The Call Of The Road

Author: Édouard Estaunié
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The Call Of The Road The History Of Cycle Road Racing

Author: Chris Sidwells
Editor: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008220786
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Eddy Merckx. Fausto Coppi. Jacques Anquetil. Bernard Hinault. Beryl Burton. Marianne Vos.

The Call Of The Road

Author: Chris Sidwells
Editor: William Collins
ISBN: 9780008220778
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Since the invention of the bicycle, people have raced them. The advent of the pneumatic tyre meant that these races could take place on any road in any country - cycle road racing was born. In just over a century the Tour de France has become the most watched sporting event and the Giro d'Italia, Vuela d'Espagne and Spring Classics are expanding to fill the entire year with competitions which are watched by millions of fans, and the routes are cycled by hundreds of thousands of amateurs keen to discover what it is like to ride 200 arduous kilometres in one day, in some cases over the steepest of routes. Intertwined with these competitions is the history and, most importantly, the characters who have graced the road cycling stage. Merckx, Indurain, Coppi, Pantani, Binda, Rominger and Hinault are names that have been raised to mythical status. The Call of the Road reveals the epic battles of all of the racing seasons since the first Tour de France - looking beyond the results to see the drama - not just on the road but within the teams and between individuals - and the politics and scandal that continue to fascinate cycle road race fans everywhere.

The Call Of The Sword

Author: Roger Taylor
Editor: Mushroom Publishing
ISBN: 184319273X
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Book One of the Chronicles of Hawklan. The castle of Anderras Darion has stood abandoned and majestic for as long as anyone can remember. Then, from out of the mountains, comes the healer, Hawklan - a man with no memory of the past - to take possession of the keep with his sole companion, Gavor. Across the country, the great fortress of Narsindalvak is a constant reminder of the victory won by the hero Ethriss in alliance with the three realms of Orthlund, Riddin and Fyorlund against the Dark Lord, Sumeral, hundreds of years before. But Rgoric, the ailing king of Fyorlund and protector of the peace, has fallen under the malign influence of the Lord Dan-Tor, and from the bleakness of Narsindal come ugly rumours. It is whispered that Mandrocs are abroad again and that the Dark Lord himself is stirring. And in the remote fastness of Anderras Darion, Hawklan feels deep within himself the echoes of an ancient power and the unknown, yet strangely familiar, call to arms...

The Call Of The Canyon Unabridged

Author: Zane Grey
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ISBN: 8026848683
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This carefully crafted ebook: "The Call of the Canyon (Unabridged)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. "What subtle strange message had come to her out of the West? Carley Burch laid the letter in her lap and gazed dreamily through the window. It was a day typical of early April in New York, rather cold and gray, with steely sunlight. Spring breathed in the air, but the women passing along Fifty-seventh Street wore furs and wraps. She heard the distant clatter of an L train and then the hum of a motor car. A hurdy-gurdy jarred into the interval of quiet." - Zane Grey, "The Call of the Canyon" Zane Grey (1872-1939) was an American author best known for his popular adventure novels and stories that were a basis for the Western genre in literature and the arts. With his veracity and emotional intensity, he connected with millions of readers worldwide, during peacetime and war, and inspired many Western writers who followed him. Grey was a major force in shaping the myths of the Old West; his books and stories were adapted into other media, such as film and TV productions. He was the author of more than 90 books, some published posthumously and/or based on serials originally published in magazines.

The Call Of The World

Author: Trent Newcomer
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595506232
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Two years after earning a business degree with honors from the University of Colorado, Trent Newcomer decides to abandon his corporate job, sell his car, and travel around the globe with nothing more than what he can fit in a small backpack. His goal is simple: experience all that the world has to offer so he can then be satisfied with settling down to a normal life. Over the next year and a half, the adventures that find Newcomer and the people he encounters teach him more about the world and his own place in it than he could have ever imagined. From having a gun pulled on him in Vietnam and being jumped by a gang of men while trying to change money on Kenya's black market to experiencing more near-death bus rides than he can count, Newcomer soon discovers that the journey itself is much more meaningful than checking items off a to-do list. Part travelogue and part memoir, The Call of the World is a candid and insightful account of the challenges and joys of backpacking solo around the globe, as well as one young man's journey of personal discovery. The Call of the World has been recognized as a Medalist (Travel Essay) in the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards, as well as a Finalist (Travel/Travel Guide) in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

The Call Of The Canyon

Author: Zane Grey
Editor: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465507132
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Disabled world war veteran puts up fight against injustices.

After The Call

Author: Pierce D. Forde
Editor: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781985738027
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One man's journey - astride a motorcycle on the twisting back roads of Western Europe - in search of spiritual peace in the wake of his father's recent, and sudden death. This book is an homage to his Dad, a journey that was mostly about "Traveling Hopefully," and a reprise of the author's rediscovery of humanity's basic goodness. The "Meditations from the Road" are stories of a father as seen through the eyes of his son, as they grew up and grew older together. A timeless recounting of what it means to be a Dad, and a son...

Zane Grey Collection Riders Of The Purple Sage The Call Of The Canyon The Man Of The Forest The Desert Of Wheat And Much More

Author: Zane Grey
Editor: Xist Publishing
ISBN: 1681958171
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The Master of the Western Novel; Zane Grey This collection of Zane Grey novels includes: Riders of the Purple Sage The Call of the Canyon The Man of the Forest The Desert of Wheat The Heritage of the Desert The Last Trail The Light of Western Stars Betty Zane The Lonestar Ranger The Mysterious Rider The Rustlers of Pecos County The Spirit of the Border Desert Gold The Border Legion The Day of the Beast The Last of Plainsmen The Rainbow Trail

Beyond The Call Of Duty

Author: Ben Ando
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472108353
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The book used by Thandie Newton to research her part in Line of Duty. A lone policewoman disarms a knife-wielding schizophrenic; two officers drag a woman from a railway line seconds before an express train roars past; an undercover cop clings onto the bonnet of a drug-dealer's car as it speeds through a busy town centre. These are just some of the ways Britain's police officers are daily called upon to demonstrate bravery in the line of duty when even the most routine call can turn into a life-or-death situation and split-second judgements can make all the difference. Sometimes officers make the ultimate sacrifice in fulfilling their duty. When PC Bill Parker was swept to his death by floodwaters in Cumbria in 2009, he had been working to save stranded motorists from the same fate. This thrilling collection of first-person accounts of true courage celebrates the sustained bravery and presence of mind routinely displayed by so many officers in England, Wales and Scotland. The stories also reveal an insider's view of the culture, training and techniques police officers use in carrying out their duties.