The Cry Of The Soul

Author: Darshan Singh Duggal
ISBN: 9780918224033
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The Cry Of The Soul

Author: Dan Allender
Editor: NavPress
ISBN: 163146504X
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An excerpt from the foreword by Joni Eareckson Tada: “With the book you are holding, you have stumbled upon the best of guides. I should know. I first read The Cry of the Soul decades ago when I was still sorting through a lot of hurt and frustration connected with my quadriplegia (yes, I read it on that music stand holding a mouth stick). The Cry of the Soul showed me what to do with my anger and hurt—not stuff it under the carpet of my conscience, or minimize it, but actually do something good with it.” All emotion—whether positive or negative—can give us a glimpse of the true nature of God. We want to control our negative emotions and dark desires. God wants us to recognize them as the cry of our soul to be made right with Him. Beginning with the Psalms, Cry of the Soul explores what Scripture says about our darker emotions and points us to ways of honoring God as we faithfully embrace the full range of our emotional life.

The Cry Of The Conscious Behind The Religion

Author: Utthor Purush
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1499054629
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History indicates that Islam spread in its early times throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe very rapidly. Probably no other religion spread throughout the world as fast as Islam did. It is an undeniable fact that the Quran is a living book that has influenced millions of people through its beauty and style. The superiority of the Quranic discourse was, and still is, challenging. But Islam lovers do not give importance to the value of science and modern education. But still, people of third-world countries do not try to understand what actually Islam is. It is not even translated in Quran! The Quran deals with both positive and negative issues. Many Muslims hold a different view about Islam, some positive and some negative. That’s why they easily get puzzled and can’t take a proper decision. My intent is not to harm Islam in any way but to encourage more critical thinking using reason and logic. It’s the accepting of ideas hammered into your head from childhood without critically examining those ideas with an adult mind. It’s the idea of being so committed to something being true; one loses all ability to reason and think logically. My goal for this book is to make you think about certain ideas harder than you ever did before. I want to make you question your own beliefs and think about how you came to hold those beliefs in the first place. I want you to challenge any of my ideas that do not make sense to you or ideas with which you disagree. I am simply going back to the very beginning (literally) and critically examine some of the more universally accepted beliefs that we hold today. As you follow me on this journey, it’s my hope that you will see that the idea of divine revelation may just be a lot more human than divine.

The Awakening Of The Soul

Author: Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Malik Ibn Turail
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1627936483
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It is to two English scholars, father and son, Edward Pococke, senior and junior, that the world is indebted for the knowledge of one of the most charming productions Arabian philosophy can boast of. Generally looked upon as a subject of repulsive aridity, in its strange combination of the most heterogeneous philosophical systems, devoid of the grace and charm of attractive style, unbrightened by brilliancy of wit or spirit, Arabian philosophy has, for centuries past, been subject to sad and undeserved neglect. Yet I cannot imagine a better and more eloquent refutation of this erroneous view than a rendering, in fresh garb, of this romance of Hayy Ibn Yokdhan, simple and ingenuous, yet fragrant with poetry and withal fraught with deep philosophical problems the interest in which I wish to revive. It was in the year 1671 that there was published by the Oxford University Press, as one of its first issues of Arabic texts, a book called, "Philosophus autodidactus," edited by Edward Pococke the son, together with a Latin translation. It had a preface that bore the signature of Edward Pococke, the father, and this fact alone was sufficient to stamp it at once as a work in which vast erudition and thoroughness of investigation had joined hands—for both these savants were men of wide reputation and brilliant attainments.

Cry Of The Mourning Dove

Author: Ellen Williamson
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1496960718
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Fran Baker, a middle aged mother of two, and a busy attorney is devastated when she learns she is pregnant AND it’s not the only pregnancy she must face. With her husband’s U. S. Senate race looming, the public response is critical to everyone’s future. Hattie Freeman, the nannie for the Baker children has lived in uncertainty since her husband went missing sixteen years ago. Still searching for him, she wakes up every morning, looks into the eastern sky and asks: “Where is Mike Freeman?” Her son, Jason, will not accept the general consensus that his father is actually dead. He decides to make one last search and could never have not prepared for...the truth. Jeff Allison, a national basketball hero, returns to his home town to coach the local high school basketball team. The adoration of his fans creates a powerful phenomenon that is not good for anyone.

Spiritual Ecology

Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Editor: The Golden Sufi Center
ISBN: 189035046X
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The Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh was asked what we need to do to save our world. "What we most need to do," he replied, "is to hear within us the sound of the earth crying.” Our present ecological crisis is the greatest man-made disaster this planet has ever faced—its accelerating climate change, species depletion, pollution and acidification of the oceans. A central but rarely addressed aspect of this crisis is our forgetfulness of the sacred nature of creation, and how this affects our relationship to the environment. There is a pressing need to articulate a spiritual response to this ecological crisis. This is vital and necessary if we are to help bring the world as a living whole back into balance.

Anchors For The Soul

Author: John Mark Hicks
Editor: College Press
ISBN: 9780899008974
Size: 14,81 MB
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Garden Of The Soul

Author: Mark Mah
Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630872512
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The stories of Jesus, placed in the context of the familiar and factual, are filled with metaphors that audiences can understand and appreciate. Metaphors not only inform and persuade, but also fire up readers' imaginations and get them involved as participants. Humans are primed to think and feel metaphorically, and so Garden of the Soul aims to metaphorically explore five landscapes that feature prominently in the Bible. Each metaphorical landscape throws light on an aspect of spiritual life. The bountiful garden speaks of growth, the flowing river calls for unceasing prayer, the raging sea mirrors the turbulence of a journey of faith, the barren desert transforms by emptying life's clutter, and the high mountain challenges readers to scale its peak to glimpse a transcendent vision of God. This book will inform, enrich, and challenge readers' spiritual lives throughout their journey from garden to mountain.

Folklare Of The Jews

Author: Rappoport
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1136218653
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First published in 2007. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Soul Of Ministry

Author: Ray S. Anderson
Editor: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 161164240X
Size: 13,64 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Ray Anderson offers an inspiring call for Christian leaders to view Jesus as a model for their own ministry today. The Soul of Ministry explores the idea of ministry across denominations and discovers its soul in God's love for the world. Designed for pastors of all denominations, this book combines social biblical theology with numerous real-life anecdotes from Anderson's teaching and ministry.