The Beautiful Country And The Middle Kingdom

Author: John Pomfret
Editor: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 1429944129
Size: 16,75 MB
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A remarkable history of the two-centuries-old relationship between the United States and China, from the Revolutionary War to the present day From the clipper ships that ventured to Canton hauling cargos of American ginseng to swap Chinese tea, to the US warships facing off against China's growing navy in the South China Sea, from the Yankee missionaries who brought Christianity and education to China, to the Chinese who built the American West, the United States and China have always been dramatically intertwined. For more than two centuries, American and Chinese statesmen, merchants, missionaries, and adventurers, men and women, have profoundly influenced the fate of these nations. While we tend to think of America's ties with China as starting in 1972 with the visit of President Richard Nixon to China, the patterns—rapturous enchantment followed by angry disillusionment—were set in motion hundreds of years earlier. Drawing on personal letters, diaries, memoirs, government documents, and contemporary news reports, John Pomfret reconstructs the surprising, tragic, and marvelous ways Americans and Chinese have engaged with one another through the centuries. A fascinating and thrilling account, The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom is also an indispensable book for understanding the most important—and often the most perplexing—relationship between any two countries in the world.

The Rise And Fall Of Peace On Earth

Author: Michael Mandelbaum
Editor: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0190935936
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"The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth examines that singularly peaceful quarter century. Its initial three chapters describe how and why peace came to be established in three important parts of the world: Europe (Chapter 1), where it was most firmly embedded; East Asia (Chapter 2), which was more peaceful than at any other time in its modern history; and the Middle East (Chapter 3), the least peaceful of the three regions during those 25 years. These chapters also describe and explain how and why the unprecedentedly peaceful conditions in each of the three regions came to an end. The fourth and final chapter explores the prospects for the revival of peace in the future"--

Yo Yo Diplomacy Tom Plate On Asia An American Columnist Tackles The Ups And Downs Between China And The Us

Author: Tom Plate
Editor: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN: 9814779482
Size: 19,97 MB
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The third of the “Tom Plate on Asia” series, Yo-Yo Diplomacy compiles the compelling and insightful columns on Asia by award-winning journalist Tom Plate over the past two years. From tensions in the South China Sea to China’s stock market turbulence and Hong Kong’s bookseller saga, the veteran columnist continues to examine the rise of Asia and the role of America in this dynamic and diverse region. The collection is enlivened with thoughtful retrospectives and personal comments providing vivid backstories. The result is an informative and readable anthology that would prove valuable not only political and current affairs commentators, but also to the layperson wishing to learn more about pivotal developments in the Asia-Pacific region

China And Japan

Author: Ezra F. Vogel
Editor: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674916573
Size: 10,39 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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China and Japan have cultural and political connections that stretch back 1,500 years. But today they need to reset their strained relationship. Ezra Vogel underscores the need for Japan to offer a thorough apology for its atrocities during WWII, but he also urges China to recognize Japan as a potential vital partner in the region.

The Illustrated London News

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The Art Journal

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Vol. for 1867 includes Illustrated catalogue of the Paris Universal Exhibition.