Sleep Smarter

Author: Shawn Stevenson
Editor: Rodale Books
ISBN: 1623367409
Size: 19,20 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 313

When it comes to health, there is one criminally overlooked element: sleep. Good sleep helps you shed fat for good, stave off disease, stay productive, and improve virtually every function of your mind and body. That’s what Shawn Stevenson learned when a degenerative bone disease crushed his dream of becoming a professional athlete. Like many of us, he gave up on his health and his body, until he decided there must be a better way. Through better sleep and optimized nutrition, Stevenson not only healed his body but also achieved fitness and business goals he never thought possible. In Sleep Smarter, Stevenson shares easy tips and tricks to discover the best sleep and best health of your life. With his 14-Day Sleep Makeover, you’ll learn how to create the ideal sleep sanctuary, how to hack sunlight to regulate your circadian rhythms, which clinically proven sleep nutrients and supplements you need, and stress-reduction exercises and fitness tips to keep you mentally and physically sharp. Sleep Smarter is the ultimate guide to sleeping better, feeling refreshed, and achieving a healthier, happier life.

Sleep Better

Author: Sarah Moore
ISBN: 9781386332541
Size: 20,51 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 813

Are you suffering from insomnia? Does snoring disrupt your sleep? Do you want to sleep better?Sleep Better: How to Overcome Insomnia, Stop Snoring and Sleep Smarter helps you understand the importance of sleep and the causes of insomnia and snoring.In this book, you will learn:• How to sleep better by creating a sleep-inviting bedroom environment and practicing yoga and meditation• Foods that assist with sleep• Effective herbal remedies and aromatherapy to treat insomnia• Valuable tips on how to stop snoringand much more!Sleep is extremely important for your mind, body and health. You need a good night's sleep in order to do your job, pay attention in school, manage your household... Any problems that you have sleeping need to be resolved as early as possible.Order Your Copy of Sleep Better Today!

How To Sleep Well

Author: Neil Stanley
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0857087681
Size: 20,92 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 141

It has never been more important to sleep well. Stop sabotaging your own sleep and finally wake up energised and refreshed How to Sleep Well is a guidebook that can change your sleep and help you live your life more fully. Whether you struggle to fall asleep, sleep too lightly, wake too often or simply cannot wake up, this book can help you get on track to sleeping well and living better. It all starts with the science of sleep: how much you really need, what your body does during sleep and the causes behind many common sleep problems. Next, you’ll identify the things in your life that are disrupting your sleep cycle and learn how to mitigate the impact; whether the pressure of workplace or you simply cannot quiet your own mind, these expert tips and tricks will help you get the sleep you need. Finally, you’ll learn how to support healthy sleep during the waking hours — what works with or against your sleep — and you’ll learn when the problem might be best dealt with by your GP. Don’t spend another restless night waiting for a bleary, groggy morning and sleepy day. Take control of your sleep tonight! Learn how sleep — or a lack thereof — affects every aspect of your life Identify the root causes of your sleep issues and cut them off at the source Discover the sleep advice that works, and the tips that are just plain daft. Create a healthy, calming bedtime routine that will help you get the rest you need Sleep affects everything. Work and school performance, relationships, emotional outlook, your appearance and even your health. Sleeping poorly or not sleeping enough can dramatically impact your quality of life, but most sleep problems can be solved with a bit of self-adjustment. How to Sleep Well puts a sleep expert with over 36 years’ experience at your disposal to help you finally get the restful, restorative sleep you need to live better and be productive.


Author: Nick Littlehales
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 073823463X
Size: 16,73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 262

Proven solutions for a better night's sleep, from the "sleep guru" to elite athletes--rest for success in work, sports, and life One-third of our lives--that's 3,000 hours a year--is spent trying to sleep. The time we spend in bed shapes our moods, motivation, alertness, decision-making skills, reaction time, short, our ability to perform, whether at work, at home, or at play. But most of us have disturbed, restless nights, relying on over-stimulation from caffeine and sugar to drag us through the day. The old eight-hour rule just doesn't work, and it's time for a new approach. Endorsed by leading professionals in sports and business, Sleep shares a new program to be your personal best. Nick Littlehales is the leading sport sleep coach to some of the biggest names in the sporting world, including record-breaking cyclists for British Cycling and Team Sky, international soccer teams, NBA and NFL players, and Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Here, he shares his proven strategies for anyone to use. You'll learn how to map your unique sleep cycle, optimize your environment for recovery, and cope with the demands of this fast-paced, tech-driven world. Read Sleep and rest your way to a more confident, successful, and happier you.

The Brain Fix

Author: Ralph Carson
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0757316093
Size: 14,10 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 686

Do you feel anxious, frazzled, or fatigued? Are you struggling with addiction, attention deficits, depression, or compulsive behaviors? Could your mind or memory be sharper? If so, these are tell-tale signs that your brain could use a tune-up. Fortunately, as author Ralph Carson explains, the brain is a very forgiving organ, and in this compelling guide, he reveals the many ways we can heal our brains from the assaults of everyday life and avoid specific situations that injure brain health. With a prescriptive blend of science, personal anecdotes, and advice, Carson shares what he has gleaned on the front lines, helping thousands of people overcome brain-based conditions and mood disorders including ADD, anxiety, depression, psychological trauma, and more. In The Brain Fix, Carson reveals an arsenal of proven tools and techniques that help regenerate new cells and connections in the brain. He shares a myriad of simple changes to make in your environment, diet, sleep habits, exercise routines, and emotional life that will yield both immediate and long-term changes to your brain. Carson's desire to learn about the brain was deeply personal: When he was a teenager, his mother died unexpectedly from a cerebral hemorrhage at forty-four; his grandmother was diagnosed with dementia in her early sixties; and his sister died from a rare form of brain cancer in her fifties. In this illuminating and empowering guide, Carson reveals why--and how--we should give rightful attention to the body's most complex organ with essential advice for bettering your brain. You'll discover: How to rewrite your genetic blueprint when it comes to decision making, impulse control, creativity, and mood stabilization: Although genetics play a key role in individual susceptibility, vulnerability, and capacity to heal from brain-based disorders, heredity is not necessarily destiny. Learn the best practices to follow that can rewrite your brain's blueprint and put you in control. How to feed your brain for optimal functioning: Discover how to fuel your brain with the right foods and supplements that foster brain plasticity—foods which can reverse years of damage from poor diet, addictions, or eating disorders. How to be mindful and why it matters: Discover why being mindful can aid in poor decision making and a lack of impulse control and how to master this elusive skill. How to alter your stress response. Learn how chronic worry can take a toll on your brain; by learning how to control your stress response, you lessen the the damaging effects of the daily grind. How to design a brain-friendly environment: While the modern world offers many conveniences, it also assaults your brain on a daily basis, sapping it of its full potential; learn some key fixes for your home and habits.

This Book Will Send You To Sleep

Author: K. McCoy
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1473555787
Size: 18,60 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 659

Sleep smarter ‘The indispensable bedside classic’ Leland Carlson, Assistant Vice President of the Dull Men’s Club This Book Will Send You to Sleep makes no claims to be fun or interesting. It is a book you can read in full confidence that you will find absolutely nothing to stimulate your brain. A book, like any other, that will afford you much sleep and copious amounts of pointless knowledge. Where else will you read about the political crisis in Belgium 2007–2011 or the recent developments in the taxonomy of molluscs? And where else can you find, in one place: a summary of the administrative bureaucracy of the Byzantine Empire? A world almanac of pickled cucumbers? The measurement of the linear density of fibre? 'Prepare to fall fast asleep with the most boring book ever published' Tim Jones, sleep specialist

Better Sleep For The Overachiever

Author: Anne Bartolucci
Editor: AIBHS
ISBN: 1945074582
Size: 16,65 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 747

Does your inner drive keep you up all night? Discover methods to ease your ambitious mind into a healthy, highly productive pattern of sleep. Do you toss and turn worrying about tomorrow’s to-do list? Does your body crave rest but your brain won’t shut down? Have you tried all the recommended bedtime tricks and found no relief? Insomnia specialist and clinical psychologist Anne D. Bartolucci, Ph.D. has spent more than a decade helping results-driven people catch some z’s. Now this fellow overachiever is here to show you a simple way to get the restorative repose you need to fuel your busy lifestyle. Better Sleep for the Overachiever is a thorough guide to creating a lifelong habit of healthy, rejuvenating slumber patterns to help you perform at your peak. Drawing on Bartolucci’s extensive experience, you’ll discover why insomnia isn’t just a nighttime problem—it’s deeply intertwined with your daily thoughts and activities. Using simple strategies to identify and defuse stressful behaviors, you’ll soon be drifting off to dreamland! In Better Sleep for the Overachiever, you’ll discover: - Step-by-step tips and best practices to wind down in the evening - Why perfectionism and imposter syndrome stifle quality sleep and how to overcome them - The time management skills needed to let go and allow your mind to settle - An exploration of the role that mindfulness plays in managing racing thoughts - Real-life case studies, conversations from Bartolucci’s practice, and much, much more! Better Sleep for the Overachiever is an easily accessible handbook to help you snooze like a pro. If you like expert advice, practical techniques, and proven research, then you’ll love Anne D. Bartolucci’s life-changing resource. Buy Better Sleep for the Overachiever to get the rest you deserve tonight!

Guided Sleep Insomnia And Anxiety Meditations Bundle

Author: Absolute Peace
ISBN: 9781989631041
Size: 18,87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 974

Do you want to be able to get fall asleep faster or reduce your anxiety and insomnia? If so then keep reading... Do you have problems falling asleep? Relieving stress? Reducing your anxiety? Or having a high quality sleep? If you do, this book will help you to counter these problems by reading relaxing content which can help you get to rest much more easily. In Guided Sleep, Insomnia and Anxiety Meditations Bundle, you will discover: A Relaxing meditation script that will guide you on getting to sleep! The best meditation technique used to counter anxiety! The easiest meditation techniques to prevent insomnia! Why following this script will prevent you from feeling drained and tired! And much, much more. The proven teaching are so easy to follow. Even if you've never tried meditation for preventing and countering sleep deficiency, anxiety and insomnia before, you will still be able to get to find success following the soothing material. So, if you're ready to start your journey to have much better quality sleep, stop anxiety and prevent insomnia, then click "Add To Cart" in the top right corner NOW!

Snoring Sleep Apnea

Author: Dr. Ralph A. Pascualy, MD
Editor: Demos Medical Publishing
ISBN: 9781934559932
Size: 11,60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 460

Snoring is the most common sign of sleep apnea, a potentially fatal sleep disorder that affects approximately twelve million Americans, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Untreated sleep apnea is associated with heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and premature death. It is a common cause of driving accidents and job impairment, as well as academic underachievement in children and adolescents. Snoring and Sleep Apnea is for people who have or suspect that they have sleep apnea. It is also written for their bed partners, families, and friends, and for health care professionals involved in sleep apnea management. This extensively revised and expanded fourth edition covers causes, diagnosis, treatment, and surgical techniques as well as the pros and cons of specific therapies. Readers will learn: When snoring is a sign of sleep apnea Why snoring and sleep apnea are dangerous to your health Who should see a sleep specialist Where to find an accredited sleep disorder center The latest treatments and how to feel better fast NEW and expanded topics in this edition include: A new chapter on women and sleep apnea Managing children and adolescents with sleep apnea Advances in CPAP and other key treatments The latest statistics on the impact of sleep apnea on obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Sleep Well, Feel Better will educate readers and help them receive appropriate diagnostic tests and the most effective treatment so they can live full and healthy lives.

The Internet Of Things

Author: Michael Miller
Editor: Que Publishing
ISBN: 0134021339
Size: 10,57 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 711

How the Internet of Things will change your life: all you need to know, in plain English! The Internet of Things (IoT) won’t just connect people: It will connect “smart” homes, appliances, cars, offices, factories, cities… the world. You need to know what’s coming: It might just transform your life. Now, the world’s #1 author of beginning technology books has written the perfect introduction to IoT for everyone. Michael Miller shows how connected smart devices will help people do more, do it smarter, do it faster. He also reveals the potential risks—to your privacy, your freedom, and maybe your life. Make no mistake: IoT is coming quickly. Miller explains why you care, helps you use what’s already here, and prepares you for the world that’s hurtling toward you. --What is IoT? How does it work? How will it affect me? --What’s realistic, and what’s just hype? --How smart is my “smart TV” really? (And, is it watching me?) --Can smart IoT devices make me healthier? --Will smart appliances ever be useful? --How much energy could I save with a smart home? --What’s the future of wearable tech? --When will I have a self-driving car? --When will I have a nearly self-driving car? (Hint: Surprisingly soon.) --Is IoT already changing the way I shop? --What’s the future of drones, at war and in my neighborhood? --Could smart cities lower my taxes? --Who gets the data my devices are collecting? --How can I profit from the Internet of Things? --What happens when the whole world is connected? --Will I have any privacy left at all?