Smashing Maths

Author: Ta in Control
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Does teaching and supporting Maths in class make you feel really anxious? Are there times when you feel so inadequate in Maths lessons you just want to go home and crawl under your duvet? Then this book might just be for you! Maths is a HUGE subject and for most of us, it is taught completely differently to the way we learned it in school. I was in my early fifties before learning the grid method for multiplication and the chunking method for division and at the time I remember thinking 'WTF!' quite loud in my head! My brain was accustomed to the way I had learned multiplication and division and these methods quite literally felt more like trigonometry than basic mathematic operations! It was then I realised that modern education methods, in an effort to make Maths more accessible to children who struggled with it, had also created more confusion; not just for the children but for the adults who teach and support it too! When we were young, we either learned the mathematic methods we were taught, or we didn't. In a way, even though this was less inclusive, at least there were only one or two methods we had to grasp. It meant that these one or two methods were practiced over and over again until, hopefully, most of us got the hang of them. These days, because education is being more inclusive, there are multiple ways of doing various calculations but I'm not sure Teaching Assistants get the time you need to become truly familiar with every method. And because you know that this is the most basic level of Maths, it makes you feel ridiculously inept! But, it ISN'T YOU! It's the system you are in which, although it wants you to do your absolute best for the children you work with, does not do it's best for you by giving you the time to properly learn what you need to know. And that is why I've created this book because this book shows you how to break Maths down into the bite-sized pieces you need to know for any given day for the children in your class. Inside you will find: A 'How to use this book' section so that you're not left scratching your head 7 confidence-boosting prompts repeated throughout the book that tell you what to do and when every time you're doubtful about the content of your next Maths lesson. Pages to record the Maths resources you've found the most useful. 130 8.5 x11 inch pages, giving you plenty of room to write in. A positive 'can-do' feel, to every page! To be clear, this book does not teach you Maths. There are loads of books and online resources that do that. This book prompts you to find the information that YOU need SPECIFICALLY for each of your Maths lessons with the children YOU are teaching and supporting. In this way, everything is tailored to fit YOU! And by doing this, you break down this ENORMOUS subject into bite-sized pieces, making you feel way more accomplished in Maths lessons! So, buy this book today and start SMASHING MATHS!
Smashing Maths
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Authors: Ta in Control
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Does teaching and supporting Maths in class make you feel really anxious? Are there times when you feel so inadequate in Maths lessons you just want to go home and crawl under your duvet? Then this book might just be for you! Maths is a HUGE subject and for most
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