That Good Night

Author: Sunita Puri
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472131304
Size: 18,93 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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'A profound meditation on a problem many of us will face; worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Atul Gawande's Being Mortal' Kirkus As the American born daughter of immigrants, Dr. Sunita Puri knew from a young age that the gulf between her parents' experiences and her own was impossible to bridge, save for two elements: medicine and spirituality. Between days spent waiting for her mother, an anesthesiologist, to exit the OR, and evenings spent in conversation with her parents about their faith, Puri witnessed the tension between medicine's impulse to preserve life at all costs and a spiritual embrace of life's temporality. And it was that tension that eventually drew Puri, a passionate but unsatisfied medical student, to palliative medicine - a new specialty attempting to translate the border between medical intervention and quality-of-life care. Interweaving evocative stories of Puri's family and the patients she cares for, That Good Night is a stunning meditation on impermanence and the role of medicine in helping us to live and die well, arming readers with information that will transform how we communicate with our doctors about what matters most to us.

Into That Good Night

Author: Ron Rozelle
Editor: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 1466895225
Size: 12,46 MB
Format: PDF
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When his father began to show signs of Alzheimer's disease, Rozelle watched the man's painful transformation into a dependent and ultimately foreign person. In this haunting memoir, Into That Good Night, Rozelle recreates and reclaims the past for his father, offering a son's gift that will echo for a long time to come. "The author's skillful and compassionate writing brings both the father of his childhood and the man who could not remember the names of his own children to life. Lester died of a stroke in 1992, but this serves, as his son intended, as a moving tribute." - Publishers Weekly

That Good Night

Author: Richard Probert
ISBN: 9780825308918
Size: 11,68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Condemned to spend his "Golden Years" cooped up in Sunset Nursing Home, 84-year-old Charlie Lambert refuses this ending for himself. With the help of an old sailing buddy living in Maine, Charlie plans to go AWOL permanently, buy a boat, and hit the high seas, where he will live out the remainder of his life on his own terms. Nothing ever goes quite as planned, though, and as Charlie heads towards Maine on a 46-foot sailboat, he strikes up an unexpected romance with Abigail, a woman decades his junior. Things take a darker turn, though, when he discovers a former FBI agent-turned-insurance-investigator hot on his trail. Agent Roberts has been hired to find out what happened to Charlie: bring him back if he's alive, or determine he's dead so his estranged sons can collect on his life insurance policy. Roberts doesn't expect a fight from the old man, but that's just what he gets. Because Charlie has no intention of ever returning to Sunset, whether in handcuffs or a pine box. Funny, heart-warming, and heart-breaking, That Good Night tells the story of a man who, rather than rail against going "gentle into that good night," as Dylan Thomas wrote, instead wishes to simply sail into a sunset of his own choosing.

Poetry Discovering Genre

Editor: Prestwick House Inc
ISBN: 1580493157
Size: 15,81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Author: Malcolm Boyd
Editor: Genesis PressInc
ISBN: 9781885478481
Size: 13,19 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The priest and author shares views on dying and ponders a life and death continuum unfolding the mysteries of life and revealing the majesty and wonder of death

Reading And Writing Poetry With Teenagers

Author: Fredric Lown
Editor: Walch Publishing
ISBN: 9780825127939
Size: 13,44 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 172

This versatile volume combines examples of poetry from historical and contemporary masters with high school writing. Each chapter contains poems for reading aloud, poems for discussion, models for writing exercises, samples of student poems, and a bibliography for extended reading. Many teachers use Reading and Writing Poetry with Teenagers across disciplines. Writing exercises include: Animals as Symbols Family Portraits in Words Of War and Peace Writing Song Lyrics as an Expression of Social Protest

Cbs Playhouse Presents Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Author: Loring Mandel
Size: 12,36 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Funny Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night Rage Rage Against The Dyi Notebook

Author: Kettmuno Tizuko
Size: 17,66 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 361

you can choose this notebook for note memories, working plan, calendar note .........

Theology And Issues Of Life And Death

Author: John Heywood Thomas
Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 162189634X
Size: 10,51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Does theology have any relevance to the problem of life and death? According to John Heywood Thomas the answer is an unequivocal yes. A largely personal expression of this conviction precedes the argument's exposition, which is then stated first of all quite generally--that nothing human is alien to theology's concern. Three main issues are considered: the unborn life, death as an event in life, and the possibility of global death. The issue of a life before birth is a complex problem, requiring an awareness of philosophical issues as of the empirical factors. The same kind of multifaceted thinking is needed in confronting the issue of death, an inescapable topic for theology. If death is an event in life what does it reveal about the meaning of life? And what of the very human action of the funeral? After a discussion of the complex issues involved the argument returns to the global reference of theology. Two areas of concern are singled out to show that the theologian can offer guidance in debate: the environmental crisis and the threat of nuclear war.