The Curse Of Teko Modise

Author: Nikolaos Kirkinis
Editor: Jacana Media
ISBN: 9781431425761
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Teko 'the General' Modise is one of the best footballers South Africa has ever produced. But life wasn't always kind. At eight years old, Teko was kicked out of his home for the very thing that would catapult him to stardom - football. After a series of contractual battles that saw him passed from team to team in Limpopo, he got his big break when he was signed to SuperSport United, a premier-league team. At the height of his career he played for the Orlando Pirates, becoming the superstar of South African football. His downward spiral came when he went through a messy and public divorce and developed a nasty drinking habit. It was at this stage that Teko was approached by a powerful medicine man, a king from the Congo. This story tells it all, from poverty to fame, from love to divorce. It is the story of a fatherless father trying to make sense of parenthood and a man who never had money trying to make sense of an abundance of wealth and the evils it brings, all the while maintaining his status as the greatest South African footballer of the modern era.

Doctor Khumalo South Africa

Author: Olebile Sikwane
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1546228233
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This biography is a passionately executed demonstration of just how powerful football is in Africa. How football against all odds of apartheid, transformed a life of a youngster born in Soweto and thrust him into international stardom achieving world recognition through his God given talent.Written unapologetically from a fan’s perspective, the fan who’s also the author, for over twenty years, followed and studied the life of Doctor Khumalo who captivated and thrilled many people during his heyday. The book further demonstrates how Doctor Khumalo was able to make a name and a brand from which he continues to feed off even in retirement. This is an oddity in Africa. Many African superstars retire rich and immediately become poor in retirement despite having amassed preposterous amounts of wealth during their career. This is due to poor planning and lack of investment mechanisms, and hanging out with a wrong crowd. Doctor Khumalo remains a big name in Africa whose durability continues to lure corporates and organizations to his brand. This story is a remarkable illustration that indeed all our dreams are valid. That if we work hard and remain focused and determined, nothing is impossible. This football story is an unambiguous reminder that indeed football and sport in general have united people initially divided on political opionion, race and gender amongst others as was the case in South Africa during the political struggle against Apartheid. The Doctor Khumalo story is a cryptic demonstration of how football has evacuated many families from abject poverty. This is an unconditional celebration of an extra ordinarily talented soccer star whose football prowess turned him from a regular township celebrity into a global superstar. This story demonstrates how making a name and a durable brand has become an alternative source of income for Doctor Khumalo many years after his playing days.