Sitting On A Chicken

Autore: Michael Chissick
Editore: Singing Dragon
ISBN: 0857012800
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The best way to teach yoga to children is with games. With 52 vibrant, easy-to-follow yoga games requiring no previous yoga experience, this book will enable you to help children become better listeners, take responsibility, gain self-control, improve behaviour, become assertive and improve self-esteem and confidence. Within these pages Michael Chissick has distilled nearly twenty years' experience of teaching yoga to children aged 3-11 in mainstream and special needs schools. He explains the ideal yoga lesson structure to transform your children's behaviour: you will learn which games to teach, when to teach them and how to teach them, and how the additional benefits of improved co-ordination, flexibility, fitness, self-calming and relaxation can be accessible to all children regardless of impairment, need, culture, shape, mood or size.

The Chicken Chronicles

Autore: Alice Walker
Editore: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0297865129
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A memoir about keeping chickens from the author of THE COLOR PURPLE When Alice Walker grew up in the deep south of America, her family always kept chickens - for meat and for eggs - and her job was to chase down the Sunday dinner! In later life, when she settled in Mexico and was growing her own food, she realised how much she missed keeping them and decided to get a brood of her own. So into her life came Gertrude Stein, Babe, Babe 2, Hortensia, Splendor, Glorious, Rufus and Agnes of God, not to mention a few others. She discovered a deep contentment in keeping chickens, looking after them and watching them develop. This also made her think about her own life and brought back severed memories of her childhood. This book isn't a 'how to' on keeping chickens, it is a warm memoir chronicling her journey and the way in which keeping chickens led her to a fuller understanding of herself.


Autore: charliemarinell Notebook
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Paper Notebook Looking for a great gift idea . 100 8 x 10 Lined Pages are provided for you to put your thoughts, hopes, experiences, likes, and dislikes. This book includes: 8 x 10 inches 100 Pages Ruled Line Spacing 50 sheets, 100 pages Full wrap around cover design Name and contact page Flexible easy wipe-clean glossy cover And so much more! With this notebook, the possibilities are endless. A great gift idea for anyone on your list: wife, mom, husband, dad, coworker, mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss.

And Then There Were Five Little Chickens Sitting On The Coop

Autore: Edward Aragon
ISBN: 1456634089
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The book is a teaching book for kids that know how to read but are not reading well and need improvement quickly.

The Reality Of Professional Pet Sitting

Autore: Suzanne M. Roth
Editore: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462800009
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Formato: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Chicken House

Autore: Deana J. Burke
Editore: WestBowPress
ISBN: 1490810781
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Simply stated, this book relates farm life and animals to a relationship with God. He loves all His creatures, great and small.

Cranes Among Chickens

Autore: James J. Ong
Editore: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146915384X
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Cranes Among Chickens is a compelling memoir about a Taiwanese family, with tales of immigrants and pioneers, of ambition and rebellion, of three generations spanning one hundred years, two continents, five countries, and three wars. This family saga mirrors a tumultuous period in history as Taiwan transitioned from a 19th century backwater to a 21st century economic powerhouse. These collected stories drawn from diaries, letters, oral accounts, and the authors recollections of his own journey to American citizenship and professional acclaim provide a candid portrait of a remarkable family that has endured great change and overcome numerous challenges.

Chicken Soup For The Soul Billy Graham Me

Autore: Steve Posner
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1611592208
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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me contains 101 fascinating stories from all the living U.S. presidents, well-known pastors, country singers and other celebrities, and world leaders, relating their personal experiences with Billy Graham. Renowned Evangelical preacher Billy Graham has touched tens of millions of lives, inspiring faith and hope around the world. And you will get to know the beloved preacher better in these inspiring, personal stories by the people who know him best. You will meet the real Billy Graham, the man behind the public figure.

The Pawnee Mythology

Autore: George Amos Dorsey
Editore: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803266032
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The Pawnee Mythology, originally published in 1906, preserves 148 tales of the Pawnee Indians, who farmed and hunted and lived in earth-covered lodges along the Platte River in Nebraska. The stories, collected from surviving members of four bands-Skidi, Pitahauirat, Kitkehahki, and Chaui-were generally told during intermissions of sacred ceremonies. Many were accompanied by music. George A. Dorsey recorded these Pawnee myths early in the twentieth century after the tribe's traumatic removal from their ancestral homeland to Oklahoma. He included stories of instruction concerning supernatural beings, the importance of revering such gifts as the buffalo and corn, and the results of violating nature. Hero tales, forming another group, usually centered on a poor boy who overcame all odds to benefit the tribe. Other tales invited good fortune, recognized wonderful beings like the witch women and spider women, and explained the origin of medicine powers. Coyote tales were meant to amuse while teaching ethics. George A. Dorsey (1868-1931) was a distinguished anthropologist and journalist who also wrote about the traditions of the Arapahos, Arikaras, and Osages. Douglas R. Parks is a professor of anthropology and associate director of the American Indian Studies Research Institute at Indiana University. He is the editor of James R. Murie's Ceremonies of the Pawnee (Nebraska 1989) and the editor and translator of Myths and Traditions of the Arikara Indians (Nebraska 1996).

Travelers Tales Thailand

Autore: James O'Reilly
Editore: Travelers' Tales
ISBN: 1932361804
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Winner of the Lowell Thomas Award for Best Travel Book, this newly designed collection paints a unique portrait of a complex and captivating land. One contributor lives as a monk for a month, gaining an inside look at monastic life. Another discovers Bangkok’s riverine pleasures, a world away from its car-choked streets. Yet another finds refuge as the houseguest of an isolated tribesman. Through these engaging personal stories, readers witness how Thailand satisfies just about any traveler’s hunger for the exotic, the beautiful, the thrillingly different. Writers include Pico Iyer, Norman Lewis, Diane Summers, Simon Winchester, Ian Buruma, Thalia Zepatos, and Tim Ward. “The breadth and color of the collective portrait [the contributors] provide of Thailand is remarkable.” — Los Angeles Times

Burned Outhouses Big White Chickens And Other Sins I Could Mention

Autore: John A. Smith
Editore: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1600341942
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Chicken Coop Revisited

Autore: Alice L. Waltmire
Editore: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781477253045
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In 1932, at age four, Alice moved with her family of five in the dilapidated house on the hill, above the creek bed where hobos, weary of riding the rails looking for work, often camped. The front yard had not a blade of grass and was riddled with gopher holes like the top of a salt or pepper shaker. In the upcoming years, the United States teetered on whether to enter the war already begun in Europe. Alice chronicles the vicissitudes of The Great Depression and perilous war years, while she and her family coped with the challenges of living their ordinary lives. The author brings warmth and humor as she relates wildly off-beat and entertaining incidents that lift the spirit with the joys of living, no matter the clouds of history.

Agatha Parrot And The Thirteenth Chicken

Autore: Kjartan Poskitt
Editore: Egmont UK
ISBN: 1780312806
Grandezza: 19,96 MB
Formato: PDF, Docs
Vista: 7234

Agatha Parrot is the most exciting and hilarious comedy series since Mr Gum! But don’t take our word for it . . . take hers! Hiya! One night me and my friends had to look after some baby chickens but one of them disappeared. Eeek eeek panic panic - where could he be? That's when Bianca found something blocking up her trombone, then Dad found a lump under his new wallpaper, and then we saw mad Ivy burying something in a plant pot! (Don't worry, there IS a happy ending. Promise promise.) Written by the hottest new prospect in children’s books, Kjartan Poskitt, and illustrated by the artistic genius behind Andy Stanton’s Mr Gum, David Tazzyman, Agatha Parrot is more brilliant than you could possibly imagine. Seriously – Try to imagine it. Nope, not even close. Anyway, it’s the funnest of funny children’s books.

Will The Chicken Be With Grandma

Autore: James F. Weber
Editore: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412057256
Grandezza: 72,12 MB
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200 historic, humorous and heartwarming stories about my life as a kid on the farm, family relationships, school, church, and people, during the Depression and WWII.

The Milk Chicken Bomb

Autore: Andrew Wedderburn
Editore: Coach House Books
ISBN: 177056151X
Grandezza: 33,91 MB
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The kid sells lemonade. Not a lot of people buy lemonade, especially now that it’s winter, but the kid makes good lemonade, even if his friend Mullen thinks it ought to be sweeter. They don’t talk much with the other ten-year-olds – most of the others are Dead Kids anyway. Except for Jenny Tierney, but she’s busy breaking kids’ faces with her math book. Besides, the Russians from the meat-packing plant are a lot cooler, and they always win at curling. But in small-town Alberta, there are just too many roman-candle fights, bonspiels, retaliatory river diversions, black-market submarines, exploding boilers, meat-packing-plant suicides and recess-time lightning strikes for one lonely kid to get any attention. He might as well go to Kazakhstan. Then the adults in his life start disappearing down tunnels and into rendering vats. Being ten is hard enough without all that, especially when your best friend is ruining the lemonade. But the Milk Chicken Bomb should change everything. Frenetic, hilarious and gently heartrending, The Milk Chicken Bomb takes us inside the mind of a troubled ten-year-old who is just beginning to understand that the adults around him are as lonely and bewildered as he is in the face of the slapstick demands of the world.

Chicken Soup For The Girl S Soul

Autore: Jack Canfield
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1453276238
Grandezza: 38,53 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
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From Barbies to your first bra, from holding your teddy bear to slowdancing with your first boyfriend, from knowing everyone in elementary school to trying to make new friends in middle school. . . . When dealing with these changes, it's no wonder preteen girls can freak out from time to time.

Fifty Shades Of Chicken

Autore: F.L. Fowler
Editore: Clarkson Potter
ISBN: 0385345232
Grandezza: 53,22 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Dripping Thighs, Sticky Chicken Fingers, Vanilla Chicken, Chicken with a Lardon, Bacon-Bound Wings, Spatchcock Chicken, Learning-to-Truss-You Chicken, Holy Hell Wings, Mustard-Spanked Chicken, and more, more, more! Fifty chicken recipes, each more seductive than the last, in a book that makes every dinner a turn-on. “I want you to see this. Then you’ll know everything. It’s a cookbook,” he says and opens to some recipes, with color photos. “I want to prepare you, very much.” This isn’t just about getting me hot till my juices run clear, and then a little rest. There’s pulling, jerking, stuffing, trussing. Fifty preparations. He promises we’ll start out slow, with wine and a good oiling . . . Holy crap. “I will control everything that happens here,” he says. “You can leave anytime, but as long as you stay, you’re my ingredient.” I’ll be transformed from a raw, organic bird into something—what? Something delicious. So begins the adventures of Miss Chicken, a young free-range, from raw innocence to golden brown ecstasy, in this spoof-in-a-cookbook that simmers in the afterglow of E.L. James’s sensational Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Like Anastasia Steele, Miss Chicken finds herself at the mercy of a dominating man, in this case, a wealthy, sexy, and very hungry chef. And before long, from unbearably slow drizzling to trussing, Miss Chicken discovers the sheer thrill of becoming the main course. A parody in three acts—“The Novice Bird” (easy recipes for roasters), “Falling to Pieces” (parts perfect for weeknight meals), and “Advanced Techniques” (the climax of cooking)—Fifty Shades of Chicken is a cookbook of fifty irresistible, repertoire-boosting chicken dishes that will leave you hungry for more. With memorable tips and revealing photographs, Fifty Shades of Chicken will have you dominating dinner. From the Hardcover edition.

Faith Family Friends And Fried Chicken

Autore: Sherry-Marie Perguson
Editore: Abbott Press
ISBN: 145821818X
Grandezza: 50,42 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 9017

Through tragic loss to triumphant success, for richer or poorer, Sherry-Marie Perguson was advised for years to write her story. Now, in a style of storytelling that Sherry laughingly describes as “Erma Bombeck meets Joel Osteen, and they have dinner together,” comes her memoir, which circles around four instrumental influences in her existence: Faith, Family, Friends, and Fried Chicken. Growing up in the ’50s Sherry-Marie became a talented songwriter and musician, writing over 70 songs and recording three albums, one of which was with her siblings. Unintentionally, she put her writing on hold while blessed to raise her family. She became a successful entrepreneur as the owner of Sherry’s Southern Charm & Tea, a famous tearoom and antique shop. Related to such influential figures as Mary Todd Lincoln and George Clooney, she’s also a speaker to women’s groups, and an award-winning licensed realtor and antique appraiser, just to name a few of her accomplishments. After retiring in 2014, Sherry decided to embark on the next phase of her life: writing this book. From biscuits with “chocolate gravy” to favorite recipes from her revered Tea Room, readers can indulge not only in dozens of treasured family recipes from Sherry’s Southern roots, but also in a heartwarming and sincere expression of American family life. Praise for Faith, Family, Friends, and Fried Chicken “Sherry shares a unique heritage we must cherish and perpetuate. Concern for others is a Godly virtue often reflected in her writing, family, and profession.” —Joe Carr, retired Estate Gift Planning Director, Banner Health Foundation “I have known Sherry for over 20 years, and she is the most reliable, trustworthy, and innovative person that I have known or worked with in my military and business career, which has spanned more than 50 years. I am confident her book will be well received by any who read it.” —James M. Jones Jr., retired Lt. Col USAF, President/CEO of J2 Inc.

Chicken Soup For The Soul Teens Talk Growing Up

Autore: Jack Canfield
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781611591811
Grandezza: 19,83 MB
Formato: PDF, Kindle
Vista: 8970

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Growing Up supports and inspires teenagers as they grow up as they read stories written by other teens about the problems and issues they face every day. Being a teenager is hard -- school is challenging, family issues arise, friends and love come and go, bodies and emotions go through major changes, and many teens experience the loss of a loved one for the first time. With 101 stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul's library about life lessons, self-acceptance, meeting challenges, and growing up, this book reminds teenagers that they are not alone.

Chicken Soup For The Soul Older Wiser

Autore: Jack Canfield
Editore: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781611591774
Grandezza: 10,55 MB
Formato: PDF, ePub, Docs
Vista: 1941

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Older & Wiser focuses on the wonders of getting older. It holds the best 101 stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul’s library for today’s young seniors! You cross the magic sixty-year mark and still feel young at heart, despite a few new wrinkles. With many stories about dynamic older singles and couples finding new careers, new sports, new love, and new meaning in their lives, this book will inspire and amuse readers. Printed in a larger font.