Ethel The Emu

Author: Pamela Wiley
Editor: Kaeden Corporation
ISBN: 1578743354
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Fiction, Reading Recovery Level 20, F&P Level M, DRA2 Level 28, Theme Problem/Solution, Stage Transitional-Early Fluent, Character N/A

The Flight Of The Emu

Author: Libby Robin
Editor: Melbourne University
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The Flight of the Emu tells the story of Australian birding in the twentieth century. The Emu is the journal of the former Royal Australasian Ornithologists' Union, now known as Birds Australia. In this engrossing book, Libby Robin describes the achievements and the increasing importance of ornithology in Australia-both amateur and professional-over the past hundred years. From Bass Strait to the Kimberley, collectors have searched for and identified hundreds of species of Australian birds. This is a discipline in which exceptional amateur contributions have helped to shape science. Libby Robin explores the tensions between amateur and professional ornithologists, and discusses issues of conservation and environmental management, scientific collecting, smuggling and bird protection. She tells stories from campouts, expeditions and congresses derived from oral history, letters and 'reading between the lines' of published reports. The search for the Night Parrot, the protection of the Lyrebird, the identification of the Noisy Scrub-bird, have all involved enthusiastic bird lovers as well as scientists. Ornithological research takes place in museums, universities, government agencies, community groups and the CSIRO. Bird-banding has introduced many people to the passion of ornithology, as well as providing a method of valuable data-collection about birds. The Flight of the Emu also details international scientific expeditions and the influences of Australian birds on international debates. 'Birdos' have a great sense of humour, and the pleasure and fun of bird watching, whether it be serious scientific observation, 'twitching' or just a relaxing hobby, comes through strongly in this clear, friendly and richly-illustrated book.

European Community Law On The Free Movement Of Capital And The Emu

Author: Sideek Mohamed
Editor: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9789041111531
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This book deals with the EC rules on the free movement of capital and economic and monetary union (EMU). In the context of capital freedom, the author performs a critical analysis, supported by case law, of the problems connected with the abolition of capital controls within the European Community and between the European Community and third countries. The book highlights some of the negative consequences of capital freedom, such as the scope for tax evasion and money laundering. EC rules on EMU, such as the rules on convergence criteria, Stability and Growth Pact, the euro and the continuity of contract, and others, are also presented in a detailed and critical manner.

The Adventures Of Eddie The Emu

Author: Terri Martin
Editor: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1607990725
Size: 10,26 MB
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Eddie is always looking for excitement, and in The Adventures of Eddie the Emu, he has no trouble finding it! In his eagerness to explore the Australian Outback, Eddie forgets the rules his mother sets out for him before he leaves. His enticing adventure soon turns into a disastrous nightmare, and he realizes that he should have listened to his mother! 'This is an eLIVE book, meaning each printed copy contains a special code redeemable for the free download of the audio version of the book.'

The Economic And Business Consequences Of The Emu

Author: Hubert Ooghe
Editor: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461513839
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The Economic and Business Consequences of the EMU A Challenge for Governments, Financial Institutions and Firms Hubert Ooghe Conference Chairman, Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School alld Ghent University EMU finally got under way on 1 st January 1999. Since then 11 European countries share a common currency, the Euro, and pursue a common monetary policy managed by the European Central Bank (ECB). After forty years of economic integration, Euroland has the wherewithal with which to enter the 21 st century. However monetary union has implications for nearly all areas of economic activity and decision-making. Throughout the academic world researchers are fully occupied with the theoretical analysis of the impact of the Euro and the effects of incorporating the new operational framework into their economic models. Businesses and government departments are concerned primarily with the practical implementation of the single currency. For all those who playa part in the economy, it is a question of making the most of the macro and micro economic opportunities offered by the Euro and minimising any threats. On 17th and 18th March 2000, after the EMU and Euro were in operation for one year, an international conference was held in Ghent (Belgium) on the economic consequences of the introduction of the EMU and the Euro for governments, financial institutions and firms.

The Emu

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Should Uk Enter The Emu

Author: Hartwin Maas
Editor: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3640144287
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Essay from the year 2005 in the subject Business economics - Economic Policy, grade: 1,2, Arnhem Business School (Arnhem Business School), course: International Economics, 10 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Since the beginning of the idea of the European Monetary Union (EMU), UK had a negative attitude towards a single monetary policy with a single currency. This antipathy was amplified on the one hand by the withdrawal of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992 caused by different economic policies, oil price rises and German unification and on the other hand by the launch of the EMU in 1999. In fact the UK government starts to work towards cooperation with the EMU by setting specific goals. But before taking further steps, the criteria of the Maastricht Treaty have to be fulfilled and the five economic tests assessed by the UK government have to be passed. Since 1997 the UK has made real progress towards meeting the five economic tests. Although there are arguments that in a long term the payback of joining EMU offset the costs, the benefits are too low and the costs too high at the moment. The idea of one currency in Europe has been around for many years. But according to Pitchford the true launching of the EMU process dates from the Werner Committee which was set up in 1970 and submitted its final report, called 'the Werner Report', in February 1971. The first major step for the implementation of the Werner plan was the European 'currency snake' in 1972. Through this arrangement the fluctuations between participants' exchange rates should be limited to ± 2.25%. However, this process was not effective because of the collapse of the Bretton-Woods regime which determined a fixed exchange rate in terms of gold. The UK joined the snake system just for one month. A further step was the creation of the European Monetary System (EMS) in 1979. The main objective of this system was to create monetary stability in Europe. This should be realized by the fixed rates between the currencies of the participating countries which where settled on their value against the European Currency Unit (ECU4). The UK did not join in the EMS and was still remote at the time of Delors Report in 1989.

The Cfa Franc Zone And The Emu

Author: Mr. Michel Galy
Editor: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1452729018
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Whether the prospective shift of the peg of the CFA franc to the euro would constitute an exchange rate arrangement with EMU countries would depend critically on the interpretation of the free convertibility of the CFA franc guaranteed by France. Nonetheless, this shift is likely to leave the CFA franc arrangements and operating features of the zone essentially unchanged. The current parity of the CFA franc could be considered in line with fundamentals. The potential economic consequences for the CFA franc countries could be positive over the long term, but there is a risk of a weakening of external competitiveness.

The Ostrich And The Emu

Author: Rupert Pennant-Rea
Editor: Centre for Economic Policy Research
ISBN: 9781898128311
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The Impact Of The Emu On The Structure Of European Equity Returns An Empirical Analysis Of The First 21 Months

Author: Thomas Kraus
Editor: International Monetary Fund
Size: 16,39 MB
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Using symmetric data sets of 92 weekly return observations before and after the introduction of the euro, the paper analyzes the impact of the new currency on the return structure of equity markets in the European Monetary Union. Variance decompositions, cluster analyses, and principle component analyses are used to explore the changes in the structural relations. European industry factors are found to have dramatically increased in importance with the launch of the single currency, and a new 'country-size' factor in European stock returns is detected. Furthermore, inner-European correlations are documented to have been reduced sharply with the start of the monetary union.