Sn Hetta Collective Intuition

Author: Snohetta
Editor: Phaidon Press
ISBN: 9780714877174
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The first in-depth monograph on one of the most important contemporary architecture practices working today With offices in Oslo, Innsbruck, San Francisco, and New York, and projects all over the world, Snøhetta's architecture, landscape, interior, and branding design projects are created across political boundaries, at all scales, and are fundamentally concerned with the unique interactions between people and places. Through stunning imagery and evocative narrative text, this book showcases 24 exceptional projects – including the 9/11 Memorial & Museum Pavilion and the Oslo Opera House – which, together, illustrate Snøhetta's boundary-pushing and highly collaborative approach to design.

Think Like An Architect

Author: Randy Deutsch
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1000221822
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Do you know how to think like an architect? Do you know why you should? How do you make sure that you have the critical thinking tools necessary to prosper in your academic and professional career? This book gives you the answers. Architects have a valuable and critical set of multiple thinking types that they develop throughout the design process. In this book, Randy Deutsch shows readers how to access those thinking types and use them outside pure design thinking – showing how they can both solve problems but also identify the problems that need solving. To think the way the best architects do. With a clear, driving narrative, peppered with anecdote, stories and real-life scenarios, this book will future-proof the architectural student. Change is coming in the architecture profession, and this is a much-needed exploration of the critical thinking skills that architects have in abundance, but that are not taught well enough within architecture schools. These skills are crucial in being able to respond agilely to a future that nobody is quite sure of.

Learning From Failure In The Design Process

Author: Lisa Huang
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 131741974X
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Learning from Failure in the Design Process shows you that design work builds on lessons learned from failures to help you relax your fear of making mistakes, so that you’re not paralyzed when faced with a task outside of your comfort zone. Working hands-on with building materials, such as concrete, sheet metal, and fabric, you will understand behaviors, processes, methods of assembly, and ways to evaluate your failures to achieve positive results. Through material and assembly strategies of stretching, casting, carving, and stacking, this book uncovers the issues, problems, and failures confronted in student material experiments and examines built projects that addressed these issues with innovative and intelligent strategies. Highlighting numerous professional practice case studies with over 250 color images, this book will be ideal for students interested in materials and methods, and students of architecture in design studios.


Author: Kristin Feireiss
Editor: John Wiley & Son Limited
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Located in the heart of Berlin, Alexanderplatz is associated with the famous novel by Alfred D?blin, with the avant-garde designs of Mies van der Rohe, and with the office buildings of Peter Behrens. In the former GDR, it was the capital's major square. Today it assumes a key position in the future development of Berlin. The future form of Alexanderplatz was determined in an ideas competition. Hans Kollhoff, the competition winner, designed, through a significant ensemble of high-risers, a new city district which sets new standards for Berlin. The second prize was awarded to Daniel Libeskind who presented his avant-garde concept of the square with consummate ease. An introductory text covers the history of Alexanderplatz, while the rest of the book documents the competition proceedings which stimulated heated debates on the future of Berlin.

Architectural Publications Index

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Author: Lars Müller
Editor: Lars Muller Publishers
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Snoehetta, one of Scandinaviaa (TM)s leading architecture practices, seeks to develop its architectures within a continuous state of reinvention. Every project differs a " only elementary aspects related to a broad sense of context generate core discussions when developing early concepts. Every architect is an individual a " only referring her or himself to the social context of Snoehetta generates core values of communal thinking. The projects are examples of attitudes rather than designs. They are samples rather than products. They are associative rather than symbolic. They are comments rather than statements. The book describes the collective methods used when exercising the search for solutions to complex realities and shows Snoehettaa (TM)s architecture as a self-referential art within the uncertainties generated by the influence of our contemporary society. Projects like the library of Alexandria, the new opera house in Oslo or the Ras al Khaima gateway exemplify the intentions of the architects and give a hint of how they comment on given preconditions.