The Stone Roses

Author: Simon Spence
Editor: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1250030838
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The Stone Roses captures the magic—and chaos—behind the UK band's rise, fall, and recent resurrection. The iconic Brit pop band The Stone Roses became an overnight sensation when their 1989 eponymous album went double platinum. It was a recording that is still often listed as one of the best albums ever made. Its chiming guitar riffs, anthemic melodies, and Smiths-like pop sensibility elevated The Stone Roses to a cult-like status in the UK and put them on the map in the U.S. But theirs is a story of unfulfilled success: their star imploded as their sophomore effort took years to complete and the band broke up acrimoniously in 1996. Sixteen years later, they reunited and have been playing sold out gigs, thrilling fans around the globe, and working on new material. In 2013, they nabbed the coveted headline spot at the Coachella Festival. With one hundred interviews of key figures, forty rare photographs, and exclusive insider material including how they created their music, The Stone Roses charts the band's rise from the backwaters of Manchester to becoming the stars of the "Madchester" scene to their successful comeback years later. Going beyond the myths to depict a band that defined Brit pop, Simon Spence illustrates their incandescent talent and jaw-dropping success while contextualizing them in the 90s music scene. This is the definitive story of The Stone Roses.

The Stone Roses And The Resurrection Of British Pop

Author: John Robb
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1448118794
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'The Stone Roses have become folk heroes, frozen in time. And their story, with roots in punk through post-punk, scooter boys, skinheads, Northern Soul, psychedelia, acid house and Madchester, is everything that is great about British street culture.' Reni. Mani. Ian Brown. John Squire. Names that will forever be remembered for creating their defining album The Stone Roses and a unique but inimitable baggy style. Their phenomenal story was first documented by the man who was with them every step of the way: John Robb. And now, in this special edition of his acclaimed and intimate biography, Robb brings the ultimate rock 'n' roll tale fully up to date.

Breaking Into Heaven The Rise Fall Resurrection Of The Stone Roses

Author: Mick Middles
Editor: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 0857127896
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In 1989, The Stone Roses exploded onto the music scene at the forefront of a new wave of music from Manchester. The Roses’ music – an exhilarating mixture of sixties’ pop, rock and dance – made them the UK’s most talked-about group, while their first album, The Stone Roses, is now revered as one of the finest débuts of all time. The band’s flared trousers, baggy t-shirts and floppy fringes were copied by a generation, and their 1990 gig at Spike Island in front of 30,000 people became legendary. Then, with the world at their feet, and a multi-million-dollar record contract signed, the Stone Roses disappeared only to come back 15 years later even bigger and better. Their story truly is one of resurrection.

The Complete Stone Roses

Author: Stone Roses (Musical group)
ISBN: 9780711973961
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The Stone Roses The Stone Roses

Author: Alex Green
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1441181873
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The Stone Roses shows a band sizzling with skill, consumed with drive and aspiration and possessing an almost preternatural mastery of the pop paradigm. This book explores the political and cultural zeitgeist of England in 1989, and attempts to apprehend the magic ingredients that made The Stone Roses such a special album.

Neverbridge Stone Roses

ISBN: 1447716264
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Stone Roses

Author: Keith Wilson
Editor: Utah State Univ Pr
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Stone Roses Talking

Author: Brian Chapman
Editor: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 085712692X
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Manchester’s Stone Roses woke up a stagnant late-Eighties music scene with an eponymous debut album of danceable rock that set the charts ablaze and remains a fixture in critics’ lists today. The UK went mad for them but legal hassles, family responsibilities and personal problems ensured it was downhill from then on. Ian Brown, John Squire and Mani Mounfield remain powerful forces in British rock today, and now you can read about their trials and tribulations first hand. Here are The Stone Roses in their own words.

Set In Stone Ian Tilton S Stone Roses Photographs

Author: Ian Tilton
Editor: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 0857127853
Size: 13,77 MB
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Ian Tilton knew The Stones Roses before they were famous and shot every key moment during the band’s meteoric rise to fame in the late Eighties. He photographed their first TV appearance, the Roses three famous early gigs at Blackpool Tower, Glasgow Green and Spike Island, his photos appeared on their classic first album, he was the first photographer to do a Jackson Pollock shoot with the band and Ian is the man who first got Ian Brown to pull his famous monkey face!

Breaking Into Heaven

Author: Mick Middles
Editor: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 9780711975460
Size: 15,12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In 1989 The Stone Roses exploded onto the music scene at the forefront of a new wave of music from Manchester. Their music - an exhilarating mixture of Sixties pop, rock and dance made them the UKs most talked about group, while their first album THE STONE ROSES, is now revered as one of the finest debuts of all time. Then, with the world at their feet, and a multi-million dollar record contract signed, they split up. Breaking Into Heaven is the most complete account of The Stone Roses' story ever published. It includes interviews with some of those closest to the band, including their ex-manager Gareth Evans. It also features the full story behind the delayed release of their album SECOND COMING and a full run-down of post Roses activities and a complete discography, including solo releases.