel describes the early years of Nigel Loring during his initial service with King Edward III during the Hundred Years War. Doyle captures the period brilliantly'from the cadence and style of their speech, to unforgettable descriptions of court life, the capture of the Castle of La Brohiniere, to a stirring account of the Battle of Poitiers. It is a classic adventure tale, full of romance, chivalry, battles, brutality, and humor as the impoverished Nigel Loring and his attendant Aylward seek their fortunes.In The White Company, it is now 1366 and Sir Nigel is the leader of a raucous band of English bowmen known as the White Company. It's a story of hard blows and daring feats, to be sure, but it also captures the spirit that animated the English leaders and the reasons behind the fearsome reputation of the English archers. When Conan Doyle was once asked which novel of his was his favorite, he replied, The White Company. ?I was young? he said, ?and full of the first joy of life and action and I think I got some of it into my pages."

Sir Nigel The White Company Illustrated

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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Sir Nigel is set during the early phase of the Hundred Years' War, spanning the years 1350 to 1356. It describes the early life of that book's hero Nigel Loring, a knight in the service of King Edward III in the first phase of the Hundred Years' War. The tale traces the fortunes of the family of Loring of the Manor of Tilford in Surrey, many of whose scions had been prominent in the service of the Norman and Angevin Kings of England, against the backdrop of the Black Death. The White Company is set in England, France, and Spain, in the years 1366 and 1367, against the background of the campaign of Edward, the Black Prince to restore Peter of Castile to the throne of the Kingdom of Castile. At the age of twenty, young Alleyne leaves the Catholic abbey where he has been raised, and goes out to see the world, in accordance with the terms of his father's will. He meets veteran archer Sam Aylward, a recruiter who has returned to England, and joins the White Company of mercenaries under command of Sir Nigel Loring. Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) was a British writer best known for his detective fiction featuring the character Sherlock Holmes. The Sherlock Holmes stories are generally considered milestones in the field of crime fiction. Doyle is also known for writing the fictional adventures of Professor Challenger and for propagating the mystery of the Mary Celeste. He was a prolific writer whose other works include fantasy and science fiction stories, plays, romances, poetry, non-fiction and historical novels.

The White Company

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Editor: Courier Corporation
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This spirited account of the exploits of a crew of Saxon archers during the Hundred Years War features cameo appearances by historical figures such as Edward III and the Black Prince.

The White Company

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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In 1366, while England is at war with Spain, young Alleyne Edricson becomes a squire to Sir Nigel Loring and travels to France to join a bold band of archers known as the White Company.

The White Company Illustrated

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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At the age of twenty, young Alleyne, son of Edric, leaves the Catholic abbey where he has been raised-intelligent, skilled, and well-liked, though sheltered and naive-and goes out to see the world, in accordance with the terms of his father's will. The same day, the abbot banishes John of Hordle for worldly behavior: great appetite, teasing, and flirting. They meet at the Pied Merlin inn as they each rest for the night. There, they make friends with veteran archer Sam Aylward who has returned to England from France to recruit for the White Company of mercenaries. Aylward has brought a request for Sir Nigel Loring of Christchurch to take command of the company. Aylward and John continue to Christchurch, while Alleyne detours to visit his older brother, the socman or landlord of Minstead, whose fierce reputation has grown to wickedness.The brothers meet for the first time since Alleyne was an infant and Alleyne finds that his brother is still furious their father gave three hides of land (80-120 acres) to the monastery for the boy's support. The socman threatens a lovely maiden, Maude, who escapes with Alleyne's aid and they flee on foot to find her horse. Maude makes a striking impression on the abbey-raised young man. When she hears that Alleyne intends to rejoin his friends to approach Sir Nigel Loring, Maude laughs and leaves him. Alleyne meets up again with Aylward and Hordle John, and the three friends meet Sir Nigel and his formidable wife Mary. There, he learns that Maude is Sir Nigel's daughter. Alleyne is taken on as squire to Sir Nigel and as tutor to Maude. When the men eventually depart for France, the young couple admit their love, but only to each other. En route to Gascony, our heroes destroy pirates, then report to the court of the Prince of Wales in Bordeaux.After adventures fearful and funny, the valiant fighters lead the White Company to join the Prince. A letter arrives to Sir Nigel declaring that Alleyne's brother, the Socman of Minstead, had attacked Sir Nigel's castle. During the siege, the socman died. This news means that Alleyne is the new socman and emboldens him to declare his love for Maude to Sir Nigel. Sir Nigel is startled by the news and Alleyne's declaration, but indicates that he prefers that Alleyne should be a full knight before he approaches Maude again with talk of love. The Spanish and French attack them in a narrow ravine, where the mighty warriors are almost all destroyed and the Company must disband -- only seven bowmen remain, including John. Alleyne was badly wounded when Sir Nigel sent him to alert the Prince to their plight. Sir Nigel and Aylward are missing and presumed dead. The English go on to win the Battle of Nájera, fulfilling the mission. The Prince knights Alleyne in his sick bed. Alleyne returns to England victorious with John as his squire, only to learn from a lady on the road that Maude and her mother had news that none of the White Company had survived. The lady said that love of a "golden-haired squire", who was presumed dead with the fighters, had caused Maude to decide to join a nunnery. The lady had left just before Maude was to take the veil. Alleyne rushes to the doors of the nunnery and he and Maude embrace. They marry. Alleyn and John prepare to return to find out what happened to Sir Nigel and Aylward. As Alleyne rides to see if the boat is ready to take them, he meets Aylward and Sir Nigel. They have a tale of adventure describing what occurred after they were captured by the Spanish, but eventually escaped to return to England. And everyone lives happily ever after.


Author: Frances Stonor Saunders
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The hugely acclaimed, best-selling life of Hawkwood, one of the outstanding figures of English and European history. John Hawkwood was an Essex man who became the greatest mercenary in an age when soldiers of fortune flourished - an age that also witnessed the first stirrings of the Renaissance. When England made a peace treaty with the French in 1360, during a pause in the Hundred Years War, John Hawkwood, instead of going home, travelled south to Avignon, where the papacy was based during its exile from Rome. He and his fellow mercenaries held the pope to ransom and were paid off. Hawkwood then crossed the Alps into Italy and found himself in a promised land: he made and lost fortunes extorting money from city states like Florence, Siena, and Milan, who were fighting vicious wars between themselves and against the popes. This man of war husbanded his use of violence, but for all his caution he committed one of the most notorious massacres of his time - an atrocity that still clouds his name.

Historical Fiction

Author: Alfred Duggan
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107622131
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The 1957 book by Alfred Duggan is an introduction to the development of historical fiction since the 18th century.

The Complete Works Of Arthur Conan Doyle In 56 Volumes

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Editor: Cambridge Scholars Pub
ISBN: 9781443813358
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The life of Arthur Conan Doyle illustrates the excitement and diversity of the Victorian age unlike that of any other figure of the period. In his autobiography, he wrote: 'I have had a life which, for variety and romance, could, I think, hardly be exceeded.' He was not wrong. But Conan Doyle was also a Victorian with a twist, a man of tensions and contradictions. He was fascinated by travel, exploration, invention, and indeed all things modern and technological; yet at the same time very traditional, voicing support for values such as chivalry, duty, constancy, and honour. By the time of his death he was a celebrity, achieving worldwide fame for his creation of the rationalist, scientific super-detective Sherlock Holmes; but his later decades were taken up with advocacy of the new religion of Spiritualism, in which he became a devoted believer. The new Complete Works of Conan Doyle embodies all of the excitement and vitality of this extraordinary man's life, ranging from the Sherlock Holmes stories to philosophical and spiritual works, taking in science fictions and historical comedies, grand histories and criminological investigations. The contents of the volumes are as follows: Volume 1 (204 pp.): Introduction to the works by Dr. Neil McCaw; A Study in Scarlet; The Sign of Four Volume 2 (150 pp.): The Hound of the Baskervilles Volume 3 (148 pp.): The Valley of Fear Volume 4 (378 pp.): Micah Clarke Volume 5 (283 pp.): Sir Nigel Volume 6 (336 pp.): The White Company Volume 7 (304 pp.): The Refugees Volume 8 (209 pp.): Rodney Stone Volume 9 (140 pp.): Uncle Bernac Volume 10 (169 pp.): The Lost World Volume 11 (265 pp.): The Poison Belt; The Land of Mist Volume 12 (121 pp.): The Mystery of Cloomber Volume 13 (332 pp.): The Firm of Girdlestone Volume 14 (163 pp.): The Stark Munro Letters Volume 15 (110 pp.): A Desert Drama Volume 16 (188 pp.): A Duet, with an Occasional Chorus Volume 17 (244 pp.): The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volume 18 (206 pp.): The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Volume 19 (262 pp.): The Return of Sherlock Holmes Volume 20 (198 pp.): The Case-book of Sherlock Holmes Volume 21 (179 pp.): The Captain of the Polestar Volume 22 (309 pp.): The Great Shadow and other stories Volume 23 (167 pp.): Round the Red Lamp Volume 24 (176 pp.): The Green Flag Volume 25 (161 pp.): The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard Volume 26 (221 pp.): Round the Fire Stories Volume 27 (171 pp.): The Last Galley Volume 28 (139 pp.): Danger! and other stories Volume 29 (284 pp.): Detective and Mystery Stories Volume 30 (137 pp.): The Maracot Deep and other stories Volume 31 (101 pp.): The Parasite and Other Stories Volume 32 (441 pp.): Uncollected Short Stories Volume 33 (268 pp.): complete poetry; The Journey (play) Volume 34 (98 pp.): Waterloo; The Speckled Band (plays) Volume 35 (79 pp.): Jane Annie (an opera, libretto by Conan Doyle in collaboration) Volume 36 (185 pp.): Through the Magic Door; A Glimpse of the British Army; A Glimpse of the Italian Army; A Glimpse of the French Line; The Vital Message Volume 37 (98 pp.): The Story of Mr. George Edalji; The Case of Oscar Slater Volume 38 (132 pp.): The War in South Africa Volume 39 (448 pp.): The Great Boer War Volume 40 (114 pp.): The Crime of the Congo Volume 41 (81 pp.): The German War; To Arms! Volume 42 (199 pp.): The British Campaign in France and Flanders, vol. I (1914) Volume 43 (142 pp.): The British Campaign in France and Flanders, vol. II (1915) Volume 44 (193 pp.): The British Campaign in France and Flanders, vol. III (1916) Volume 45 (178 pp.): The British Campaign in France and Flanders, vol. IV (1917) Volume 46 (195 pp.): The British Campaign in France and Flanders, vol. V (January-June 1918) Volume 47 (181 pp.): The British Campaign in France and Flanders, vol. VI (July-November 1918) Volume 48 (85 pp.): The Coming of the Fairies Volume 49 (210 pp.): The Edge of the Unknown; The New Revelation Volume 50 (160 pp.): Pheneas Speaks; Psychic Experiences; Spiritualism and Rationalism Volume 51 (194 pp.): The History of Spiritualism Volume 52 (127 pp.): Our African Winter Volume 53 (159 pp.): The Wanderings of a Spiritualist Volume 54 (108 pp.): Our American Adventure Volume 55 (129 pp.): Our Second American Adventure Volume 56 (329 pp.): Memories and Adventures; Western Wanderings The Works have all been newly typeset for this edition. In the absence of an even nearly complete edition of Conan Doyle's works which is in the public domain, the texts for this edition have had to be sourced piecemeal from available public-domain versions. The majority of these have been relatively early editions; a few have been modern reprints of the original texts unedited; a number have been etexts reproducing in their turn editions now in the public domain. Due to their number and variety, it is impossible to list them all here. Neil McCaw, Reader in English Literature at the University of Winchester and Academic Director of The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, Lancelyn Green Bequest, has written a new introduction to the Works, in volume 1, which covers biographical background, critical reception, influence, and a brief bibliography.

Bloomsbury Good Reading Guide

Author: Nick Rennison
Editor: A&C Black
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Deciding what to read next when you've just finished an unputdownable novel can be a daunting task. The Bloomsbury Good Reading Guide features hundreds of authors and thousands of titles, with navigation features to lead you on a rich journey through some the best literature to grace our shelves. This greatly expanded edition includes the latest contemporary authors and landmark novels, an expanded non-fiction section, a timeline setting historical events against literary milestones, prize-winner and book club lists. An accessible and easy-to-read guide that no serious book lover should be without. "The essential guide to the wild uncharted world of contemporary and 20th century writing." Robert McCrum, The Observer

The Big Book Of Swashbuckling Adventure Classic Tales Of Dashing Heroes Dastardly Villains And Daring Escapes

Author: Lawrence Ellsworth
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1605987204
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“A delicious, pulse-quickening compendium of thrilling rescues, daring escapes, dreadful peril, and glorious adventure, masterfully curated by an editor who wields his pen as skillfully as any swashbuckler ever swung a sword."—Charles Ardai, Edgar Award-winning author and publisher of Hard Case Crime The word “swashbuckler” conjures up an indelible image: a hero who’s a bit of a rogue but has his own code of honor, an adventurer with laughter on his lips and a flashing sword in his hand. This larger-than-life figure is regularly declared passé, but the swashbuckler is too appealing to ever really die. Who wouldn’t want to face deadly danger with confidence and élan? Who can deny the thrill of clashing blades, hairbreadth escapes, and daring rescues, of facing vile treachery with dauntless courage and passionate devotion? The swashbuckler tradition was born out of legends like those of the Knights of the Round Table and of Robin Hood, revived in the early 19th century by Romantic movement authors such as Sir Walter Scott. The genre caught hold with the publication of Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers in 1844, and for the next century it was arguably the world’s leading form of adventure fiction. Featuring selections by twenty hugely popular writers from the last century including Rafael Sabatini; Johnston Mcculley (creator of the Zorro character); Alexandre Dumas: Arthur Conan Doyle; and Pierce Egan (author of Robin Hood), this anthology is dedicated to the swashbuckler’s roots: historical adventures by the masters of the genre. Most of these stories have been out of print for decades; some have never before been collected in book form. All are top-notch entertainment. So, ready for some action? En garde!