The Other Lady Vanishes

Author: Amanda Quick
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0349415951
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In the second installment of her new series, Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick takes us back to California, where Hollywood moguls and stars seeking privacy for scandalous trysts and wild parties come together in the glitzy set of the 1930s. . . The New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Knew Too Much sweeps readers back to 1930s California - where the most dazzling of illusions can't hide the darkest secrets . . . After escaping from a private sanitarium, Adelaide Blake arrives in Burning Cove, California, desperate to start over. Working at a herbal tea shop puts her on the radar of those who frequent the seaside resort town: Hollywood movers and shakers always in need of hangover cures and tonics. One such customer is Jake Truett, a recently widowed businessman in town for a therapeutic rest. But unbeknownst to Adelaide, his exhaustion is just a cover. In Burning Cove, no one is who they seem. Behind facades of glamour and power hide drug dealers, gangsters and grifters. Into this make-believe world comes psychic to the stars Madame Zolanda. Adelaide and Jake know better than to fall for her kind of con. But when the medium becomes a victim of her own dire prediction and is killed, they're drawn into a murky world of duplicity and misdirection. Neither Adelaide nor Jake can predict that in the shadowy underground they'll find connections to the woman Adelaide used to be - and uncover the spectre of a killer who's been real all along . . .

The Lady Vanishes

Author: Valeria Finucci
Editor: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804720458
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"The Lady Vanishes focuses on the representation of women in two key works of the Italian Renaissance: Baldassarre Castiglione's treatise Il libro del cortegiano (The Book of the Courtier) and Ludovico Ariosto's chivalric romance Orlando Furioso. Using feminist, deconstructive, and psychoanalytical arguments, the author investigates power relations and the construction of women's subjectivities in sixteenth-century debates on women and popular narratives." "The book examines the construction of women in different modes: woman as exemplary model and as ridiculed object; woman as narcissistically self-centered and as masochistically altruistic; woman as subject of desire and as object of desire; woman as ambiguously gendered and as radical spectacle of femininity. Because they offer an array of characters ranging from masculine women to feminized men and experiment with many forms of transgressive desire, Castiglione and Ariosto provide the perfect arena for problematizing the Italian Renaissance discourses on gender and sexual difference, on the production of pleasure and theories of selfhood, and on the body and modes of spectatorship." "The author argues that women are indispensable to Castiglione's conversation on the courtier and the court lady not because, as is often contended, he was sympathetic toward women, but because he found women useful for their central role in the male construction of men's own image. As for Ariosto, he resolves his narrative by subsuming women to culture and society, thus sealing out disorder. Although at times portraying female rebellion and resentment as empowering, in the end he punishes women displaying these qualities by banishing them from the text. In contrast, he celebrates the acquiescent woman in the figure of the lady warrior Bradamante, who, upon resuming a properly feminine role, becomes the progenitrix of a dynasty." "The Italian Renaissance discourse on women cast them in both assertive and docile roles. In the end, however, they were restrained or expelled; their society could envision a freer order for men but not for women."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Lady Vanishes

Author: Ethel Lina White
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1471918769
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The exciting original of the Hitchcock film classic. Iris Carr was young, wealthy, attractive - and bored. Despairing of her society friends, tired of skiing with the crowd, she decides to return to England alone by train. But she hadn't bargained for the extraordinary Miss Froy - a lively, gossipy spinster who is determined to befriend her, nor had she expected Miss Froy's sudden disappearance. Certain that she has not imagined so bizarre a character, and outraged by the blank faces of the passengers who deny her existence, Iris vows to find her companion, unaware of the terrifying trail ahead, so wildly different from her notion of a comfortable journey home.

Garden Of Lies

Author: Amanda Quick
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101621044
Size: 14,23 MB
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The New York Times bestselling author of The Other Lady Vanishes presents a gripping novel of intrigue, murder, and unexpected romance set against the backdrop of Victorian London. The Kern Secretarial Agency provides reliable professional services to its wealthy clientele, and Anne Clifton was one of the finest young women in Ursula Kern’s employ. But Miss Clifton has met an untimely end—and Ursula is convinced it was not due to natural causes. Bent on justice, Ursula hatches a plan: take Anne’s place as stenographer to the reclusive poet Valerie, Lady Fulbrook. There are dark rumors about Lord Fulbrook, and his gloomy mansion in Mapstone Square seems the logical starting point for an undercover investigation. Archaeologist and adventurer Slater Roxton thinks Mrs. Kern is off her head to meddle in such dangerous business. But if this mysterious widowed beauty insists on stirring the pot, Slater intends to remain close by as they venture into the darker side of polite society and a den of iniquity called the Olympus Club. Together they must reveal the identity of a killer—and to achieve their goal they may need to reveal their deepest secrets to each other as well...

Looking Awry

Author: Slavoj Žižek
Editor: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262740159
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Slavoj Zizek, a leading intellectual in the new social movements that are sweepingEastern Europe, provides a virtuoso reading of Jacques Lacan. Zizek inverts current pedagogicalstrategies to explain the difficult philosophical underpinnings of the French theoretician andpractician who revolutionized our view of psychoanalysis. He approaches Lacan through the motifs andworks of contemporary popular culture, from Hitchcock's Vertigo to Stephen King's Pet Sematary, fromMcCullough's An Indecent Obsession to Romero's Return of the Living Dead - a strategy of "lookingawry" that recalls the exhilarating and vital experience of Lacan.Zizek discovers fundamentalLacanian categories the triad Imaginary/Symbolic/Real, the object small a, the opposition of driveand desire, the split subject - at work in horror fiction, in detective thrillers, in romances, inthe mass media's perception of ecological crisis, and, above all, in Alfred Hitchcock's films. Theplayfulness of Zizek's text, however, is entirely different from that associated with thedeconstructive approach made famous by Derrida. By clarifying what Lacan is saying as well as whathe is not saying, Zizek is uniquely able to distinguish Lacan from the poststructuralists who sooften claim him.Slavoj Zizek is a Researcher in the Institute of Sociology at the University ofLjubljana, Yugoslavia. His work has been published in France and in Yugoslavia where, running as aproreform candidate, he narrowly missed being elected to the presidency of the republic ofSlovenia.

Lady Vanishes

Author: Carol Lea Benjamin
Editor: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061746460
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From former detective turned noted author and dog trainer, Carol Lea Benjamin, comes the fourth book in the critically-lauded Rachel Alexander mystery series, with a sharp new package--and for the first time in mass market! Dash, Rachel Alexander's pit bull terrier, has come to be known as half a sleuthing team. But when not called upon to solve crimes he has another very important job: that of a therapy dog, working with people who are developmentally challenged. Lady, a mop-coated puli, was the therapy dog at Harbor View, a Greenwich Village home for "throw away" people. But now lady has vanished...and the owner of the home has been killed in a bizarre and mysterious hit-and-run accident. Rachel and Dash are the perfect duo to tackle this mystery: she can find the answers and Dash can bring a sense of calm and order to the residents. As the pieces start coming together, Rachel and Dash not only expose an ugly plot, but also help some innocent victims find justice in a world that too often ignores them.

The Lady Vanishes And Other Oddities Of Nature

Author: Charles Sheffield
Editor: Five Star (ME)
ISBN: 9780786241699
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Camera Techniques In Dramatic And Humorous Scenes In Hitchcock S The Lady Vanishes

Author: Marc Faber
Editor: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3640219899
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Seminar paper from the year 2008 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Other, grade: 1,3, University of Koblenz-Landau (Institut fur fremdsprachige Philologien, Fachbereich Anglistik / Cultural Studies), course: The Cultural Study of Film - British and American Hitchcock, 11 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Alfred Hitchcock is, without doubt, one of the most famous film directors in the history of cinema. Many of his movies are still regarded as well-planned and marvellously produced classics; apart from his masterpiece, Psycho, the films made in the 1950s belong to the best-known ones of the 20th century. The appeal of Hitchcock s films lies, amongst other features, in the narrative camera techniques he uses to integrate the audience directly into the plot action. Pans, cuts, and visual special effects are essentials of his work. The camera techniques contribute in a large degree to Hitchcock succeeding in keeping the audience on tenterhooks and manipulating their perception. The repeated award-winner describes this a structure of film making as follows: "In all my films, about two-thirds of the way through, I try to supply a definite contrast. I take a dramatic situation up and up and up to its peak of excitement and then, before it has time to start the downward curve, I introduce comedy to relieve the tension. After that, I feel safe with the climax. (Sidney Gottlieb, Hitchcock on Hitchcock, London: Faber and Faber, 1997. p. 81) The Lady Vanishes, a Hitchcock movie of 1938, is not an exception to this: Hitchcock mixes a dynamic and surprising plot with elements of comedy and satire. Inhalt der Hausarbeit Es ergibt sich folglich die Frage, ob eine bestimmte Kamerafuhrung in humoristischen und dramatischen Szenen grundsatzlich verwendet wird und aus welchem Grund diese so gut funktioniert. Die Analyse ausgewahlter Szenen aus The Lady Vanishes soll hierauf eine Antwort geben, nachdem die Grundzuge der Kamerafuhrung"

Woman Vanishes

Author: Caroline Crane
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595205402
Size: 11,13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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To save herself and her small daughter, Pauline must disappear. During the night, her husband Jarvis packed a bag and silently drove away. In a farewell note he begged her, for her own safety, not to look for him. That evening, two strange men arrive to inform her that Jarvis owes them $40,000. To save his failing business, Jarvis tried to get a bank loan. When the bank refused, he went to loan sharks, these men who now tell Pauline that she is responsible for her husband¡_s debt and the $2,000 weekly interest. If she doesn¡_t pay, her little daughter Kirby might become the victim of an ¡°accident.¡± The police will not protect her without solid evidence. Her friends in the affluent suburb do not want to be involved. She will have to take Kirby and go into hiding, lose herself in teeming New York City. But she has no money and few connections there. Where will she stay? How will she live? Here is an engrossing story of a woman whose frantic attempt to vanish leads her to a series of shocking surprises.

The Lady Vanishes

Author: Rod Beddows
ISBN: 9780244994938
Size: 17,25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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There is overwhelming evidence to suggest Mrs Howard has been murdered: blood in the marriage bed, on the carpet and a knife, in the husband's car's boot, and elsewhere. Yet there is no body. He claims she must have disappeared. But has no reason to suggest why. The police find no evidence to suggest anything other than murder. The husband is charged but claims he was 600 miles away fishing, however, he was alone. He makes no attempt to provide or create counter evidence; he has no alibi, has made no attempt to hide the blood, and has not removed any of his wife's possessions to support a claim of disappearance. The lady has vanished: dead or not? A very complex puzzle requiring a matching brain to unravel it. Howard's QC finds such a person. This is a psychologically and factually complex, unusual crime mystery.