The January Children

Author: Safia Elhillo
Editor: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 1496200098
Size: 14,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In her dedication Safia Elhillo writes, “The January Children are the generation born in Sudan under British occupation, where children were assigned birth years by height, all given the birth date January 1.” What follows is a deeply personal collection of poems that describe the experience of navigating the postcolonial world as a stranger in one’s own land. The January Children depicts displacement and longing while also questioning accepted truths about geography, history, nationhood, and home. The poems mythologize family histories until they break open, using them to explore aspects of Sudan’s history of colonial occupation, dictatorship, and diaspora. Several of the poems speak to the late Egyptian singer Abdelhalim Hafez, who addressed many of his songs to the asmarani—an Arabic term of endearment for a brown-skinned or dark-skinned person. Elhillo explores Arabness and Africanness and the tensions generated by a hyphenated identity in those two worlds. No longer content to accept manmade borders, Elhillo navigates a new and reimagined world. Maintaining a sense of wonder in multiple landscapes and mindscapes of perpetually shifting values, she leads the reader through a postcolonial narrative that is equally terrifying and tender, melancholy and defiant.

The Myth Of The Adhd Child Revised Edition

Author: Thomas Armstrong
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101992808
Size: 13,35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A fully revised and updated edition of the groundbreaking book on tackling the root causes of children’s attention and behavior problems rather than masking the symptoms with medication. More than twenty years after Dr. Thomas Armstrong's Myth of the A.D.D. Child first published, he presents much needed updates and insights in this substantially revised edition. When The Myth of the A.D.D. Child was first published in 1995, Dr. Thomas Armstrong made the controversial argument that many behaviors labeled as ADD or ADHD are simply a child's active response to complex social, emotional, and educational influences. In this fully revised and updated edition, Dr. Armstrong shows readers how to address the underlying causes of a child's attention and behavior problems in order to help their children implement positive changes in their lives. The rate of ADHD diagnosis has increased sharply, along with the prescription of medications to treat it. Now needed more than ever, this book includes fifty-one new non-drug strategies to help children overcome attention and behavior problems, as well as updates to the original fifty proven strategies.

Key Themes In The Ethnography Of Education

Author: Sara Delamont
Editor: SAGE
ISBN: 1446296970
Size: 11,47 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"This is a beautifully written book that takes the reader to the heart of ethnography as experience. Readers can walk in the shoes of ethnographers who have travelled before them, and learn as they learned. Sara Delamont is an undisputed expert in both ethnography and education, and here illustrates she is also a tour de force in writing style. All the important ingredients for a recipe to make a good quality ethnography are here, and they are served up with relish!" - Karen O’Reilly, Loughborough University "This is a powerful, richly nuanced, evocative work; a stunning and brilliantly innovative intervention. It provides ground zero - the starting place for the next generation of social scholars of education. A major accomplishment." - Norman K. Denzin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The ethnography of education has been conducted by sociologists and anthropologists, largely in self-contained and self-referential ways. This book celebrates the continuities and the strengths of ethnographic research on education in formal and non-formal settings, deliberately transgressing the sociology/anthropology divide. Education is broadly defined to cover many settings other than schools, in many countries, for many age-groups. The book is structured thematically, including chapters on movement and mobilities, memorials and memories, time and timescapes, bodies, and performativities, multi-sensory research, and narratives. Strategies for designing innovative ethnographic projects, and for fighting familiarity are provided.

January S Child

Author: Andrea Alban Gosline
Editor: Scholastic Press
ISBN: 9780439672689
Size: 13,89 MB
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Rhymed text and illustrations describe characteristics of babies born in each month of the year.

Title 7 Agriculture Parts 210 299 Revised As Of January 1 2014

Author: Office of The Federal Register, Enhanced by IntraWEB, LLC
Editor: IntraWEB, LLC and Claitor's Law Publishing
ISBN: 0160922100
Size: 11,34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Code of Federal Regulations Title 7 contains the codified Federal laws and regulations that are in effect as of the date of the publication pertaining to agriculture.

Parliamentary Papers

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
Size: 17,41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Narrative And Experience In Multicultural Education

Author: JoAnn Phillion
Editor: SAGE
ISBN: 1452237786
Size: 12,64 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 476

Narrative and Experience in Multicultural Education explores the untapped potential that narrative and experiential approaches have for understanding multicultural issues in education. The research featured in the book reflects an exciting new way of thinking about human experience. The studies focus on the lives of students, teachers, parents, and communities, highlighting experiences seldom discussed in the literature. Most importantly, the work emphasizes the understanding of experience and transforming this understanding into social and educational significance.

Title 16 Commercial Practices Part 1000 To End Revised As Of January 1 2014

Author: Office of The Federal Register, Enhanced by IntraWEB, LLC
Editor: IntraWEB, LLC and Claitor's Law Publishing
ISBN: 016092250X
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The Code of Federal Regulations Title 16 contains the codified Federal laws and regulations that are in effect as of the date of the publication pertaining to commercial practices of U.S. goods and services as relate to the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, including Fair Credit Reporting, warranties, anti-trust, product safety and general trade regulations.