Spoon S Carpets

Author: Kit Caless
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1473547350
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If you’ve ever been in a Wetherspoon's (and who hasn't), you’ve probably looked down and noticed the brilliantly-hued carpet beneath your feet. But that carpet isn’t just for disguising spilt drinks... Each Wetherspoon has a carpet that is unique and bespoke, with a design inspired by the history of the building, its locale or the name of the pub. Thanks to the hit blog 'Wetherspoon's Carpets' – which posed the important question 'are any two Wetherspoon carpets the same?’ – these tapestried hymns to British boozers have become a cultural sensation. Now, Kit Caless has travelled the length and breadth of the UK, from Berkshire to Renfrewshire, Bradford to Bridgend, to photograph over 70 splendid carpets from Wetherspoons and meet some of the pubs' regulars. Each entry appears in all its glorious colour, along with Caless's witty and informative text on the inspiration for each carpet's design, the history of the pub and key facts about the branch and its regulars. Will your Spoons be there?

A Manual Of Domestic Economy

Author: John Henry Walsh
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In Old Virginia

Author: Richard L. Bushman
Editor: JHU Press
ISBN: 9780801867255
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Walker humbly referred to himself as "a poor illiterate worm,but his diary dramatically captures the life of a small planter in antebellum Virginia.

Impact Of Culture On The Transfer Of Management Practices In Former British Colonies

Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1456833790
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In this book, Impact of Culture on the Transfer of Management Practices in a Former British Colonies: Cadbury, Nigeria, Dr. Olusoji George deals with a number of these issues head on. In particular, he has highlighted two elements largely ignored in the international management literature: first, colonial (political and economic forms) and their encounters with pre-existing employment management practices and secondly, emergent, post-colonial influences on modern management. The hybrid systems that emerge in many postcolonial, developing economies, Dr. George argues, are best investigated by delving deep into the historical antecedents of management practices. It is at the intersection between colonised and coloniser, and attempts to reconcile the injustices created within colonial systems (as well as attempts to create specific ethnic and tribal balance within colonial systems) that the legacy that independent, but postcolonial nations may struggle to reconcile may be found. Through an in-depth analysis based on a major corporation in West Africa, specifically Cadbury Nigeria, evolving practices, grounded in colonial and commercial objectives bring into sharp focus the veracity of the central historical features of the proposition made by Dr. George.

The Odyssey And Dr Novak

Author: Ann C. Colley
Editor: She Writes Press
ISBN: 1631523449
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One summer afternoon in northern England in 1946, when Ann Colley was a child, she met a man from Czechoslovakia named Dr. Novak. This encounter launched her lifelong fascination with Central and Eastern Europe, one that resulted in her spending two years, in 1995 and 2000, teaching at universities in Poland and Ukraine. In The Odyssey and Dr. Novak, Colley records personal experiences, interactions with colleagues, and descriptions of the landscape, creating a composite portrait of these countries at a time when each is struggling to chart its course after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. She recalls moments that are disturbing, absurd, discordant, frustrating, humorous, and endearing—a missing parrot flying in through the window; a robber on a train threatening her life; clouds of smoke from Chernobyl hanging over Kiev. Colley’s journey ends with her return to the figure of Dr. Novak when she searches in the archives of the Harvard Divinity School Library for letters sent from Prague in 1945—letters which, just like her memoir, speak of a past that pursues the present.

Take My Advice Giving Information On Everything Pertaining To Daily Life By The Late Editor Of The Family Friend

Author: Robert Kemp Philp
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Red Carpets And Other Banana Skins

Author: Rupert Everett
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748109781
Size: 15,48 MB
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''Hilariously honest. . . a kind of rake's progress' Daily Mail An element of drama has always attended Rupert Everett, even before he swept to fame with his outstanding performance in 'Another Country'. He has spent his life surrounded by extraordinary people, and witnessed extraordinary events. He was in Moscow during the fall of communism; in Berlin the night the wall came down; and in downtown Manhattan on September 11th. By the age of 17 he was friends with Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger, and since then he has been up close and personal with some of the most famous women in the world: Julia Roberts, Madonna, Sharon Stone and Donatella Versace. Whether sweeping the floor for the Royal Shakespeare Company or co-starring with Faye Dunaway and an orang-utan in 'Dunstan Checks In' (they both took ages to get ready), Rupert Everett always brings as much energy and talent to his life as he does to his career. A superb raconteur and a keen observer of human folly (especially his own), Rupert Everett turns his life into a captivating story of love, fame, glamour, gossip and drama. Praise for Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins 'He has an almost fanatical loyalty to the concept of enjoyment, to the detriment, it might be argued, of his art, though to the great enrichment of his being; and for Rupert, as he makes clear in this continuously brilliant memoir, the best theatrical autobiography since Noël Coward's Present Indicative, acting is being...a superb and unexpectedly inspiring achievement' Simon Callow, Guardian 'Lush, profoundly reflective, and thoroughly satisfying...a heady triumph of observation and reverie' Independent 'What makes this autobiography a (novelistic) masterpiece is the way he is acutely aware of the melancholia and pain that are the other side of hedonism's coin' Daily Telegraph