The Last Drop Of Sunshine

Author: Michael Sharpe
ISBN: 9780986362200
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The Last Drop Of Hope

Author: Kira Wagner
Editor: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1365203565
Size: 16,46 MB
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Her father was dying, her mother was missing and Skylar desperately needed to find out what was going on with the two of them. Relentlessly time kept moving forward, and Skylar had little to spare. As she searched for her mother she began to see the power of hope and how it affected the relationships between her, her mother and father. Praying that an inspired solution would be the answer, she went to the only person alive that might provide the last drop of hope.

The Spectral Body

Author: Zoltán Dragon
Editor: Dragon Z.
ISBN: 1904303757
Size: 18,12 MB
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The Spectral Body: Aspects of the Cinematic Oeuvre of Istvà;n Szabò; analyses some of the films made by Academy Award winner Hungarian filmmaker Istvà;n Szabò; to establish an interpretative matrix disclosing the root of haunting effects in the visual and the narrative levels of the diegeses. By combining two distinct and often incongruous lines of psychoanalytic thought (by Nicolas Abraham and Jacques Lacan), Zoltà;n Dragon argues that these films are fuelled by the work of a phantom on all levels, hiding the secrets of the family history of the characters and producing uncanny visual scenarios to make the act of hiding even more effective. The book brings the reader into the realm of the "phantom text" generating the film texts and crypt screens of the oeuvre, and investigates the causes of undiscussible and painful secrets that propel some pivotal characters to reappear in subsequent films, apparently driven by a compulsion to continue their narration, failing to finish their stories even when they appear to be successful. The Spectral Body: Aspects of the Cinematic Oeuvre of Istvà;n Szabò; introduces a visual reinterpretation of Abraham's phantom theory that opens up possibilities for an alternative way of studying film.I first saw this work in the form of a full and detailed draft. I was impressed by the boldness of the ideas, the attempt to integrate and work with different theoretical positions and the quite extraordinary reading of the films of Istvà;n Szabò;. There was clearly a powerful and creative and original intelligence at work. A further draft accomplished one important thing that had been missing from the first one - the direct analysis of the visual material and its contribution to the overall narrative and theoretical framework.The work employs a psychoanalytic framework with some key concepts such as 'the phantom' drawn from the work of Torok and Abraham. This theory is fairly well known but it has not, to my knowledge, been used in any extensive way in the analysis of film texts before. Zoltan also makes reference to Freud and uses some Lacanian ideas in his analysis at the level of the visual. These multiple theoretical references are not inconsistent; they are finely judged and are most productive. Theory is never used as a grid to be imposed on the material. There is a fine balance between theory and textual analysis that is hard to achieve, but it is successful here.I think that the position that Zoltan Dragon has forged for himself and from which he writes, is a highly original and interesting one. He has been most successful in developing his framework in relation to Szabò;'s oeuvre which he knows in the greatest detail. His readings of that oeuvre are rich and powerful and will provoke considerable debate in the world of film studies and also of psychoanalytical studies.Parveen Adams, Core Teaching Faculty, London Consortium

Bolivia And The Sunshine King

Author: robin mulholland
ISBN: 0557014018
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The Last Drop Of Living

Author: Robert Lee
Editor: Robert Lee
ISBN: 1458148009
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"The Last Drop of Living: A Minimalist's Guide to Living the High Life on a Low Budget" offers a unique perspective on the concept that minimalism requires self-denial and deprivation. Indeed, after reading this book, you undoubtedly will be inspired to adopt this simple, yet elegant way of experiencing life. Minimal living is not about doing without. It is about savouring everything greedily, while walking gently through your world. This book opens up an exciting doorway into getting the most out of your life, your way, with a 15-step guide to "going minimal." Packed with anecdotes and often humourous incidents, The Last Drop of Living is not only a pleasurable reading experience, but a roadmap to a fulfilling way to decrease the commonplace stresses in your life. Bonus chapters on yurts, barebones business, wildcrafting, energy simplicity, sustainability and minimalist vacation options provide extraordinary value beyond the invigorating discussions on minimalist strategies.

The Last Drop Of Blood

Author: J. Stephen Funk
Editor: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1504923537
Size: 12,28 MB
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This book is the outgrowth of one of J. Stephen Funk’s major injury lawsuits, one in the 1970s, where the dishonesty and a “conspiracy of silence” by the medical profession supported a negligent doctor’s efforts to maintain his exalted and privileged place in society. In real life, he exposed the doctor’s duplicity for all to see, and provided an orphaned child just legal compensation for the loss of her young and innocent mother. In “Last Drop of Blood,” the heartless and amoral doctor, his wife and her father will stop at nothing to conceal the truth. The widowed husband and a courageous, young nurse provide the help a relentless attorney needs to expose the conspiracy. Through twists and turns, the unexpected ending reveals itself to be more just and satisfying than predictable.

Oil Or Water Only One Is Good To The Last Drop

Author: John E. Horner
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469185415
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In 1947, at the age of nine I was instructed to help my older brothers “drain the corn rows.” Aware then that water was precious in Nebraska, I obeyed; but the question stayed with me. . . My first paying job at the age of 12 was a two week assignment of weeding 250 seedling pines. . . for $1.00 (total pay). I didn’t know then that I would become an earnest advocate for trees. Fast forward through the years of study and work, and this advance postscript to my book comes to mind. . . This book proposes to reduce the occurrence of El Nino to about once in 15 years. I believe it is possible to all but eliminate late season devastating hurricanes. With those two beliefs, I endeavor to impel the diligent into this book. I believe I followed faithfully where scholars led, and only drew necessary and fitting conclusions. . . And finally, the belief that “we should successfully harness the mighty geothermal power of Yellowstone before the tragedy of eruption.” With this understanding of farm, family, and the future necessity of clean water, JOHN E. HORNER has endeavored to acknowledge some of the current problems with our lack of respect for clean and bountiful water, and offer solutions to the present and future water crisis.

The Four Seasons Collection

Author: Milly Johnson
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471128776
Size: 15,28 MB
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THE QUEEN OF FEEL-GOOD FICTION! 'Every time you discover a new Milly book, it’s like finding a pot of gold' Heat Four of Milly's bestselling seasonal titles - A Spring Affair, A Summer Fling, An Autumn Crush, A Winter Flame - in one exclusive ebook edition, with an introduction from Milly on the inspiration behind the novels.

Complete Works Reprinted Entire From The Last English Edition

Author: Mrs. Hemans
Size: 18,52 MB
Format: PDF
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The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl

Author: Paige McKenzie
Editor: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1447287096
Size: 15,41 MB
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The Haunting of Sunshine Girl is the first in a frighteningly good new series based on the popular YouTube sensation The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Network, created by Paige McKenzie. In that place where you're more asleep than awake any more, I hear something else. A phrase uttered in a child's voice, no more than a whisper: Night Night. Something freaky's going on with Sunshine's new house . . . there's the chill that wraps itself around her bones, the giggling she can hear in the dead of night, and then the strange shadows that lurk in her photographs. But the more weird stuff that happens, the less her mum believes her. Sunshine's always had a quirky affiliation with the past, but this time, history is getting much too close for comfort . . . If there is something, or someone, haunting her house, what do they want? And what will they do if Sunshine can't help them? As things become more frightening and dangerous, and the giggles she hears turn to sobs and screams, Sunshine has no choice but to accept what she is, face the test before her and save her mother from a fate worse than death.