The Genesis 6 Conspiracy

Author: Gary Wayne
Editor: TrustedBooks
ISBN: 9781632692900
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There are giants among us, passing largely unnoticed, intent on carrying out a secret plan to enslave all humanity. They may not look like giants today, but their bloodlines extend all the way back to the Nephilim--the offspring of angels who mated with human women--described in Genesis 6 when giants roamed the land. Gary Wayne, author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind, details the role of modern-day Nephilim in Satan's plan to install the Antichrist at the End of Days. When God cast the angel Lucifer and his followers out of heaven, Lucifer set into motion a scheme to ensure the Nephilim survived. Why? Because from the bloodlines of these Nephilim the Antichrist will come. To keep his plan alive, Satan has enlisted the loyalty of secret societies such as the Freemasons, the Templars, and the Rosicrucians to conspire in teaching a theology and a history of the world that is contrary to the biblical one. This Genesis 6 Conspiracy marches toward the Great Tribulation, when the loyalty of the Terminal Generation--this generation--will be tested. The Bible, along with many other ancient sources, clearly records the existence of giants. Wayne provides copious citations from many society insiders, along with extensive Bible references, other religious references, and historical material to bolster his contention. What he uncovers will astonish you--and it will challenge you to prepare for the fulfilling of God's promises.

Conspiracy Theories

Author: Richard Greene
Editor: Open Court Publishing
ISBN: 081269483X
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Conspiracy theories have become a major element in modern opinion formation. From the theory that the killing of President Kennedy was masterminded by a powerful conspiracy to the theory that 9/11 was an inside job, from the story that Barack Obama wasn’t born in America to the story that Donald Trump was a Russian asset, conspiracy theories have become a major element in opinion formation and an ever-present influence, sometimes open, sometimes hidden, on the daily headline news. In Conspiracy Theories, philosophers of diverse backgrounds and persuasions focus their lenses on the phenomenon of the conspiracy theory, its psychological causes, its typical shape, and its political consequences. Among the questions addressed: ● What’s the formula for designing a contagious conspiracy theory? ● Where does conspiracy theorizing end and investigative reporting begin? ● What can we learn about conspiracy theories from the three movie treatments of the Kennedy assassination (The Parallax View, JFK, and Interview with the Assassin)? ● Does political powerlessness generate conspiracy theories? ● Is conspiracy theorizing essentially an instinct that lies behind all belief in religion and all striving for a meaningful life? ● Can we find conspiracy theories in all political movements for centuries past? ● What are the most common types of fallacious reasoning that tend to support conspiracy theories? ● Is there a psychological disorder at the root of conspiracy theories? ● Why is the number of flat-earthers growing?

Genesis Where It All Began

Author: Lori Boteler
ISBN: 1387770225
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Antichrist Osiris The History Of The Luciferian Conspiracy

Author: Chris Relitz
ISBN: 1105747719
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The Legends of many cultures claim that the world was once destroyed in a cataclysmic flood. Many cultures also claim that someday the world will again be destroyed in a similar fashion. In the Bible we are told that the disciples once asked Jesus if there would be a warning sign prior to this destructive event. He said that there would indeed a sign. Jesus said that whatever was happening in the Days of Noah will happen again before the end of this age. The Bible has only a few verses about Noah's Flood. So we are forced to turn to the ancient flood legends of over 350 other cultures to learn more about this prophecy. But Noah's days did not end with the flood, he lived for many years afterward. He saw the creation of a tower in Babylon. This is interesting because the Freemasons claim that their Order originated here. Here is the most thorough examination of Freemasonry ever undertaken, using their own texts, to solve the Days of Noah prophecy.

Beyond Science Fiction

Author: Jim Wilhelmsen
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1440104719
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Jim has had a lifelong interest in UFOs since he was a child in the late 50's. This led to his current position as a Religious Research specialist for the Mutual UFO Network since 1996. He is also a member of the alumni at Central Bible College and was ordained by the Independent Assemblies of God in 1980. An avid reader, Jim is experienced and comfortable with studying the Bible in its original languages and spending hours in research as a hobby. Originally from Detroit Michigan, Jim founded and served in one of the nation's first evangelical Christian Motorcycle clubs in the early 70's which appeared on the 700 club. Jim served as Pastor in the inner city of Detroit working within the counter cultures associated with drugs and gangs. He has had almost 30 years experience working in deliverance ministries engaged in spiritual warfare that have enabled many to be set free from these bondages. Taking this experience with him into the investigation of UFOs and Alien abductions, Jim has become actively involved within the UFO community. With two other colleagues, The Alien Abduction Crises Centers of America was founded. This is a nation-wide network to provide Biblical based support and help for abductees after receiving terminations of their abduction experiences from the Biblical based counseling they provide as a free service. Jim has also traveled across the US providing Biblical based information at UFO conventions which led to setting up a book store/ museum in Roswell NM where he lived for four years. This book is the result of over ten years intensive first hand investigation and study of the subject and the people involved. It promises to be one of the most comprehensive scripturally backed books written so far, that weaves many different topics into one story of Paradise lost and found. Not since the great flood of Noah has there been such an elaborate deception put upon mankind. This book exposes it all for your consideration. Unlike many sensational books that leave you left in fear and hopelessness, this book will leave you with hope and answers for the fearful things described and soon to fall upon an unsuspecting planet.

Fallen Angels

Author: C. K. Quarterman
Editor: Ambassador International
ISBN: 1935507893
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One of the most fascinating and strategic topics in ancient texts is the record of fallen angels, giants, and UFO's. Fallen angels and giants are shrouded in mystery and belong to the age of pyramids and other great wonders of the world. It is an epoch that was destroyed by God's judgment, a flood, which left the world everlastingly changed, the evidence of which is found in the tales, folklore, and traditions of many cultures around the world."There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown" (Genesis 6:4).This vivid language defines the conspiracy of evil which has beset our world. The ancient books, Enoch and Jubilees, tell us of a race of nephilim, which are hybrids, alive in history and today, fathered by fallen angels. Strange as this may seem, the Lord declares that this conspiracy of evil is to be repeated before His return. Consequently, it is important from the standpoint of both understanding history and understanding the future that we understand these events.The world is in a slumber, asleep with the dream of a better tomorrow. While dark forces of fallen angels are arrayed against us, many today write about the approaching juggernaut of the apocalypseand well they should! Few, however, know or understand that fallen angels have brought us to this apocalypse, this apex of human history.The end of the world as we know it is about to take place. A storm is gathering, so terrible as to cause men's hearts to fail them for fear; we must not approach this coming apocalypse unaware and unarmed.

1 Enoch Chapters 1 36 81 108

Author: George W. E. Nickelsburg
Editor: Fortress Press
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Antediluvian Conquest Of Our Planet By Aliens In Flying Saucers

Author: Charles L. Hammond
ISBN: 1446141004
Size: 15,23 MB
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Read about the most fantastic legend ever told a certain battalion of alien creatures once visited earth in the remote past, who after metamorphosing their bodies into human shape started mingling with mankind and begun generic fertilization experiments between themselves humans and animals, which resulted in producing a plethora of legendary giants and mythical monsters who terrorised humanity. Later they decided to destroy them using super weapons and flying machines which resulted in triggering the Genesis deluge, thus forcing them to their origial abode. Who were these alien creatures? Where did they come from? What was the purpose of their visit? Will they someday return? Are some of them still amongst us?

Genesis And The Rahab Conspiracy

Author: A.M. Cornford
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469168480
Size: 10,14 MB
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The book that you are holding is not intended to be prophetic, but will expose the nature of an approaching delusion that was prophesied about 2000 years ago. The delusion itself will be of such power that it will affect all mankind, and will quite likely be the catalyst that will unite the different faiths to a greater or lesser degree. This book will answer some difficult questions, and explain how a very timely biblical Truth has been subtly hidden over the years, which will result in causing great confusion for many Christians of all denominations, in perhaps the not too distant future. If what I am presenting in these pages is correct then this is a book that needs to be read by every Christian. If I am wrong then I expect to spend the rest of my life with ‘egg on my face’. However, the conviction that I have had, that has caused me to write this in the first place, is deep enough for me to take that chance.

The Genesis Of Plato S Thought

Author: Alban Dewes Winspear
Editor: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412811228
Size: 15,59 MB
Format: PDF
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Originally published: 2nd ed., rev. New York: S.A. Russell, 1956. With new introd.