Stop Think Do Social Skills Training

Author: Lindy Petersen
ISBN: 9780646441481
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Stop think do, is an Australian social skills program for use in schools with children and adolescents who have social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. It is also useful for improving the social skills of students generally to prevent problems developing in the future.

Stop Think Do Social Skills Training Primary Years Of Schooling

Author: PETERSEN Lindy ADDERLEY Allyson
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Social Skills Training

Author: Lindy Petersen
Editor: Australian Council for Educational
ISBN: 9780864315366
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Teaches parents and children to manage situations and avoid knee-jerk reactions when children behave in a way that upsets parents and other children, by thinking about the behaviour and what can be done to change or prevent it.

Behavioral Approaches For Children And Adolescents

Author: Philip C. Kendall
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1475794061
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Challenges for the next decade as the subtitle ofa book is a statement ofambition. In the present time we have to be ambitious as scientists, clinicians, and teachers. Without ambition we would not be able to confront the problems of young people in an effective way. In this decade, we can see an abundance of problems of young people: football hooliganism, school drop out, vandalism, delinquency, lack ofsocial skills, aggression, and depression. The problem seems to grow. Governments, parents, and concerned citizens call for action now. Unfortunately, the action that is taken is often impulsive and not based on scientifically proven methods: longerjail sentences for young first offenders, putting young offenders in military look-alike training camps, etc. For some reason, the usage of effective interventions is limited. In this, book the reader will find an extensive overview of what we know to be effective as a "cure" or prevention for the above-mentioned problems. The first four chapters will give the reader a clear insight ofwhat the "state ofthe art" is today. erview of cognitive behavioural therapies with children and ado An integrative ov lescents isgiven by Kendall, Panichelli-Mindel, and Gerow.Russo and Navalta providesome new dimensions ofbehavior analysis and therapy. What behavioral approaches can offer to education is described by Slavenburg and van Bilsen in two chapters. In Part II authors from Australia, the United States, and the Netherlands describe programs for specific clinical populations: attention deficit disorder, anti-social youth, learning problems, social skills problems, depression, and aggression.

Mental Health Of Children And Adolescents With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities

Author: David Dosetor
Editor: IP Communications
ISBN: 0980864925
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Children and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities are at high risk of co-morbid emotional, behavioural, and psychiatric problems that may further reduce their functional abilities. For the clinicians who support them and their families, meeting the needs of children and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health problems is challenging. In this book, clinicians who work with young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health problems will find a comprehensive framework for how their complex needs might best be addressed. Relevant biological, developmental, family, educational, social, and cultural factors are integrated. The evolution of developmental sequence is seen as vital to understanding the mental health problems of young people with disabilities. This view informs multi-dimensional assessment of behaviour, and addresses conceptual confusion in defining behaviour problems, developmental disorders, mental disorders, and serious mental illnesses. Evidence-based interventions to promote skill development and mental health in young people with disabilities are described. A model for how interdisciplinary and multi-agency collaboration and co-ordination might be facilitated is outlined. Parents’ perspectives are also presented. Fundamentally, though, this is a book by clinicians, for clinicians. All clinicians and other professionals who work to improve mental health outcomes and quality of life more generally for young people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities - paediatricians, child psychiatrists, psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, social workers, behaviour clinicians, counsellors, teachers, agency managers, among others – will find the book invaluable.

The Stop Think Do Program

Author: David E. Miller
Editor: Xulon Press
ISBN: 159467518X
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Australian National Bibliography 1992

Editor: National Library Australia
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Teenagers Literacy And School

Author: Ken Cruickshank
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134220049
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This unique and timely book follows the experiences of four Arabic teenagers, their families and their community, focusing on the role of literacy in their daily lives and the differences between home and school. The author looks at the conflict between expectations and practices at school and in the home, arguing that problems are inevitable where class and cultural differences exist. Emerging themes include: how literacy practices in the community are undergoing rapid change due to global developments in technology how the patterns of written and spoken language in English and Arabic in the home are linked with social practices in logical and coherent ways how many of the family practices that differ from school culture and language become marginalised. Built around these insightful case studies yet grounded in theory, this book is of immediate relevance to teachers working in multicultural contexts and students and lecturers in language/literacy or on TESOL courses.

Teachers Manual For Training Social Skills While Managing Student Behaviour

Author: Lindy Petersen
ISBN: 9780731674756
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The Stop Think Parenting Book

Author: Dr. Howie Knoff
Editor: Project ACHIEVE Press
ISBN: 0979656400
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The "Stop and Think Parenting Book: A Guide to Children's Good Behavior" is based on the nationally-acclaimed and evidence-based Stop & Think Social Skills Program. Accompanied by its 75 minute demonstration DVD, this program teaches parents how to teach their children the interpersonal, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills that will help them succeed in all settings. Focusing on the preschool to late elementary school age span, the Stop & Think Parenting Book helps teach children over 20 important behavioral skills%u2014Listening, Following Directions, How to Interrupt, Accepting Consequences and Apologizing, Dealing with Teasing, How to Handle Peer Pressure%u2014and how to use them in real life. The Demonstration DVD has nine segments showing real parents with their own children using a number of critical Stop & Think social skills for common home situations%u2014turning off the TV to do homework, dealing with losing, sibling rivalry, going to bed at night, interrupting when you are on the phone. These segments are completely connected to the Parenting Book (icons in the book tell parents when to watch specific segments), and they include important teaching tips, parent interviews, suggestion to help your child to %u201CMake a Good Choice.%u201D Complete with a sample teaching Calendar, Social Skill Cue Cards, easy to follow Parenting Points, and other important resources, The Stop and Think Parenting Book: A Guide to Children's Good Behavior has been successfully used in homes across the country. It also has been used by counselors, social workers, and psychologists as they lead parenting classes in school, agency, and private practice settings.