The Horrendous Rate Of Unemployment

Author: Shaun Hargreaves Heap
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Stone Heap Of The Wildcat

Author: Dennis L. Siluk, Ed.D.
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1450254276
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Dr. Siluk had taken a pilgrimage with his wife and a group, to include the well-known Father Manuel Rodriguez, Television Evangelist, from Lima, Peru in July of 2010: a poetic journey for him, visiting many sacred sites; traveling throughout Israel (i.e. Jerusalem, Galilee, Tiberias, etc.). The author took a side trip with Professor, Dr. Alon Gelbman, of National Geographic, into the Golan Heights, visiting “Stone Heap of the Wildcat” home of the Rephaim Giants, offspring of the Angelic Renegades, the Watchers, from the Chakolithic period—(4500—3300 BC). Now for the first time you can read in verse and short prose, stories, see in photographs this site, along with commentaries on the Giants. Included is a section: “The Color of Gaza,” with photographs never before seen until now; poems and explanations on the ongoing conflict there—these are the author’s impressions of the times. “(Dr. Siluk’s new book: Stone Heap of the Wildcat): ...wonderful with enlightening poems which draws you in about life in the past and present of Israel and Gaza. ...where once giants warred. ...that captures the reality faced by people living in Gaza that I have only seen on the news.” Dalvir Hayer, Administrator (Article Magazine) UK

Heap Of Bones

Author: Steve Sorensen
Editor: Picacho
ISBN: 0962941867
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After the ruin of California’s coastline in the late 20th century, ragged bands of dispirited surfers began migrating down the Baja highway in search of a lifestyle they could no longer find north of the border. In this colorful and hilarious chronicle, Steve Sorensen describes what the expat surfers found: an alien landscape, a strange culture, and spectacular waves. “An honest story about changing gears when the fast lane gets too fast…. Fantastic and motivational…. Sometimes I had tears from laughing.” — Mike Doyle, legendary surfer and author of Morning Glass


Author: Justin Schorah
Editor: Justin Schorah
ISBN: 1310126011
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The four young musicians in rock band Hybris are about to make a name for themselves. After three long years in the trenches of Florida’s underground music scene, they finally have a record deal in sight. An A&R hotshot fell in love with them upon hearing a few of their songs online, and suddenly all the sweat, blisters and soul-draining self-promotion seemed worth it. The band got a call asking them to bring their haunting mix of Clapton and post-hardcore up to Manhattan for a label showcase. It was the break of a lifetime. And now the only thing separating them from their dreams is a thousand miles of pavement. Money is tight though. A hundred gigs a year and they rarely broke even. Between the cost of food, gas and everything else it takes to keep a band running, they made a habit of living in the red. The only way they would ever get to New York would be to pack up their aging Chevy Astro and book a tour that could lead them to the promised land. All it took was six dots on a map. A handful of concerts to carry them to their destination. It was more than enough to keep them flush if everything went according to plan, but things never do when you’re on the road. And as they work their way up the coast, it all goes to hell. They soldier through tough circumstances at first, making the best of it for as long as they can. But when the van gets ransacked midway through the trip, they’re forced to make a choice: crawl home empty-handed or charge onward at all costs. Out of cash and desperate to make it, they set themselves on a collision course to New York. It’s a decision that forces each band member to consider just how badly he wants that record deal, and what he’s willing to do to get it. Laws are broken. Friendships are tested. And so much violent momentum is built up that nothing and no one can stand in their way. Not even each other.

Rose Alley

Author: Audrey Howard
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 184894957X
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Rose Alley is one of the city's worst slums - a place where hunger, filth and violence are a way of life. It's no place for proud Queenie Logan and her daughter Gillyflower. And it seems Queenie's dreams of escape will come true. Transformed by Miss Hunter's School for Girls, Gilly opens a successful dressmaking shop. And though she always thought she would marry the boy next door, soon she is courted by one of the richest young men in the city. But they have made a terrible enemy, who lurks in the Liverpool slums and seeks his chance to destroy them. And in the respectable new world they have joined someone else will prove even more dangerous to Gilly and those she loves.

The Divided Home Land

Author: Sue-Ellen Case
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Anthology of plays by leading German women writers for the first time in English

The Wonders Of The Invisible World

Author: Cotton Mather
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Hart Historical Notes

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Adam Copeland On Edge

Author: Adam Copeland
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439121764
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Adam Copeland on Edge is more than an autobiography. It's what the author himself describes as "a mental picture" that he has long wanted to paint for the reader. It's also a dream—"one of many"—that he decided to realize while at home convalescing from potential career-ending neck surgery. And it's a journey that explores not only his life but also his innermost thoughts. Despite growing up with "a lot less materially than other people" in the small town of Orangeville, Ontario, Copeland recalls his formative years fondly. He remembers a loving mother who, while working multiple jobs just to pay the rent, nurtured her son's passion for Spider-Man comics and KISS albums. He also recalls the family tragedy that created a void in his life at nine years of age, and how that void was soon filled by the yellow-and-red-clad form of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, whose intensity and personality "made me feel like I could accomplish anything." With vivid detail and sincerity, Copeland offers his thoughts about not only fulfilling his goals but also building upon them. While revisiting his greatest matches, he shares his actual surprise over winning the Intercontinental title for the first time; the anxiety he felt while splitting up with Christian and establishing a solo career; his eventual determination "to grab the damn ball out of someone's hands and take off" on SmackDown!; the distress of almost losing his long blond hair to Kurt Angle; his wonder over enjoying a brief Tag Team title reign with the icon who first inspired him; the simultaneous pain of a broken marriage and two ruptured discs in his neck; and the nervous energy of returning to Raw in March 2004 and setting his sights on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.