Shadowliving Tactical Manual

Author: Daniel Santiago
Editor: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1257348353
Size: 17,20 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 869

GET THE TACTICAL ADVANTAGE NOW. In this useful handbook you will discover strategies on: - Living well frugally in style with tons of moneysaving tips on avoiding debt, housing, utilities, shopping for food and clothing, health care, transportation, and entertainment. Even reusing and dumpster diving if necessary. - Vigilantly protecting your privacy on all levels when using the mail, utilities, phones, computers, banks, and more. Plus learn how to hide your valuables, deal with the police, use disguises, and defeat drug tests. - Defending yourself and your home not only unarmed and armed but how to avoid a conflict in the first place plus spot and use improvised weapons in your immediate surroundings (over 150 are listed). - And finally if you happen to be trapped in the wilderness you will be able to survive until rescue comes. Full of interesting and detailed knowledge for anyone wishing to live under the radar in this increasingly dangerous world.

Penetration A Tactical Manual On Forming Deep Emotional Connections

Author: Jack N. Raven
Editor: Gem delos Santos
ISBN: 1310695202
Size: 19,54 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 795

This no nonsense, straight to the point book will give you the tools that will enable you to build deep, powerful, emotional connections with anyone including the so called "Hard targets"! The techniques taught in this book will work for either men or women, young and old alike, whether for romantic or more professional interests. This book will focus on how you can profoundly make anyone feel much more deeply connected with you, in exactly that way you want (there are dozens of flavors of connections). If you are into seduction? It works deep enough, as a formidable tool, you can use to form special connections with anyone you want! Please take a look at the table of contents, to gain a hint on the specific items, you're about to learn in this book. Table of Contents Introductions Benefits of Deep Connections Makes you special and standout You understand and connect with her values Her beliefs about: Identity concept Sense of entitlements People live up to expectations of others Spiritual (avoid if strong disagreements) Politics (avoid if strong disagreements) Values Miscellaneous Her dreams Deep Values Elicitations Love Career Family Find her passions Music,Food,Travel,Hobbies, Art,Games etc Commonalities Nonverbal rapport Mirroring X-ray vision The PT Barnum effect To be seen for what she wants to be She is afraid, insecure to admit it, but you see it! Some are too afraid to dream Some are confused, and don't see their ideal selves yet See her painful past, put a positive spin on it Rephrasing and time delays Trance words Show understanding and authority in her world Navigation from the inside You fully get it...and more! Privacy issues! They fear your power Existing Archetypes she feels a connection with “If you look like one, you talk like one thing you must be one!” Speak using her vernacular,trance words,custom vocabulary “Opposites attract” Trust factors and Resistance Is she’s closed off? She thinks you’re playing her Not revealing any information to work with? Deliberately trying to be confusing Establishing Credibility Past and Future Projections Future projections Physical time distortion Sharing an intense experience together Social proof elements Only the 2 of you understand each other Mini-Isolations Assume Familiarity Conclusion

Triphasic Tactical Manual

Author: Cal Dietz
ISBN: 9780997017304
Size: 17,60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 144


Author: Max Velocity
Editor: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781478106692
Size: 14,66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 689

REVISED & EXPANDED SECOND EDITION This manual is the result of a detailed consideration of a societal collapse and the civil shift and aftermath that would impact individuals and families who are intent on survival. The purpose of this manual is to provide information to enhance the security, tactics, and survival skills of law-abiding citizens who are faced with civil disorder, lawlessness, violence, and physical threat in a post-collapse environment. The information in this manual is derived from training and experience gained from service with special operations forces (SOF) and subsequent employment as a security contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a distillation of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) adapted to the threat and environment anticipated in this type of scenario, in order to provide the knowledge needed to survive in a world turned upside down. It is no longer just survival of the fittest but survival of those prepared. The manual will take you from self-defense as an individual, team and family, and on to tactics, techniques, procedures and training that can be used by tactical teams that you may need to form in order to survive or to resist tyranny. In a serious post-event scenario, one of total collapse with several months or years before recovery, families, groups and communities may be forced to create such tactical defense forces to protect personnel, loved ones and resources against hostile forces. There is something in this manual for both the tactical newbie and the military veteran. Authors Website: Author's blog:\blog Authors note on choosing Contact or Rapid Fire: Contact and Rapid Fire are not designed as sequels, but are aimed at different audiences. There is an amount of material, the main bulk of the tactical stuff, which is common to both books. It is not intended that you buy both, just one or the other depending on your requirements.

Airsoft Tactics Manual

Author: J W Hurcomb
Editor: JW Hurcomb
Size: 16,98 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 548

A heavily researched tactical manual written with airsofters in mind. From the beginner player wanting to learn the skills to come better to the experienced team wanting advanced tactics to strengthen their game. This manual has it all.

Nordic Un Tactical Manual

Size: 13,53 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 248

How The Left Can Win Arguments And Influence People

Author: John K. Wilson
Editor: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814793622
Size: 15,11 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 492

Describes ways in which the Left can effectively mobilize itself and Americans, who, according to the author, largely agree with progressive ideas.

Tactical Manual

Author: Max Alexander
Editor: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781536876000
Size: 14,22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 577

This Tactical Manual (TM) is the result of more than a quarter century of experience at the highest professional levels, based on a solid foundation of SOF selection and training, reinforced by deployments to multiple conflict zones spanning pre-9/11 and the current Global War On Terror. The contents of the TM are combat proven and time tested small unit tactics employed on Light Infantry, Special Operations and Paramilitary deployments. The TM is intended to support training and operations for small tactical units. The TM utilizes a number of sources, including United States and British Army doctrine, mixed with training and operational best practices and lessons learned. The TTPs laid out are ideal for special operations, light infantry and paramilitary tactical organizations, based on proven tactical principles. Max Velocity Tactical operates the Velocity Training Center (VTC) tactical and leadership training facility near to Romney, West Virginia, where we provide training for US Special Operations Forces and Responsible Citizens. MVT has established a reputation on the leading edge of tactical live fire and force on force training; we are dedicated to developing tactical excellence.

Lectures On Land Warfare

ISBN: 9780259636755
Size: 13,55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 157

The War List

Author: Susan B Dobbs
ISBN: 9781545663622
Size: 16,48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 664

The glaring, blinding light of combat, the misty darkened dampness of hovering enemy fire. This is the terrain of the committed Christian's spiritual warfare against demonic attackers. Dense smoke, broken, bloodied comrades, midnight assaults, indiscernible counter attacks. This, also, is the theater of armed conflict where the warriors of the Lord will find themselves at various times, the more you follow your Great Adonai, your Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. KNOW YOUR WEAPONS! KNOW THE WORD! KNOW YOUR GOD! Have you fully realized the intensity of spiritual warfare ramping up at an exponential rate? Are you sensing heated enemy encounters throbbing with the smell of battle? Take heart, this manual will assist warriors of the Cross of Christ to gird up with their spiritual armor to engage the enemy of your souls! The "armor of light" according to Ephesians 6:10-18 is your holy clothing. Don't go out undressed for warfare! You are part of a mighty task force, so run to the fight, not away from, the engagements to which you are summoned. Go from battle weary fatigue to enduring, unstoppable victories, as you exercise seasoned strategies straight from the pages of God's Word. Select from 51 choice, covenant weapons in the inventory of the arsenal of Holy Writ. Coordinating inspiring quotes from every genre of life to include proven hymns of the church to spur you onward and upward. Turn every firey, lethally targeted arrow, back to the source from which it came. Your combat gear will serve you well. Call in your heavenly heavy artillery through prayer. Become a weaponeer dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. Hold the Good Book, the Sacred Text close to your heart and follow its instructions. FIGHT ON, DEAR WARRIOR, FIGHT ON!