The Educator S Guide To Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Author: Mary Nelson
ISBN: 9780941816175
Size: 15,94 MB
Format: PDF
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This collection of articles was created to give professionals and educators an informed overview of current issues in the field of child sexual abuse prevention. Articles are grouped under the headings of Introduction, Issues in Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, and Guidelines for Prevention Education and include: (1) "Prevention Education in Perspective" (Carol A. Plummer); (2) "Thinking about Prevention: A Critical Look" (Sandra Butler); (3) "A History of the Touch Continuum" (An Interview with Cordelia Anderson); (4) "Myths, Fairy Tales and Films" (Florence Rush); (5) "The Child as Sex Object: Images of Children in the Media" (Jean Kilbourne); (6) "What Happens to Victims of Child Sexual Abuse?" (Lynn B. Daugherty); (7) "Legal Interventions and Reforms in Child Sexual Abuse Cases" (Josephine Bulkley); (8) "Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Keys to Program Success" (Carol A. Plummer); (9) "Training Teachers to Be Partners in Prevention" (Ann Downer); (10) "The Role of the Teacher in Preventing Child Sexual Abuse" (I. Lorraine Davis); (11) "Parents as Primary Prevention Educators" (Caren Adams and Jennifer Fay); (12) "Guidelines for Selecting Prevention Resources" (Jennifer Fay); (13) "Considering Children's Developmental Stages in Prevention Education" (Caren Adams); (14) "The Role of Theater in Prevention Education" (Don Yost and Elaine Schertz); (15) "Prevention in an Hispanic Community" (Geraldine A. Crisci and Maria Idali Torres); (16) "Prevention for Children with Disabilities" (Ellen J. Shaman); (17) "Evaluating Prevention Education Programs" (Jon Conte); (18) "New Myths about Child Sexual Abuse" (Mary Ellen Stone); and (19) "Implications for Theory, Research and Practice" (David Finkelhor). Also included is an alphabetical listing of descriptions of 19 prevention program concepts. An overview of reporting, what happens when a report is made, definitions, sexual abuse indicators, a bibliography, contributors, and a program index are appended. (NB)

Resources In Education

Size: 18,40 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Abuse And Neglect

Author: Barbara Lowenthal
Editor: Paul H Brookes Publishing Company
Size: 18,45 MB
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Child maltreatment can occur in all socioeconomic levels and cultural backgrounds--creating barriers for learning. Through the use of this comprehensive book, you'll learn your specific role and responsibilities in the identification, prevention, and intervention of child maltreatment as mandated by law. With a practical, engaging approach to this sensitive issue, the author guides you as you learn about the four major categories of maltreatment--physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, and neglect--and gives you- practical guidelines for identification, reporting, and follow-up- strategies for working effectively with students and their families- a checklist to assist you in identifying abuse in different age groups- lists of books, journals, videos, audiotapes, and organizations Whether you're a teacher or a counselor, you'll find useful guidelines regarding what to look for, when to be sure of abuse, and what to expect after you report abuse.

Healing Trauma

Author: Kitty K. Wu
Editor: Hong Kong University Press
ISBN: 9888028979
Size: 14,88 MB
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This is the first book written on clinical research and work related to the development of applied trauma psychology in Hong Kong. Contributed by numerous reputable researchers and clinicians, the book covers the latest research on and practice in assessment, psychological sequel (including psychological distress and growth of traumatic experience), evidence-based clinical intervention, and rehabilitation services for people affected by various traumatic stresses. Discussed in detail are interpersonal trauma like child sexual abuse and family violence, health and medical trauma such as infectious disease and the pain related to end of life, mass trauma and disaster including community psychological support programme developed in Hong Kong and Sichuan, as well as the rationale for mainstreaming trauma training in university education. This book serves to strengthen the link between research and practice, and between academic work and community awareness. It is a guidebook for professionals serving the traumatized, academics dedicated to research and development of trauma psychology, students learning, and educators passing on the existing knowledge and experience accumulated for healing trauma.

The Role Of Educators In Preventing And Responding To Child Abuse And Neglect

Author: Cynthia Crosson-Tower
Size: 10,13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Sexual Abuse Of Males

Author: Josef Spiegel
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1135466289
Size: 10,70 MB
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This comprehensive text is one of the first to tackle the grave matter of the sexual abuse of boys, in all its complexity, within a biopsychosocial context and from different vantage points. Based on the life histories of more than one thousand sexually abused boys and adult males with histories of childhood sexual abuse, Sexual Abuse of Males examines the myriad biological, psychological, interpersonal, familial, and social variables that underlie and impact the experience of childhood sexual abuse. Guided by research and informed by practice, this pioneering text presents an extensive review of the literature, a well-grounded theoretical model of abuse dynamics and effects, a systematic model of treatment. This information is further elucidated through compelling case illustrations that highlight the effects of sexual abuse with regard to biological, psychological, and social adaptation, and development.

Rape Of The Innocent

Author: Juliann Whetsell- Mitchell
Editor: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781560323945
Size: 13,29 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Body Safety Education

Author: Jayneen Sanders
Editor: Educate2Empower Publishing
ISBN: 9780987186089
Size: 13,74 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book is a step-by-step guide on how to protect children from sexual abuse through Body Safety Education. It contains practical and age-appropriate ideas, as well as information on how abusers groom and signs a child is being sexually abused. Body Safety helps keep children safe from sexual abuse, ensuring they grow up assertive and confident.

When Children Are Abused

Author: Cynthia Crosson-Tower
Size: 10,96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Parent S Guide To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

Author: Catalina HerrerĂ­as
Editor: Jist Publishing
ISBN: 9781558640986
Size: 10,30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 385

This newly revised and updated edition of Parent Talk gives parents practical information about recognizing and preventing child sexual abuse. It also includes tips for keeping kids safe on the Internet, information about safety planning, and advice on keeping communication open with children. Appropriate for parents of young children and teens, the booklet is an invaluable resource for parents dealing with today's difficult issues. Also just revised, this 32-page booklet gives parents practical information about recognizing and preventing child sexual abuse with Internet safety tips.