Strangers On A Train

Author: Patricia Highsmith
Editor: Longman
ISBN: 9781405882323
Size: 12,28 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Reading level: 4 [red].

Stranger On A Train

Author: Jenny Diski
Editor: Picador
ISBN: 1466853085
Size: 20,92 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The book about America de Tocqueville might have written had he spent some time in the nation's smoking sections Using two cross-country trips on Amtrak as her narrative vehicles, British writer Jenny Diski connects the humming rails taking her into the heart of America with the track-like scars leading back to her own past. As she did in the highly acclaimed Skating to Antarctica, Diski has created a seamless and seemingly effortless amalgam of reflection and revelation. Stranger on a Train is a combination of travelogue and memoir, a penetrating portrait of America and Americans that is at the same time an unsparing look in the mirror. Traveling and remembering both involve confronting strangers—those we have just met and those we once were—and acknowledging the play of proximity and separation. Diski has written a moving, courageous, and deeply rewarding book about who we are, and the landscapes through which we have passed to get there.

Strangers On A Train

Author: Jonathan Goldberg
Editor: arsenal pulp press
ISBN: 155152483X
Size: 19,94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Alfred Hitchcock's 1951 thriller based on the novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith (author of The Talented Mr. Ripley) is about two men who meet on a train: one is a man of high social standing who wishes to divorce his unfaithful wife; the other is an enigmatic bachelor with an overbearing father. Together they enter into a murder plot that binds them to one another, with fatal consequences. This Queer Film Classic delves into the homoerotic energy of the film, especially between the two male characters (played by Farley Granger and Robert Walker). It builds on the question of the sexuality the film puts on view, not to ask whether either character is gay so much as to explore the queer relations between sexuality and murder and the strong antisocial impulses those relations represent. The book also includes a look at the making of the film and the critical controversies over Hitchcock's representations of male homosexuality. QUEER FILM CLASSICS is a critically acclaimed film book series that launched in 2009. It features twenty-one of the most important and influential films about and/or by LGBTQ people, made in eight different countries between 1950 and 2005, and written by leading LGBTQ film scholars and critics. Jonathan Goldberg is a professor at Emory University, where he directs the Studies in Sexualities program. He is the author of many books and editor of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's posthumous 2012 book The Weather in Proust.

Stranger On A Train

Author: Antonio F. Vianna
Editor: Author House
ISBN: 1452060622
Size: 12,91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Are there bounds of human behavior that you will not cross, or aren’t there? What someone may believe in and subsequently do as acceptable, another may find despicable. Paul Autore, an aspiring novelist, meets Marcus Varro on a train. Later Paul receives two unusual letters from Marcus inviting him to Sanibel Island, Florida, to tutor Anne, Marcus’s beautiful daughter. Even before he arrives at the spacious white mansion, Paul suspects something else is up; and when he and Marcus almost die from an automobile accident on their way to the Varro residence, tensions rise even further. Simmering family hatreds heat up and put Paul in the middle. Caught up in things shockingly different than what he has ever written about or experienced, he might have to cross a boundary he never thought he would. Is Paul prepared to go to extreme lengths to protect himself? How far would you go?

Caroline S Stranger On A Train A Mail Order Bride Romance

Author: Doreen Milstead
Editor: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1329788192
Size: 13,78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Caroline’s Stranger On A Train, is about a mail order bride headed for California, and a man she has never met, to marry him and start a new life out west. When she meets a charming and handsome lawyer who was fired from his firm and is now headed there too, she is torn between the duty to her parents to marry who they chose for her, and a burgeoning respect then love for Asa, her stranger on a train. She turns to her bible for answers but time is short, so will she find what she’s seeking before they both step off the train and disappear into the crowd forever?

The Stranger On The Train

Author: Abbie Taylor
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476754977
Size: 16,75 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 366

A mother’s worst nightmare: the subway doors close with her baby son still on the train. In this suspenseful debut novel, a woman goes to unimaginable lengths to get her child back. A struggling, single mother, Emma sometimes wishes that her thirteen-month-old son Ritchie would just disappear. Then, one quiet Sunday evening, after a sinister encounter on the London Underground—Ritchie does just that. Emma immediately reports his abduction to the police but there she faces a much worse situation than she ever imagined. Why do the police seem so reluctant to help her? And why do they think she would want hurt her own child? If Emma wants Ritchie back, she’ll have to find him herself. With the help of a stranger named Rafe, the one person who seems to believe her, Emma sets off in search of her son. She is determined to find Ritchie no matter what it takes…but who exactly is the real enemy here? With dark twists and intertwining narratives, The Stranger on the Train is an unforgettable novel of psychological suspense that you will keep you guessing until the shattering finale.

It S A Print

Author: William Reynolds
Editor: Popular Press
ISBN: 9780879726614
Size: 14,59 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 133

The mechanistic age of the twentieth century has required a mechanized medium for expression: the production of filmdependent from the start on machines such as cameras, projectors, lights, and now more heavily reliant on computers, sensitive films, miniaturization, and sophisticated sound recording devices - has flowered in this century not only as a means of popular entertainment, but as a critically acclaimed art form. These essays highlight true cinematic adaptations as completely different products from films based loosely on the gimmick or plot or character of a certain fiction.

A Hitchcock Reader

Author: Marshall Deutelbaum
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1405155566
Size: 13,90 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 159

This new edition of A Hitchcock Reader aims to preserve what has been so satisfying and successful in the first edition: a comprehensive anthology that may be used as a critical text in introductory or advanced film courses, while also satisfying Hitchcock scholars by representing the rich variety of critical responses to the director's films over the years. a total of 20 of Hitchcock?s films are discussed in depth - many others are considered in passing section introductions by the editors that contextualize the essays and the films they discuss well-researched bibliographic references, which will allow readers to broaden the scope of their study of Alfred Hitchcock

Strangers On A Train

Author: Carolyn Keene
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442465719
Size: 20,94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 411

Nancy and her friends take their detective skills on an Alaskan adventure in this second book of the Nancy Drew Diaries, a fresh approach to a classic series. Nancy’s Alaskan adventure continues as she, Bess, and George disembark the mystery-plagued Arctic Star cruise ship and explore the grand sites of the forty-ninth state: Skagway; the Yukon territory, and Denali National Park. It’s spectacular scenery, but things start to go wrong almost immediately, leading Nancy to believe that whoever was behind the unsolved mayhem aboard the ship has followed them onto dry land. The girl detectives had better watch their steps—they’re on uncharted and unknown territory!

Generic Instability And Identity In The Contemporary Novel

Author: Madelena Gonzalez
Editor: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443818399
Size: 14,51 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 405

Contemporary aesthetics is characterized by generic mixing on the level of both form and content. The barriers between different media and different genres have been broken down in all literary art forms, whether it be theatre, poetry, or the novel. While the publishing industry is increasingly keen to label novels according to genre or sub-genre (“Chick Lit”, “Lad Lit”, “Gay fiction”, “Scottish fiction”, “New Historical Fiction”, “Crime fiction”, “Post-9/11 Fiction”), the novel itself (and novelists) persist in resisting generic categorizations as well as inviting them. Is this a move towards a new artistic liberty or does it simply testify to a confusion of identity? The “aesthetic supermarket” evoked by Lodge in 1992 does indeed seem to sum up the variety of choices open to writers of fiction today and a literary landscape characterized by crossover and hybridization. The familiar dialectic of realism versus experimentation has segued into a middle ground of consensus which is neither radical nor populist, but both at the same time. The techniques of postmodernism have become selling points for novels, and the Postmodern Condition itself seems little more than a narrative posture marketed for an increasingly wide audience. Whether they have recourse to a “repertoire of imposture” (Amis, Self, Winterson), as Richard Bradford would have it (The Novel Now, 2007), in other words “the abandonment of any obligation to explain or justify their excursions from credulity and mimesis”, or, like the New Puritans, make use of narrative minimalism in order to foreground their own peculiarities, contemporary novelists consistently draw attention to the fundamental instability of narrative process and genre. The much-feared apocalypse of the novel has failed to take place with the arrival of the new millennium, but generic game-playing and flickering, narrative hesitation and uncertainty continue to pose the question of what constitutes a novel today and to challenge its identity in a world where all culture is increasingly public, increasingly contested and increasingly multifarious. Thanks to theoretical approaches as well as analyses of specific works, this collection of essays aims to examine the concepts of generic instability and cross-fertilization, of narrative postures and impostures, and their constant redefinition of identity, which contaminates the very concept of genre. It demonstrates the diversity of generic practices in the novel today and furnishes us with undeniable evidence of how generic instability is fundamentally constitutive of the contemporary novel’s identity.