The Conquering Tide War In The Pacific Islands 1942 1944

Author: Ian W. Toll
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393248208
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A New York Times Bestseller "A beautiful blend of history and prose and proves again Mr. Toll’s mastery of the naval-war narrative." —Wall Street Journal This masterful history encompasses the heart of the Pacific War—the period between mid-1942 and mid-1944—when parallel Allied counteroffensives north and south of the equator washed over Japan's far-flung island empire like a "conquering tide," concluding with Japan's irreversible strategic defeat in the Marianas. It was the largest, bloodiest, most costly, most technically innovative and logistically complicated amphibious war in history, and it fostered bitter interservice rivalries, leaving wounds that even victory could not heal. Often overlooked, these are the years and fights that decided the Pacific War. Ian W. Toll's battle scenes—in the air, at sea, and in the jungles—are simply riveting. He also takes the reader into the wartime councils in Washington and Tokyo where politics and strategy often collided, and into the struggle to mobilize wartime production, which was the secret of Allied victory. Brilliantly researched, the narrative is propelled and colored by firsthand accounts—letters, diaries, debriefings, and memoirs—that are the raw material of the telling details, shrewd judgment, and penetrating insight of this magisterial history. This volume—continuing the "marvelously readable dramatic narrative" (San Francisco Chronicle) of Pacific Crucible—marks the second installment of the Pacific War Trilogy, which will stand as the first history of the entire Pacific War to be published in at least twenty-five years.

The Fleet At Flood Tide

Author: James D. Hornfischer
Editor: Bantam
ISBN: 034554871X
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The extraordinary story of the World War II air, land, and sea campaign that brought the U.S. Navy to the apex of its strength and marked the rise of the United States as a global superpower Winner, Commodore John Barry Book Award, Navy League of the United States • Winner, John Lehman Distinguished Naval Historian Award, Naval Order of the United States With its thunderous assault on the Mariana Islands in June 1944, the United States crossed the threshold of total war. In this tour de force of dramatic storytelling, distilled from extensive research in newly discovered primary sources, James D. Hornfischer brings to life the campaign that was the fulcrum of the drive to compel Tokyo to surrender—and that forever changed the art of modern war. With a close focus on high commanders, front-line combatants, and ordinary people, American and Japanese alike, Hornfischer tells the story of the climactic end of the Pacific War as has never been done before. Here are the epic seaborne invasions of Saipan, Tinian, and Guam, the stunning aerial battles of the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot, the first large-scale use of Navy underwater demolition teams, the largest banzai attack of the war, and the daring combat operations large and small that made possible the strategic bombing offensive culminating in the atomic strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. From the seas of the Central Pacific to the shores of Japan itself, The Fleet at Flood Tide is a stirring, authoritative, and cinematic portrayal of World War II’s world-changing finale. Illustrated with original maps and more than 120 dramatic photographs “Quite simply, popular and scholarly military history at its best.”—Victor Davis Hanson, author of Carnage and Culture “The dean of World War II naval history . . . In his capable hands, the story races along like an intense thriller. . . . Narrative nonfiction at its finest—a book simply not to be missed.”—James M. Scott, Charleston Post and Courier “An impressively lucid account . . . admirable, fascinating.”—The Wall Street Journal “An extraordinary memorial to the courageous—and a cautionary note to a world that remains unstable and turbulent today.”—Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander, NATO, author of Sea Power “A masterful, fresh account . . . ably expands on the prior offerings of such classic naval historians as Samuel Eliot Morison.”—The Dallas Morning News

Yugoslavia Through Documents

Author: Snežana Trifunovska
Editor: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9780792326700
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This book contains more than 360 documents relevant to the international legal position of the Yugoslav territories in the 19th century, the creation of Yugoslavia as a common state of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, 1918, its constitutional development, and the process of dissolution of Yugoslavia and the creation of the new states of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It includes documents from the beginning of the 19th century showing the international legal position of the Yugoslav territories under the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires, the independence of Serbia and Montenegro, recognized by the Treaty of Berlin, 1878, and the major events in the history of the creation of Yugoslavia as a joint state of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, in 1918, concerning both its international position and its constitutional organization. The process of the dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (covering the period from 1990 to September 1, 1993) is presented through reproduced documents of international organizations (United Nations, European Community, Western European Union, Organization of Islamic Conference, etc.), of the different conferences and forums (CSCE, Group of Seven, etc.) and documents issued by Yugoslav organs and the organs of new states of the former Yugoslavia. The book also includes documents of a constitutional nature concerning the creation of the new states of Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It provides researchers in the field of international law, political science of history with documentary information involving international legal and constitutional aspects relating to Yugoslavia.

The Southern Literary Journal And Magazine Of Arts

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War And Peace

Author: Nigel Hamilton
Editor: FDR at War
ISBN: 0544876806
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To mark the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, the stirring climax to Nigel Hamilton's three-part saga of FDR at war--proof that he was WWII's key strategist, even on his deathbed. "A first-class, lens-changing work." --James N. Mattis, former United States Secretary of Defense Nigel Hamilton's celebrated trilogy culminates with a story of triumph and tragedy. Just as FDR was proven right by the D-day landings he had championed, so was he found to be mortally ill in the spring of 1944. He was the architect of a victorious peace that he would not live to witness. Using hitherto unpublished documents and interviews, Hamilton rewrites the famous account of World War II strategy given by Winston Churchill in his memoirs. Seventy-five years after the D-day landings we finally get to see, close-up and in dramatic detail, who was responsible for rescuing, and insisting upon, the great American-led invasion of France in June 1944, and why the invasion was led by Eisenhower. As FDR's D-day triumph turns to personal tragedy, we watch with heartbreaking compassion the course of the disease, and how, in the months left him as US commander in chief, the dying president attempted at Hawaii, Quebec, and Yalta to prepare the United Nations for an American-backed postwar world order. Now we know: even on his deathbed, FDR was the war's great visionary.

Osric A Missionary Tale With The Garden And Other Poems By Charlotte Elizabeth

Author: Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna
Size: 20,36 MB
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Osric A Missionary Tale With The Garden And Other Poems

Author: Charlotte Elizabeth
Size: 17,90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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