The Art Of Social Selling

Author: Shannon Belew
Editor: AMACOM
ISBN: 0814433332
Size: 17,45 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 591

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are changing the way consumers make purchasing decisions . . . and tapping into these online communities has become a necessary part of any integrated sales strategy. Citing enlightening research and real-world examples, this smart, practical guide presents readers with a detailed methodology for growing sales and expanding their customer base using social media. Readers will learn how to: * Use content and conversations to build online relationships that transition to sales * Execute realistic sales strategies for each of the major social media platforms * Spot social media trends that may influence future buying behaviors * Sell online in B2B and B2C environments * Turn social shares (likes, favorites, +1s) into social sales * Set tangible goals * Use online tools and analytics to track social influencers and identify relevant conversations as they are happening Complete with a chapter dedicated to capturing mobile sales-a segment poised to explode as the adoption of smartphones and tablets grows-The Art of Social Selling is essential reading for every sales professional.

Social Selling Mastery

Author: Jamie Shanks
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119280737
Size: 14,42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 522

A concrete framework for engaging today's buyer and building relationships Social Selling Mastery provides a key resource for sales and marketing professionals seeking a better way to connect with today's customer. Author Jamie Shanks has personally built Social Selling solutions in nearly every industry, and in this book, he shows you how to capture the mindshare of business leadership and turn relationships into sales. The key is to reach the buyer where they're conducting due diligence—online. The challenge is then to strike the right balance, and be seen as a helpful resource that can guide the buyer toward their ideal solution. This book presents a concrete Social Selling curriculum that teaches you everything you need to know in order to leverage the new business environment into top sales figures. Beginning with the big picture and gradually honing the focus, you'll learn the techniques that will change your entire approach to the buyer. Social Selling is not social media marketing. It's a different approach, more one-to-one rather than one-to-many. It's these personal relationships that build revenue, and this book helps you master the methods today's business demands. Reach and engage customers online Provide value and insight into the buying process Learn more effective Social Selling tactics Develop the relationships that lead to sales Today's buyers are engaging sales professionals much later in the buying process, but 74 percent of deals go to the sales professional who was first to engage the buyer and provide helpful insight. The sales community has realized the need for change—top performers have already leveraged Social Selling as a means of engagement, but many more are stuck doing "random acts of social," unsure of how to proceed. Social Selling Mastery provides a bridge across the skills gap, with essential guidance on selling to the modern buyer.

Social Selling

Author: Tim Hughes
ISBN: 9780749478018
Size: 20,50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 318

"As the digital landscape has changed buyers' habits it's increasingly difficult to reach them early enough in their decision-making process using traditional sales methods. Developing relationships with decision-makers through social networks has become an increasingly critical skill - enabling sales professionals to engage early on and 'hack' the buying process. Social Selling provides a practical, step-by-step blueprint for harnessing these specific and proven techniques including: - How to use networks purposefully to build social trust and create a high quality community - How to develop real influence and authority in your subject area and connect with change-makers - How to scale the social selling strategy across an organisation including maturity and investment models, risk and governance, and technology platforms"--

Social Selling Mastery For Entrepreneurs

Author: Chris J Reed
Editor: Evolve Global Publishing
ISBN: 1643701894
Size: 13,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 438

From the three-time #1 bestselling author Chris J. Reed, “the only CEO with a Mohawk!” comes his latest book, Social Selling Mastery for Entrepreneurs. Whether you have heard the phrase “social selling” but don’t know what it entails, or you have been trying to socially sell for years, this book will give you worthwhile insights, actionable advice, and secrets of the trade that Chris has learned in his ongoing career as a global social selling guru. You see, Chris himself used social selling to create Black Marketing, the world’s most recommended LinkedIn marketing agency, and Chris continues to rely on social selling for his business to thrive. Chris is the world’s most recommended LinkedIn marketing masterclass instructor, entrepreneur and founder with 650 LinkedIn recommendations, triple LinkedIn marketing bestselling author, and the only entrepreneur or LinkedIn speaker on the site who is an Official LinkedIn Power Profile seven years running. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders seek Chris out to gain support with their personal branding, social media presence, employer branding and social selling. In sharing his lessons learned and social selling dos and don'ts, Social Selling Mastery for Entrepreneurs offers an invaluable learning opportunity not to be passed up! In Social Selling Mastery for Entrepreneurs, Chris explains how you, as a business owner and entrepreneur, a CEO, a CMO, or a sales or marketing professional can master social selling. Chris also lays out how LinkedIn, the only business-focused global social media platform, offers an ideal platform for social selling. With LinkedIn's range of tools at your disposal for building your brand, releasing content, and connecting you with its 600 million-plus business professional users, Chris teaches you how to harness all LinkedIn offers so that you can build your own social selling machine and keep it going at high speed for years to come. In Social Selling Mastery for Entrepreneurs, you'll get a highly developed rendering of social selling, complete with anecdotes from Chris's career so that readers who aren’t familiar with the concept can get on board fast. He then highlights the roles of social research, personal branding, and content marketing, showing how they work interdependently in social selling. Additionally, Chris presents various content marketing strategies, as well as the nuances of content marketing you must consider to get the engagement you are aiming for. He presents a convincing case to get you writing and videoing yourself and putting that content out there because it’s the people who show themselves to be thought leaders and experts that enjoy the greatest success in social selling.

Understand Social Selling Or Fail

Author: Garr Larson
ISBN: 0578108453
Size: 15,55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 738

Understand Social Selling...Or Fail will help you sell more of anything through social media! Inside you’ll to learn how to listen to your customer, engage them with great stories, and compel them to buy in today's social network dominated marketplace. Garr Larson, founder of several national retailers and “America’s Social Selling Guru”, will help you Seed, Feed and Lead™ your way to social selling success. Whether you need to sell more cups of coffee, get a new business off the ground, or are trying to get ahead in your career, Understand Social Selling…Or Fail will get you there! Included in this edition is the exclusive review of the new Facebook Want button. Understand the power of this amazing social selling tool that is about to revolutionize e-commerce, and you can be first to learn how to profit from it!

Social Selling

Author: Jonathan Gilliam
Editor: Momentum Factor
ISBN: 9780985621605
Size: 17,59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 540

The time has come for Social Selling. The direct selling industry has undergone substantial changes in the last ten years. Yet it remains a vibrant and essential element of the world economy, continuing to provide millions the opportunity to build their own businesses and command their own destinies. Why? Because, unlike many industries that became victims of social technologies, direct sellers were made for them. Now, these technologies make our "belly-to-belly" business massively scalable, for the first time in history. What's the best path forward for your company in this new world? How do you leverage your direct selling expertise into a social media and mobile powerhouse? What can you do to help this great industry enable an entire world of person-to-person commerce, far beyond the boundaries we perceive today? This groundbreaking book from one of direct selling's leading progressive voices explains how your company can capitalize on these incredible opportunities and help map to a future bigger than our industry ever dreamed. But for that to must read on.

Social Media Strategy

Author: Keith A. Quesenberry
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 153810136X
Size: 13,39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 110

Social Media Strategy, Second Edition is a guide to marketing, advertising, and public relations in a world of social media-empowered consumers. The new edition emphasizes connections in all areas of integrated marketing and adds a new chapter on law. Fully updated real world examples and statistics make it a highly accessible text for students.

Winning With Social Selling

Author: Mark Ghaderi
Editor: Partridge Publishing
ISBN: 1482869268
Size: 15,76 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 207

If you think technology is simply making it easier to sell, then heres a news flash: Youre wrong! Todays customers are smarter and more informed. Markets are more complex and competitive. Selling is more complicated than ever before. Mark Ghaderi, a successful entrepreneur, sales leader, and business executive explores how to navigate this new terrain. Learn how to: apply ten laws of social selling to boost your network and net worth; leverage the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks; share engaging content on social media platforms; and Learn about the social media landscape across the major markets in the Asia Pacific region. With studies showing that more than 80 percent of buyers use the Internet and social networks to make buying decisions, savvy sales leaders and executives are focusing their attention where the money isonline. Bring your message to the people, and turn prospects into lifetime clients with the proven strategies in Winning with Social Selling.

Social Media Listening And Monitoring For Business Applications

Author: Rao, N. Raghavendra
Editor: IGI Global
ISBN: 1522508473
Size: 17,37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 435

Social Media has transformed the ways in which individuals keep in touch with family and friends. Likewise, businesses have identified the profound opportunities present for customer engagement and understanding through the massive data available on social media channels, in addition to the customer reach of such sites. Social Media Listening and Monitoring for Business Applications explores research-based solutions for businesses of all types interested in an understanding of emerging concepts and technologies for engaging customers online. Providing insight into the currently available social media tools and practices for various business applications, this publication is an essential resource for business professionals, graduate-level students, technology developers, and researchers.

Social Selling

Author: Tom Abbott
ISBN: 9789810967253
Size: 17,82 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 948