Strike Eagle

Author: Doug Beason
ISBN: 9781614751366
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AIR FORCE TWO WAS MISSING! When last contacted, Air Force Two, with the Vice-President of the United States aboard, was flying high over the Philippine jungle. On board was not only the Vice-President, but the "football" that gave him the power to initiate nuclear war. For in Washington, D.C., the U.S. President lay dying. At the newly reconstituted Clark Air Base, the orders went out: Air Force Two, aloft or downed, had to be found. The Vice-President, alive or dead, had to be brought back. The hunt was on. The race against time and the ultimate terror had begun . . . in an action-packed military thriller of supersonic suspense and explosive excitement-

Mcdonnell Douglas F 15e Strike Eagle Pilot S Flight Operating Instructions

Author: United States Air Force
ISBN: 9781935700432
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Developed as a derivative of the F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter, McDonnell Douglas' (now Boeing) F-15E Strike Eagle has a radically different mission: to launch deep interdiction missions without additional fighter support or jamming. Since its first flight in 1986, the F-15E has performed a variety of missions including deep strikes against high-value enemy targets in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Allied Force, and providing close air support. It can carry over 23,000 pounds of payload, including the JDAM, AIM-9X, AGM-130 and AMRAAM, and is equipped with an Active Electronically Scanned Array radar system. With its service life expected to reach to 2035 and beyond, the F-15E can be said to serve as the backbone of the U.S. Air Force. Its unparalleled range, persistence and weapons load make it indispensable. Developed in 1990, this 660-page, unclassified F-15E pilot manual is a wonderful resource for museum docents, historians, modelers, gamers, and anyone else who ever wondered what it would be like to sit in the cockpit of the Strike Eagle.

Strike Eagle

Author: William L. Smallwood
Editor: Potomac Books
ISBN: 9781574888850
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Inside the cockpit of one of the world's most advanced fighters

F 15e Strike Eagle Units In Combat 1990 2005

Author: Steve Davies
Editor: Osprey Publishing
ISBN: 9781841769097
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The F-15E Strike Eagle has been at the center of every single conflict in which the US has been involved since 1990. This remarkable aircraft has repeatedly struck targets where no other Coalition, NATO or US fighter has been able to go, breaking records for combat endurance and effectiveness. In the last decade, the Strike Eagle has been consistently upgraded to accommodate the latest weapons and electronic equipment. This book provides a thorough study of this versatile strike aircraft, as well as exploring its role in Operation Desert Storm (aka The Persian Gulf War, 1990-1991) and, more recently, the Balkans (1991-1995), Afghanistan (2001-present) and Iraq (2003-present).

Boeing F 15e Strike Eagle

Author: Steve Davies
Editor: Crowood Press
ISBN: 9781840373783
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Looks at the history of the Strike Eagle, providing information on its production, operational service, combat records, specifications, models, and its future.

Strike Eagles

Author: James P. Coyne
ISBN: 9780380758456
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Lieutenant Colonel Tom Johnson leads the "Deadly Jesters," highly trained pilots of the F-15E Strike Eagle force, into battle against the Soviets

Md F 15e Strike Eagle

Author: Andy Evans
Editor: Sam Publications
ISBN: 9781906959098
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The new F-15E is basically an F-15D with fas-pacs and additional hardpoints. It has proved itself to be extremely capable in battle during the Gulf War, the Balkans and in Afghanistan. This text features aircraft history, variants and sub-types, walkarounds of airframe and cockpits, and colour schemes and markings.

Boeing F 15 A B C D E Strike Eagle

Author: Danny Coremans
ISBN: 9789080674752
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General Management Series

Author: American Management Association
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Israeli F 15 Eagle Units In Combat

Author: Shlomo Aloni
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472800737
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Post-Yom Kippur War, Israel purchased the F-15 Eagle, the then world's best air-to-air fighter, in an effort to prevent another surprise attack from the air. For the first time in its history the IDF/AF operated a fighter that was a full generation ahead of opposing interceptors in the region. The first 'kill' F-15 Baz (Buzzard) arrived in Israel in 1976 and soon proved its worth in combat. Israeli Baz pilots were credited with 12.5 kills between 1979 and 1981, with 33 victories following during the June 1982 Lebanon War. Despite substantial combat, no Israeli F-15 has ever been lost to enemy action. In the 1990s the US government supplied the IDF/AF with the F-15I Ra'am (Thunder) to fulfill the long-range surface-to-surface missile mission post-Desert Storm. From A to I, the extremely capable, and combat-tested, Israeli F-15 force will continue to deter potential enemies well into the foreseeable future. This book examines the history and development of these units.