The Autobiography Of Andrew Carnegie And His Essay

Author: Andrew Carnegie
Editor: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486496376
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One of the earliest memoirs of an American capitalist, this 1920 volume recounts an immigrant's rise from clerk to captain of industry and steel magnate. Includes Carnegie's treatise on his philanthropic views.

The Autobiography Of Andrew Carnegie And The Gospel Of Wealth

Author: Andrew Carnegie
ISBN: 9781420961539
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From his humble beginnings as a Scottish immigrant to his ascension to wealth and power as a 'captain of industry', Andrew Carnegie embodied the American 'rags to riches' dream. Alive in the time of the Civil War, Carnegie was the epitome of a self-made man, first working his way up in a telegraph company and then making astute investments in the railroad industry. Through hard work, perseverance, and an earnest desire to develop himself in his education, culture, and personal economy, Carnegie finally made his considerable fortune in steel. What is perhaps most remarkable about this historical figure, however, was his overwhelmingly generous practice of philanthropy in his later life. In his essay, "The Gospel of Wealth", Carnegie relates his ideas on the distribution of the riches of wealthy society to the poor in a responsible capitalistic system. In setting an example of his own beliefs, Carnegie gave away millions of dollars for the public good, demonstrating his own willingness to promote human welfare, and the betterment of man. That essay is included in this volume along with the story of his life in his own words. This edition is printed on premium acid-free paper.

The Gospel Of Wealth And Other Timely Essays

Author: Andrew Carnegie
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The Gospel Of Wealth Essays And Other Writings

Author: Andrew Carnegie
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101097717
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Words of wisdom from American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie Focusing on Carnegie's most famous essay, "The Gospel of Wealth," this book of his writings, published here together for the first time, demonstrates the late steel magnate's beliefs on wealth, poverty, the public good, and capitalism. Carnegie's commitment to ensuring and promoting the welfare of his fellow human beings through philanthropic deeds ranged from donations to universities and museums to establishing more than 2,500 public libraries in the English-speaking world, and he gave away more than $350 million toward those efforts during his lifetime. The Gospel of Wealth is an eloquent testament to the importance of charitable giving for the public good. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Opening Carnegie Hall

Author: Carol J. Binkowski
Editor: McFarland
ISBN: 0786498722
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Carnegie Hall is recognized worldwide, associated with the heights of artistic achievement and a multitude of famous performers. Yet its beginnings are not so well known. In 1887, a chance encounter on a steamship bound for Europe brought young conductor Walter Damrosch together with millionaire philanthropist Andrew Carnegie and his new wife, Louise. Their subsequent friendship led to the building of this groundbreaking concert space. This book provides the first comprehensive account of the conception and building of Carnegie Hall, which culminated in a five-day opening festival in May 1891, featuring spectacular music, a host of performers and Tchaikovsky as a special guest conductor.

The Treasure Principle Revised And Updated

Author: Randy Alcorn
Editor: Multnomah
ISBN: 1588601226
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Discover how the joy of giving can make your life richer, starting today. Bestselling author Randy Alcorn introduced readers to a revolution in material freedom and radical generosity with the release of the original The Treasure Principle in 2001. Now the revision to the compact, perennial bestseller includes a provocative new concluding chapter depicting God asking a believer questions about his stewardship over material resources. Jesus spent more time talking about money and possessions than about heaven and hell combined. But too often we’ve overlooked or misunderstood his most profound teaching on this topic, from his words in Matthew 6. Jesus offers us life-changing investment advice. He actually wants us to store up treasures for ourselves—just not here on earth. Instead, he urges us to store our treasure in heaven, where they will await us, and last forever. We can’t take it with us—but we can send it on ahead! Readers are moved from the realms of thoughtful Bible exposition into the highly personal arena of everyday life. Because when Jesus told His followers to “lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven,” He intended that they discover an astounding secret: how joyful giving brings God maximum glory and His children maximum pleasure. In The Treasure Principle, you’ll unearth a radical teaching of Jesus—a secret wrapped up in giving. Once you discover this secret, life will never look the same. And you won’t want it to be. “Supercharged with stunning, divine truth! Lightning struck over and over as I read it.” - John Piper, Senior Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis

Round The World

Author: Andrew Carnegie
Editor: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1596055588
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One must traverse the ball round and round to arrive at a broad, liberal, correct estimate of humanity-its work, its aims, its destiny. Go, therefore, my friends-all you who are so situated as to be able to avail yourselves of this privilege-go and see for yourselves how greatly we are bound by prejudices...-from Round the WorldWhat a joy! As an adventurous travelogue, it is delightfully entertaining; as a journal of the development of the progressive philosophy of one of America's greatest philanthropists, it is stunning in its insights and its outlook. In October 1878, Andrew Carnegie and his friend John Vandervort set off on a mad cross-continental dash by train from New York to San Francisco to catch a ship sailing to Japan; by the time they ended their voyages around the globe with an uneventful sail home from London in May 1879, Carnegie-as both a businessman and a social benefactor -had been profoundly influenced by the cultures he'd explored and peoples he'd met. Originally intended for private circulation and later published in 1884, this is an intimate and provocative work of tremendous historical and cultural value.Also available from Cosimo Classics: Carnegie's Triumphant Democracy, An American Four-in-Hand in Britain, and Autobiography.Entrepreneur and philanthropist ANDREW CARNEGIE (1835-1919) was born in Scotland and emigrated to America as a teenager. His Carnegie Steel Company launched the steel industry in Pittsburgh, and after its sale to J.P. Morgan, he devoted his life to philanthropic causes. His charitable organizations built more than 2,500 public libraries around the world, and gave away more than $350 million during his lifetime.

Carnegie S Burden

Author: Joseph Frazier Wall
Editor: New Word City
ISBN: 1640190309
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In a remarkable essay entitled "Wealth" and published in 1889, Andrew Carnegie argued that there were only three alternatives by which a man of great wealth could dispose of his fortune: Leave it to his family, bequeath it in his will for public purposes, or administer its distribution for public benefit during his lifetime. Carnegie chose the latter. Here, in this essay by Pulitzer-Prize nominee Joseph Frazier Wall, is the extraordinary story of how he addressed his "burden."

The Autobiography And Other Writings

Author: Benjamin Franklin
Editor: Bantam Classics
ISBN: 9780553904987
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This authoritative Bantam Classic edition presents readers with a wide-ranging selection of Benjamin Franklin’s most important writings, illuminating the complex and appealing character of this quintessential American who rose to fame as a publisher, inventor, educator, bon vivant, and statesman. Here are selections from Franklin’s newspaper articles, from the sage wisdom of Poor Richard’s Almanac, from his entertaining letters, from his scientific essays, from his political and revolutionary writings, plus a generous sampling of his famous aphorisms, poems, and humor. And, most important, here is a newly edited text of one of the most vital and important works of American literature, the Autobiography. As fascinating and as relevant as ever, this timeless collection of writings reveals an extraordinary man whose mind was always curious, always questioning, and who forever remained dedicated to the principles of truth and liberty.

The Abc Of Money

Author: Andrew Carnegie
Editor: Cosimo Classics
ISBN: 1616409797
Size: 13,93 MB
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From the days of farmer's bartering for bushels of corn to establishing the concept of credit, this practical guide gets at the root of the subject of money: why it exists and, more importantly, what money really is. THE ABC OF MONEY is an undiscovered gem offering a wealth of knowledge and Carnegie's shrewd philosophies on the subject - a fascinating look at the history of "debased coin" and "greenbacks," and the value of currency from one of the great American industrialists.