Pugnax The Gladiator

Author: Paul Anderson
Editor: Biblo & Tannen Publishers
ISBN: 9780819601049
Size: 10,98 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 864

The Gladiator

Author: Alan Baker
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1446408604
Size: 17,15 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Alan Baker weaves an extraordinary, vivid picture of Roman life as his compelling and evocative history tells the story of Rome's most notable gladiators. They were condemned and feared by emperors, slaughtered and adored by the masses and worshipped by their female fans, yet their lives were invariably violently short. Whether their enemy was a starved tiger or a battle-hardened criminal, their numbered days were dark and bloody. Yet men gave up their wealth and freedom to become gladiators and noble-women gave up their positions to be with them. The Gladiator illuminates the extraordinary lives of Spartacus, Commodus, Eppia and others - bringing the same energy and passion to the page that Ridley Scott's cinematic triumph bough to the screen.

The Gladiator

Author: Carla Capshaw
Editor: Steeple Hill
ISBN: 1426843496
Size: 11,99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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He won his fame—and his freedom—in the gory pits of Rome's Colosseum. Yet the greatest challenge for once-legendary gladiator Caros Viriathos comes to him through a slave. His slave, the beautiful and mysterious Pelonia Valeria. Her secret brings danger to his household but offers Caros a love like he's never known…. Should anyone learn she is a Christian, Pelonia will be executed. Her faith threatens not only herself, but her master. Can she convince a man who found fame through unforgiving brutality to show mercy? And when she's ultimately given the choice, will Pelonia choose freedom or the love of a gladiator?

Atilus The Gladiator

Author: E. C. Tubb
Editor: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 1434443205
Size: 16,85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 881

From the cold, misty shores of Britain, which the Emperor Claudius had invaded, Atilus Cindras was taken as a boy slave to work and fight for the greater glory of the Roman Empire. Eventually, he was sent to a gladiator school, and there trained to fight--and perhaps die--in the arena. But Atilus survives the years of decadent slaughter, and gradually gains power and riches as he navigates through the steamy politics of ancient Rome under the Emperor Nero. But Nero is a spoiled, selfish ruler who is forever seeking the favor of the Roman masses. And when he decides to appease the people's lust for something new and original in the ring, he picks Atilus to train the first troupe of female gladiators. Little does Atilus know, however, that he's being played, both by the Emperor and by his cronies--just a little joke: a second troupe of female fighters to be pitted against the twenty women that Atilus is managing. And if Atilus loses, he'll be made a slave once more! The second novel in the Atilus Saga features more rousing action and political intrigue by a master storyteller!

Mask Of The Gladiator

Author: Georgie Lee
Editor: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426893124
Size: 16,51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 516

Rome, 41 AD Livia Duronius is driven to seek out a gladiator after watching him triumph in the Colosseum. His touch arouses a sense of hope she hasn't felt since Rome fell under the tyrannical rule of Caligula—and her late husband betrayed her. Though in danger of losing more than her heart, she vows to see him again, even after she learns her uncle has arranged her marriage to a senator. Senator Titus Marius cannot resist indulging in a passionate encounter with the veiled woman who waits for him after the games, though he faces execution if his true identity is discovered. Bound by honor to wed another, and embroiled in a plot to free Rome from madness, he never expects to see the mystery woman again. When the fates reunite them in the marriage bed, Titus vows to protect Livia at all costs—even from the lecherous eyes of the emperor... 17,000 words

The Gladiator Eagles Of The Empire 9

Author: Simon Scarrow
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0755353455
Size: 19,56 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 498

IF YOU DON'T KNOW SIMON SCARROW, YOU DON'T KNOW ROME! THE GLADIATOR is the action-packed and compelling ninth novel in Simon Scarrow's bestselling Eagles of the Empire series. A must read for fans of Bernard Cornwell. Praise for Simon Scarrow's historical novels: 'Gripping...ferocious and compelling' Daily Express AD 48. The friendship between Roman Centurions Cato and Macro is rock solid. Returning to Rome from a harrowing campaign, they are shipwrecked when an earthquake strikes the island of Crete. Struggling ashore they discover panic, devastation and a slave revolt. Led by a gladiator called Ajax, the slaves are driven by a bloodthirsty desire for revenge that renders them almost invincible. Taking control of the shaken men of the local garrison, Cato and Macro must save the province, before the rebellion can threaten the Empire itself...

The Way Of The Gladiator

Author: Daniel P. Mannix
Editor: Ibooks
ISBN: 9781596870772
Size: 10,82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 918

Hail Caesar, we who are about to die salute you! And die the gladiators did. In a vast marble Colosseum larger than Yankee Stadium, the people of Rome, patrician and commoner, flocked to see gladiators mangled beneath the hoofs and wheels of horses and chariots, slaughtered by half-starved wild beasts, and butchered by well-armed and armored professionals. With the Empire in decline, death and torture became the only spectacles that satisfied the decadent Romans' longing. The Emperor Trajan gave one set of games that lasted 122 days; at its end, 11,000 people and 10,000 animals had been killed. The people of Rome loved it-and they wanted more.

Spartacus The Gladiator

Author: Ben Kane
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1409051668
Size: 16,42 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 694

The first of two epic novels which tell the story of one of the most charismatic heroes history has ever known - Spartacus, the gladiator slave who took on and nearly defeated the might of Rome, during the years 73-71 BC. Historically very little is known about Spartacus. We know that he came from Thrace, a land north of Greece, that he once fought in the Roman legions and that, during two fateful years, he led a slave army which nearly brought Rome to its knees. In Ben Kane's brilliant novel, we meet Spartacus as he returns to Thrace, ready to settle down after a decade away. But a new king has usurped the throne. Treacherous and violent, he immediately seizes Spartacus and sells him to a Roman slave trader looking for new gladiators. The odyssey has begun which will see Spartacus become one of the greatest legends of history, the hero of revolutionaries from Karl Marx to Che Guevara, immortalised on screen, and now brought to life in Ben Kane's great bestseller - a novel which takes the story to its halfway point and is continued in Spartacus: Rebellion. Ben Kane was born in Kenya and raised there and in Ireland. He studied veterinary medicine and University College, Dublin, but after that he travelled the world extensively, indulging in his passion for ancient history. He lives in North Somerset with his wife and two young children.

The Gladiator

Author: Harry Turtledove
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575121297
Size: 15,21 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 276

The Soviet Union won the Cold War. The Russians were a little smarter than they were in our own world, and the United States was a little dumber and a lot less resolute. Now, more than a century later, the world's gone Communist, and capitalism is a bad word. For Gianfranco and his friend Annarita, a couple of teenagers growing up in Milan, life in a heavily regimented, surveillance-rich command economy is just plain dreary. The eventual withering-away of the state doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. Annarita's a hard-working student and a member of the Young Socialists' League. Gianfranco is a lot less motivated--but on the other hand, his father's a Party apparatchik. The biggest excitement in their lives is a wargame shop called The Gladiator, which runs tournaments, and stocks marvelous complex games you can't find anywhere else. Then, abruptly, the shop is shut down. Someone's figured out that The Gladiator's games are teaching counterrevolutionary capitalist principles. The Security Police are searching high and low for the shop's proprietors, who've not only vanished into thin air, but have left behind sets of fingerprints that aren't in the records of any government on earth. Only one staffer is left: Gianfranco and Annarita's friend Eduardo. He's on the run, and he comes to them in secret with an astonishing story: he's a time trader from our own timeline, accidentally left behind when the store was evacuated. The only way Eduardo can get home to his own timeline is if Gianfranco and Annarita can help him reach one of the other time trader sites in this world - and the Security Police will be on their tails all the way there...

The Gladiator

Author: K. R. Brown
Editor: Abbott Press
ISBN: 1458221105
Size: 16,11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 455

Eighteen-year-old Amelia Bennett has been training her entire life to become a full-fledged member of the Future Leaders of America (FLA), an organization centered in Montana that trains students how to be good leaders. Unlike most of the trainees in the program, however, Amelia and her twin brother, Jayden, were born with special powers, helping them to advance quickly. Just as Amelia achieves her goal of joining the FLA, her world is shattered by the rise of a supervillain with similar powers, called the Heart Breaker, who devastates the organization out of revenge. In order to save the FLA, Amelia, Jayden, and their fellow trainee Will must set out on a cross-country adventure in order to learn more about the evil villains plot. As the Heart Breakers forces wreak havoc across the nation, Amelia and Jayden are forced to repeatedly delay their mission in order to fight back, causing them to rise to fame and earn the nicknames the Gladiator and the Hypnotist. Over time, the trio begins to learn more about the inner workings and secrets of the FLA and their own possibly dark role in the Heart Breakers plan. In this science fiction novel for young adults, a young woman uses her abilities to protect the people she loves and stand up for what she believes ineven though she isnt sure what to believe.