Summary The Future Of Management

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The must-read summary of Gary Hamel and Bill Breen's book: "The Future of Management". This complete summary of the ideas from Gary Hamel and Bill Breen's book "The Future of Management" demonstrates how the real fuel for long-term business success is never operational excellence, technology breakthroughs or even new business methods. Sooner or later, competitors will arrive who have superior operations, next-generation technology or even better business models. Instead, the key to sustained long-term business success is management innovation. In their book, the authors explain why it is time to imagine the future of management and become an active participant in the process of inventing the successful management practices of tomorrow. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key principles • Expand your management skills To learn more, read "The Future of Management" and discover how you can start your own management revolution and ensure future success.

The Future Of Management

Author: Gary Hamel
Editor: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 1422102505
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What fuels long-term business success? Not operational excellence, technology breakthroughs, or new business models, but management innovation?new ways of mobilizing talent, allocating resources, and formulating strategies. Through history, management innovation has enabled companies to cross new performance thresholds and build enduring advantages. In The Future of Management, Gary Hamel argues that organizations need management innovation now more than ever. Why? The management paradigm of the last century?centered on control and efficiency?no longer suffices in a world where adaptability and creativity drive business success. To thrive in the future, companies must reinvent management. Hamel explains how to turn your company into a serial management innovator, revealing: The make-or-break challenges that will determine competitive success in an age of relentless, head-snapping change. The toxic effects of traditional management beliefs. The unconventional management practices generating breakthrough results in ?modern management pioneers.” The radical principles that will need to become part of every company's ?management DNA.” The steps your company can take now to build your ?management advantage.” Practical and profound, The Future of Management features examples from Google, W.L. Gore, Whole Foods, IBM, Samsung, Best Buy, and other blue-ribbon management innovators.

The Future Of Technology Management And The Business Environment

Author: Alfred A. Marcus
Editor: FT Press
ISBN: 0133996220
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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. ANTICIPATE AND SHAPE TECHNOLOGICAL DISRUPTION...INSTEAD OF BEING VICTIMIZED BY IT Gain powerful insights for crafting strategy in technology-rich industries, from IT to finance, and healthcare to energy Understand the massive social impacts of technology, and how today’s societal divisions shape your opportunities to innovate For everyone who must manage new technologies and respond to technological disruption From biotech to nanotech to big data, the pace of technological disruption continues to accelerate. Now, leading business strategy expert Alfred Marcus offers powerful tools for anticipating technological change, and managing the threats and opportunities it poses. Marcus illuminates the ongoing interplay between technological change and wider societal trends, helping you recognize new opportunities created by these interactions, and maximize the upside–both for your company and the broader society. Whether you’re an executive or strategist, technical professional or MBA student, this guide will sharpen your focus on the future so you can navigate radical technological-driven change–wherever it leads. Emerging technologies offer immense promise for generating growth, profitability, and prosperity. But they face major obstacles to commercialization, and have environmental and social costs that must be carefully managed to maximize the benefit and mitigate the harm. This book is about the foresight and strategic actions required for these new technologies to play a positive rather than negative role. Alfred Marcus illuminates their potential, reviews the risky decisions needed to transform potential into reality, and discusses how technologies might be used to ameliorate social problems rather than exacerbate them. Whether you’re an executive, manager, or student, you’ll gain powerful insights into innovation, strategy, execution, technology management, and the fastchanging business environment in which technological change takes place.

Managing For The Future

Author: Peter Ferdinand Drucker
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 0750609095
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This wide-ranging, future-oriented book is sure to number among the most important and influential business books of the decade. Drucker writes with penetrating insight about the critical issues facing managers in the 1990s: the world economic order; people at work; new trends in management and the governance of organizations. Wide-ranging, future-oriented book Written by one of the world's leading management gurus

The Future Of Management Education

Author: Stéphanie Dameron
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 1137561041
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This book discusses the challenges facing business schools and management education systems around the world. Based on documented descriptions of institutional and competitive dynamics in the ‘industry’ of management education, the authors show how management education is going through major changes such as new governance and business models, mergers and acquisitions, internationalisation of faculty and students coexisting with entrenchment in local markets, ever more needs for financial resources, development of distant and blended learning, and increasing pressure for research output to boost rankings. With concerns surrounding the sustainability of current trends in faculty salary inflation, social acceptability of higher fees, cost of distance learning and the risk of an academic-industry divide around knowledge produced by management research, The Future of Management Education develops an analysis of business models and discusses strategic implications for stakeholders. The second volume extends the discussion to a total of 23 countries to bring a genuinely global perspective and move away from the Euro-centric outlook. The countries covered in the second volume include China, Brazil, Russia, Singapore and France.

The Future Of Human Resource Management

Author: Mike Losey
Editor: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470193751
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Sixty-three stellar academics, consultants, and practitioners look at the future of human resources The follow-up to the bestselling Tomorrow's HR Management (978-0-471-19714-0), this book presents an international panel of expert contributors who offer their views on the state of HR and what to expect in the future. Topics covered include HR as a decision science, understanding and managing people, creating and adapting organizational culture, the effects of globalization, collaborative ventures, and investing in the next generation. Like its bestselling predecessor before it, The Future of Human Resource Management offers the very best thinking on the future of HR from the most respected leaders in the field.

The Future Of Management In An Ai World

Author: Jordi Canals
Editor: Springer Nature
ISBN: 3030206807
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining the nature and principles of general management. The technological revolution is reshaping industries, disrupting existing business models, making traditional companies obsolete and creating social change. In response, the role of the manager needs to urgently evolve and adjust. Companies need to rethink their purpose, strategy, organisational design and decision-making rules. Crucially they will also need to consider how to nurture and develop the business leaders of the future and develop new ways to interact with society on issues such as privacy and trust. Containing international insights from leading figures from the world of management and technology, this book addresses the big challenges facing organisations, including: · Decision-making · Corporate strategy · People management and leadership · Organisational design Taking a holistic approach, this collection of expert voices provides valuable insight into how firms will discover and commit to what makes them unique in this new big data world, empowering them to create and sustain competitive advantage.

Securing The Future Of Management Education

Author: Howard Thomas
Editor: Emerald Group Publishing
ISBN: 1783509139
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This is the second of two volumes written to celebrate the 40th anniversary of EFMD. Drawing on interviews conducted with leaders in the world of management education, the first volume took a retrospective view, focusing on the evolution of management education and providing the context that led management education to where it stands today. It also synthesized respondents' views on the strengths and weaknesses of the field, the challenges it faces, as well as lessons learned and not learned from the past. This second volume similarly draws on the very rich data provided by the same respondents, but is future-oriented and takes on the theme of change. It provides the reader with a sense of the challenges on the horizon, potential blind spots, and new realities of an increasingly competitive environment. It discusses a range of alternative future scenarios for management education, and urges the field to resist the lures of the dominant paradigm and to develop new models instead. The authors contend that, given the challenges ahead, it is only through transformations and innovations that the future of the field can be secured.

The Future Of Knowledge Management

Author: Birgit Renzl
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 0230371892
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In this book leading scholars debate current issues and shed light on future prospects in the field of Knowledge Management. It presents new perspectives on knowledge and learning, including modes of knowing in practice, transactive knowledge systems, organizational narrations, and challenges conventional wisdom. It deals with emerging issues in knowledge and innovation embracing models of distributed innovation and forms of co-operation. It also includes problems in managing knowledge, leadership issues and how to measure knowledge.