The British In Interwar Germany

Author: David G. Williamson
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472595858
Size: 15,80 MB
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The British in Interwar Germany analyses the British presence in Germany from the armistice until the end of the Rhineland occupation in 1930. It looks at British involvement in the Rhineland, Danzig, Upper Silesia, Schleswig and East Prussia and on the inter-Allied Control Commissions (IAMCC), which were supervising German disarmament. Drawing widely on a range of primary sources, David Williamson explores the problems facing British military and civil officials, their attitudes towards the Germans and their relations with their allies - particularly the French. The book also examines the everyday lives of the British soldiers and administrators in Germany and their interaction with the Germans, with particular attention being paid to the city of Cologne and the British colony that developed there. This new edition brings David Williamson's study fully up-to-date and now contains a greater coverage of the relevant social history, as well as maps, illustrations and a useful glossary. The British in Interwar Germany will be of great interest to students and scholars of Weimar Germany and Britain and Europe during the interwar years.

The British In France

Author: Peter Thorold
Editor: A&C Black
ISBN: 1847252346
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A fascinating insight into the relationship between the two nations and a full history of the British visiting and settling in France.

The British In The Sudan 1898 1956

Author: R. Collins
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1349069604
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The British In India

Author: David Gilmour
Editor: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241004535
Size: 13,67 MB
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A SUNDAY TIMES, THE TIMES, SPECTATOR, NEW STATESMAN, TLS BOOK OF THE YEAR The British in this book lived in India from shortly after the reign of Elizabeth I until well into the reign of Elizabeth II. Who were they? What drove these men and women to risk their lives on long voyages down the Atlantic and across the Indian Ocean or later via the Suez Canal? And when they got to India, what did they do and how did they live? This book explores the lives of the many different sorts of Briton who went to India: viceroys and offcials, soldiers and missionaries, planters and foresters, merchants, engineers, teachers and doctors. It evokes the three and a half centuries of their ambitions and experiences, together with the lives of their families, recording the diversity of their work and their leisure, and the complexity of their relationships with the peoples of India. It also describes the lives of many who did not fit in with the usual image of the Raj: the tramps and rascals, the men who 'went native', the women who scorned the role of the traditional memsahib. David Gilmour has spent decades researching in archives, studying the papers of many people who have never been written about before, to create a magnificent tapestry of British life in India. It is exceptional work of scholarly recovery portrays individuals with understanding and humour, and makes an original and engaging contribution to a long and important period of British and Indian history.

The British And Foreign Evangelical Review

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The British On The Costa Del Sol

Author: Karen O'Reilly
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 113543381X
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'Brits in Spain' first achieved notoriety during the 1980s - popularly imagined as a group made up of exiled criminals, drunken hooligans and leathery looking pensioners - welcome to 'Little England'! The British on the Costa Del Sol is the very first book to study this British expatriate community in any great depth and, through use of interviews with members of this community, paints a far more complex picture of its members. In doing so the author explodes the popularly held stereotype of 'Brits in Spain'. What emerges is a rich account of who migrates, their reasons for migration and the day to day realities of expatriate life.

Report Of The British And Foreign Bible Society

Author: British and Foreign Bible Society
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