The Invisible Prison

Author: RCA Institutes
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The Invisible Prison

Author: MVP
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'Things that money can't buy' are what we all seek. However, most of us will not make it. We get locked behind that invisible prison and we die there. Audrey Parker tells how she, through the grace of God, and her faith in Him, overcame the walls and barriers that held her captive. She was totally unaware of the imprisonment and there was no justification for it. Audrey's life struggle is similar to almost everyone's, and her victory lights the path for others to follow. Whatever it is that has you bound, you too can be set free. You owe it to yourself to read The Invisible Prison. Life will never be the same. It's up to you! (Cover jacket illustration by Christopher Stephens.)

Modern Fear The Invisible Prison

Author: Sara Roberts
Editor: Independently Published
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I invite you to come on a journey with me through a painful path of abuse and trauma that has transformed my existence into the light of love. Like many of us in this life, I experienced a breaking point. I couldn't take the pressure of life anymore. I couldn't feel, and my heart was numb. So I ran, purchasing a one-way ticket to Nairobi, Kenya. I learned I was trapped in the fear of my mind. I woke up to the noise pollution of fear that is saturating our culture and society. Fear had engulfed me, and I was drowning. I destroyed a stable life with a promising career, a loving partner, and a comfortable home. During my nomadic wanderings around the world, I ended up on a quest inward and what I discovered was the ultimate freedom of LOVE. Thank you for being open to exploring this journey through the fears of my story to discover your freedom. Stepping out of the fear frequency is not for the faint of heart. Throughout this book, I offer many tools, insights, and challenging perspectives about imprisoning topics like abuse, the corruption of broken systems, and money. I promise that you will experience reflections, contemplative moments, energetic healing, and life-changing breakthroughs. Through my inward quest, I have broken free from the suffering of fear. This freedom has allowed me to intentionally embody the source of unconditional love accessible to us all. May you gain growth and perspective through my journey, and may your life be blessed with love and light.

An Invisible Prison

Author: Susan Armstrong
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ISBN: 0595382770
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AN INVISIBLE PRISON A true story of survival Alcoholism, drugs, and biker gangs are not what one would expect to find in the background of a person destined to become an internationally known motivational speaker. Yet in her starkly honest autobiography, Susan Armstrong reveals many long-hidden secrets from her past and shares her last-chance struggle for recovery. It's hard to imagine being so addicted to substances, and so bereft of self-esteem that living in a gang with a dysfunctional and abusive partner becomes an acceptable lifestyle. Only someone who has been there and has since reclaimed her life can share her perilous experiences with authentic memory. This riveting story, told in vivid and often disturbing detail, will leave readers with a new understanding of the compelling human need to seek approval. Simply to have survived a life as self-destructive as the one Susan describes would make a remarkable story in itself. That she has gone on to build an enviable record of success as a corporate trainer with a long list of Fortune 100 clients makes this a truly inspirational tale. Her story offers hope to countless others who may feel their lives are without worth or promise.

Escape Your Invisible Prison

Author: Susan Armstrong
Editor: Ecademy Press
ISBN: 1784522880
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Escape Your Invisible Prison. If you’re reading the back of this book you already know what it’s about: the invisible prison of our own creation that we keep ourselves locked in. Based on the life of Susan Armstrong, this book answers the question of how she went from addicted, abused and homeless, to international speaker, award-winning trainer and author. Using a mix of examples, stories, and easy-to-read principles this book provides you with techniques and tips that will allow you to finally break free of your invisible prison. And stay free.

The Invisible Prison

Author: Evelyn Todd
Editor: Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1784621773
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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, perhaps better termed Toxically Induced Lack of Tolerance, can be a devastating condition that leads to economic hardship and isolation, not only from the outside world but from friends and family. The wide range of symptoms and the differences between sufferers make it an enigmatic condition to patient and physician alike. Like Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) once was, it is not always accepted as a physical illness. The aim of this book is to inform and help sufferers and create awareness in those around them. It is also hoped that it will achieve recognition of the condition among health professionals. The book is split into four sections: a description of the condition, a commentary on environmental chemicals past and present, accounts of experiences from those effected and a large advice section on how best to live with the condition and minimise toxic encounters. Within the book, there is an ample glossary, lists of further reading suggestions and useful addresses and an exhaustive index to aid ease of access to specifics and for cross-referencing. Spaces are provided between subjects for the addition of notes, comments and further information as it becomes available. The writer, Evelyn Todd, was first affected by chemical sensitivity at the age of eleven but was not diagnosed until this century. During later years, she has made a study of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and this book is of the fruits of this and her own experience. Apart from sufferers and their families, The Invisible Prison should be read by those who have dealings with the general public, particularly all who work in health care in any capacity.

Escape From The Invisible Prison

Author: Gabrielle Rae
ISBN: 1458357112
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Invisible Prison

Author: Mary Buckham
Editor: Cantwell Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 1939210054
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Magic is the last gift Alex Noziak wants but she must embrace it to gain her freedom. Alex Noziak, part-witch, part-shaman is dumped into the middle of four hostile non-human females and expected to train as a team to protect humans from preternatural threats. Prison never looked so good in comparison. I read your novella practically in one sitting...and really enjoyed it. You delivered a lot of story in a short novella with a fast pace. This is going to be a hit series! ~~ Elizabeth Gibson In the tradition of the Urban Fantasy, Alex Noziak is tough and/or determined to not come off as a wussy girl. Right off I know she's a terrier. ~~ Laurel Wilczek Your paranormal series has my attention. ~~Karen Fulbright I really enjoyed this book. Not what I usually read, so I was 't sure how I would like it but it flowed really nicely. I know several people I will recommend these books too. ~~Pam Hargraves Be sure to click "Look Inside" to get a taste of Alex Noziak's world of witches, wizards, magic and danger. Book Categories for the Invisible Recruits: paranormal urban fantasy, paranormal romance, paranormal, romance series, paranormal fantasy, romantic suspense, Invisible recruits, Alex Noziak, Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, Novel, Paranormal Series, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Bestsellers, Witches and Wizards, Shifters and Weres, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense Thrillers, Fantasy, Fantasy Magic, Fantasy Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy Witch and Wizard, Warlocks and Witches, Witch Novels, Paranormal Kindle, Romantic Suspense Kindle, urban paranormal romance

The Matrix Teachings

Author: Mary Plaza
ISBN: 9781982207151
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If I could teach you one thing, it would be this: you are energy. If I could teach you a second thing, it would be that your energy affects humanity and the planet. Then I would teach you that you are not your wounds. I would walk you through the process of spiritual expansion. I would open your heart to the energy of compassion. I would teach you how to navigate an ego death. I would teach you how to hone in on the vibration of your dream. I would show you everything that I see in the quantum field. I would teach you how to manage your energy so that you can birth your dream. I would ask you to join me in creating compassion on planet earth so that we may end violence and create a planet of peace that lives in harmony with Mother Earth. Welcome to The Matrix Teachings. We have been taught partial truths and fed illusion. It is time to wake up and become the empowered energetic creators that we were born to be. We are all connected energetically, so as we birth our individual dreams, we birth our collective dream. We all want to live on a healthy planet, and we all want violence to end. Who are we? We are compassion-based human beings who are agents of positive change. The Matrix Teachings is your energetic guide for dream birthing. Whether your dream is harmony in your family, healing, or birthing a business, this book explains how to do it. We are far more empowered than we know. We are energy, and we are dream birthers. Join me in the quantum field. Ill meet you in the matrix. We will dance the dream.

The Invisible Pyramid

Author: Loren Eiseley
Editor: Library of America
ISBN: 1598535463
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To read Loren Eiseley is to renew a sense of wonder at the miracles and paradoxes of evolution and the ever-changing diversity of life. In this brilliant collection he considers the cosmological significance and ultimate meanings of our evolutionary history, offering a series of profound, lyrical meditations on the origins and possible futures of humankind against the backdrop of the Apollo landings. As Western civilization attains new heights of scientific awareness and technological skill, he asks, is it also blind to its own limits and destructive capacities? Always a fond observer of the natural world, Eiseley makes a newly urgent, environmentalist plea in The Invisible Pyramid: we must protect the fragile “world island” against our unchecked power to pollute and consume it.

The Invisible Walls Of Dannemora

Author: Michael H. Blaine
Editor: Gaudium
ISBN: 9781592110469
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The infamous Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York, in 2015 became the site of one of the most famous prison breaks in modern American history. However, the conditions that made possible the notorious escape and the massive manhunt that ensued had been developing for many years prior. Having earned the nickname of "Little Siberia", the brutal winters contributed to the already depressing façade of the facility. During the long, dark hours, the wind howled outside and sounded like ghosts haunting the halls of the prison. Dannemora had a proud past. Every employee chose to work there and there was always a transfer list of staff hoping to work there. It was a hard prison for hard criminals. Having housed the likes of mobster Charlie "Lucky" Luciano, "Son of Sam" David Berkowitz, Rappers Tupac Shakur, and Ol' Dirty Bastard, and count less other infamous criminals, the staff at the Clinton Correctional Facility knew how to handle even the toughest of men. Like most prisons, Clinton was a place of routine. Each day was very much like day before. It was a big, clunking machine that simply ran each day unless someone in the administration used poor judgement and tried to implement an unsafe change in policy or targeted the wrong staff member. The author, Michael H. Blaine spent a career at the Clinton Correctional Facility. Having been an Officer, Sergeant, and Lieutenant, his story reveals the changes he observed and what he experienced at each rank he earned. Refusing to compromise his principles and sickened by the downward spiral that Clinton was experiencing, he retired less than 10 1/2 months before the first successful escape at Dannemora on June 6, 2015. This new book reveals the inner workings of this massive prison. It is the first look inside at what it was like to work at the Clinton Correctional Facility, its effects on those who spent time there on both sides of the bars, revealing why nobody escapes the Invisible Walls of Dannemora.

Invisible Women

Author: Angela Devlin
Editor: Waterside Press
ISBN: 1906534292
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In a book that is accessible to general readers and professionals alike, Angela Devlin has vividly recreated the realities of prison life for women at the end of the twentieth century. She describes the cavalier way in which women can be treated; the lack of provision for many basic needs; the over crowding; the liberal use of medication as a means of control; the violence which stems from drug misuse; the plight of black and ethnic minority women and foreign nationals; and the self-mutilation and suicide attempts of women in desperate need of help. Invisible Women 'lifts the lid' on women's prisons. It is a book that will shock as well as inform.

Exposure Anxiety The Invisible Cage

Author: Donna Williams
Editor: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 9781843100515
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Exposure anxiety is increasingly understood as a crippling condition affecting a high proportion of people on the autism spectrum. Based on personal experience, this book describes the condition and its underlying physiological causes, and presents approaches and strategies that can be used to combat it.

Gangs Prisons Parole The Politics Behind Them

Author: Bobby Delgado
Editor: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1604770228
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Delgado's expos sheds light on Texas gangs, the Texas prison system, the corrupt authority figures charged with running the Texas prison system, and the government figures determined to protect it.

Professional Lives Of Community Corrections Officers The Invisible Side Of Reentry

Author: Faith E. Lutze
Editor: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1483322467
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One of the first contemporary works to bring together research focused on community corrections officers, Professional Lives of Community Corrections Officers: The Invisible Side of Reentry, by Faith E. Lutze, helps readers understand the importance of community corrections officers to the success of the criminal justice system. The author brings the important work of these officers out from the shadows of the prison and into the light of informed policymaking, demonstrating how their work connects to the broader political, economic, and social context. Arguing that they are “street-level boundary spanners” who are in the best position to lead effective reentry initiatives built on interagency collaboration, the author shows how community corrections officers can effectively lead a fluid response to reentry that is inclusive of control, support, and treatment. This supplement is ideal for community corrections or probation and parole courses to supplement core textbooks.

The Invisible

Author: Andrew Britton
Editor: Pinnacle Books
ISBN: 0786021713
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Tensions between Pakistan and India are at an all-time high. To complicate matters, twelve American climbers have disappeared in Pakistan's Hindu Kush range. As the conflict escalates, the U.S. Secretary of State's motorcade is ambushed on the outskirts of Islamabad. When her back-up team arrives, they discover a disastrous scene: dozens are dead, including seven diplomatic security agents, and the secretary of state has vanished without a trace. In the wake of the unprecedented attack, CIA agent Ryan Kealey's operation goes into high gear. Naomi Kharmai, the British-born analyst who has taken on a daring new role with the Agency, is on his team again. But Kharmai is becoming increasingly unpredictable, and as they work their way toward the target, it becomes clear to Kealey that anyone is fair game--and no one can be trusted. Thundering to a stark and chilling climax, The Invisible raises the stakes on every page. A crackingly intelligent thriller, it is filled with shocking betrayal and, ultimately, revenge. Praise for Andrew Britton and his novels. . . "Brilliantly well-written. . .a sizzling page-turner." --Brad Thor, New York Times bestselling author of Blowback and State of the Union "Terrifying and gripping." --Stephen Frey, New York Times bestselling author of The Successor "In this age of terrorism, [Britton's] plots seem to jump straight out of the headlines." --St. Louis Post Dispatch "Exciting. . .high-octane action."--Publishers Weekly

The Invisible Caring Hand

Author: Ram Cnaan
Editor: NYU Press
ISBN: 9780814716175
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Popular calls to transform our current welfare system and supplant it with effective and inexpensive faith-based providers are gaining political support and engendering heated debate about the separation of church and state. Yet we lack concrete information from which to anticipate how such initiatives might actually work if adopted. Despite the assumption that congregations can help many needy people in our society, it remains to be seen how extensive they wish their involvement to be, or if they have the necessary tools to become significant providers in the social service arena. Moreover, how will such practices, which will move faith-based organizations towards professionalization, ultimately affect the spirit of volunteerism now prevalent in America's religious institutions? We lack sufficient knowledge about congregational life and its ability to play a key role in social service provision. The Invisible Caring Hand attempts to fill that void. Based on in-depth interviews with clergy and lay leaders in 251 congregations nationwide, it reveals the many ways in which congregations are already working, beneath the radar, to care for people in need. This ground-breaking volume will provide much-sought empirical data to social scientists, religious studies scholars, and those involved in the debates over the role of faith-based organizations in faith-based services, as well as to clergy and congregation members themselves.

The Witchcraft Delusion In New England More Wonders Of The Invisible World Collected

Author: Samuel Gardner Drake
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