The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm

Author: Peg Schafer
Editor: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 1603583300
Size: 14,88 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 763

Providing detailed profiles, growing information and medicinal uses for dozens of herbs, a guide for cultivating high-quality herbs at home draws on new scientific data while sharing complementary recipes and coverage of such topics as conservation, crop integration and how to avoid invasive species. Original.

The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer

Author: Jeff Carpenter
Editor: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 1603585737
Size: 10,16 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 122

The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer is the first book to be published on organic commercial herb farming, written by a successful, small-scale herb farmer husband-and-wife team located in Vermont. The few existing books on growing herbs are often inaccurate, and inapplicable to the small-scale market growers of medicinal herbs, focusing mainly on growing in your backyard. This book focuses on quality over quantity, keeping costs down by innovating with existing equipment, rather than expensive technology and overproduction. It will help people interested in commercial medicinal herb farming determine what and how to grow using ecologically sustainable techniques while still remaining profitable.

Herb Spice Companion

Author: Lindsay Herman
Editor: Wellfleet
ISBN: 1577151143
Size: 11,38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 642

You can spice up your cooking when you learn how to grow, dry, store and use over 100 herbs and spices! Herb and Spice Companion is your ultimate guide for using fresh and dried herbs and spices in the kitchen. Inside this handy book, get descriptions of more than 100 herbs and spices from around the world. Discover useful tips on storing and using spices to create innovative combinations of flavors. This is the essential guidebook to using herbs and spices to add flavor and depth in your cooking. From basil to beebalm, from lavender to lemon verbena, learn all of the interesting aspects of your herbs, including their rich history, how to grow, harvest, and dry them, and even their unique medicinal uses. This is a must-have for anyone's cookbook library.

Sowing Seeds In The Desert

Author: Masanobu Fukuoka
Editor: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 1603585222
Size: 15,64 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 109

Argues that the Earth's deteriorating condition is man-made and outlines a way for the process to be reversed by rehabilitating the deserts using natural farming.

Medicinal Plants Of China

Author: James A. Duke
Size: 12,45 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 551

Plants are arranged alphabetically by scientific names. "Intended for use by biologists, chemists, and the interested layman as a guide to the Chinese medicinal plant resources and their uses." Entries give popular names, uses, chemistry, and notes. Contains drawings.

Veterinary Herbal Medicine

Author: Susan G. Wynn
Editor: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323029981
Size: 17,39 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 819

This full-color text and practical clinical reference provides comprehensive information on herbal remedies for both large and small animal species. Key coverage includes clinical uses of medicinal plants, specific information on how to formulate herbal remedies, a systems-based review of plant-based medicine, and in-depth information on the different animal species--dog, cat, avian and exotic, equine, food animal, and poultry.

The Transnational History Of A Chinese Family

Author: Haiming Liu
Editor: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 9780813535975
Size: 10,38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 979

Family and home are one word--jia--in the Chinese language. Family can be separated and home may be relocated, but jia remains intact. It signifies a system of mutual obligation, lasting responsibility, and cultural values. This strong yet flexible sense of kinship has enabled many Chinese immigrant families to endure long physical separation and accommodate continuities and discontinuities in the process of social mobility. Based on an analysis of over three thousand family letters and other primary sources, including recently released immigration files from the National Archives and Records Administration, Haiming Liu presents a remarkable transnational history of a Chinese family from the late nineteenth century to the 1970s. For three generations, the family lived between the two worlds. While the immigrant generation worked hard in an herbalist business and asparagus farming, the younger generation crossed back and forth between China and America, pursuing proper education, good careers, and a meaningful life during a difficult period of time for Chinese Americans. When social instability in China and hostile racial environment in America prevented the family from being rooted in either side of the Pacific, transnational family life became a focal point of their social existence. This well-documented and illustrated family history makes it clear that, for many Chinese immigrant families, migration does not mean a break from the past but the beginning of a new life that incorporates and transcends dual national boundaries. It convincingly shows how transnationalism has become a way of life for Chinese American families.

Agro Ecological Farming Systems In China

Author: Wenhua Li
Editor: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9789231037849
Size: 14,24 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 946

Concepts, principles, history, classification, structure and function analysis of various models in the same production sector and in different sectors, at different scales, in mountain and dryland ecosystems. The book is aimed primarily at young post-graduate scientists in the disciplines or at agronomy, forestry, animal husbandry, land use management and ecology experts.

Chinese Herb Cultivation

ISBN: 9780991581313
Size: 18,37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 743

The Medicinal Herb Grower

Author: Richo Cech
ISBN: 9780970031228
Size: 17,26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 959

The book begins with a passage on observation in nature. Following, the chapters communicate necessary steps for gardeners to overcome the "brown thumb complex" and become transformed into a green thumbed steward. Each lesson throughout the book is accompanied by both anecdotal experiences of friends and experiments from the garden at Horizon Herbs. Subjects include creating live soil, composting, and building a greenhouse, shadehouse and tortuga (a raised bed technique designed after the turtle). The book covers the scope of the entire journey from sowing seeds to harvesting plants, while interrelating the natural cycles and seasons. It breaks down these processes into simple steps, and lays the information out in a down to earth way for gardeners of all backgrounds and experiences.