The Power Of The Poppy

Author: Kenaz Filan
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1594779384
Size: 17,85 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A comprehensive look at the inspiring, healing, and addictive powers of the Opium Poppy and its derivatives throughout history • Covers the history, risks, and benefits of opium, morphine, oxycodone, methadone, and fentanyl • Provides techniques of cultivation, extraction, and safe consumption as well as methods for overcoming addiction and staying “clean” • Profiles 11 famous users, including Thomas de Quincey, William S. Burroughs, Lou Reed, and DJ Screw Few plant allies have a history as long and well-documented as Papaver somniferum, the celebrated and infamous opium poppy. For thousands of years people around the world have been unable to resist the poppy’s siren song of intoxicating pleasure, pain relief, and visionary states--so much so that this potent plant has literally adapted itself to human civilization: in increasing its intoxicating properties, it came to rely solely on humankind for its propagation. From 6,000-year-old poppy seeds found in archaeological digs in Europe to the black tar heroin factories of South America and the modern “War on Drugs,” Kenaz Filan explores the history of this enduring plant and its many derivatives--including opium, morphine, oxycodone, methadone, and fentanyl--as well as its symbiotic relationship with humans as medicine, food, intoxicant, and visionary tool. Profiling 11 famous users including Thomas de Quincey, William S. Burroughs, Lou Reed, and DJ Screw, Filan examines how opium and other poppy derivatives inspired them as well as the high price it exacted for its inspiration. Covering techniques of cultivation, extraction, and safe consumption along with methods for overcoming addiction and staying “clean,” this book offers a sensible approach to the poppy that recognizes the plant not as a crop to be harvested or eradicated but as a living, sentient ally that can offer healing or harm and must be approached with respect and caution.

The Power Of Poppy Pendle

Author: Natasha Lowe
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442449268
Size: 18,31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Ten-year-old Poppy will do anything to realize her dream of becoming a baker, although her parents insist she attend Ruthersfield, the exclusive girls school for witchcraft, where she excels despite her dislike of magic. Includes baking tips and recipes.

The Poppy Plague And England S Crime

Author: James Forbes Bisset Tinling
Size: 16,72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Poppy Broker

Author: Thomas Kirkwood
Editor: Thomas Kirkwood
ISBN: 1461141508
Size: 17,94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A lucky hit by an obscure Italian geneticist produces a virus lethal to the opium poppy. It's like winning the lottery, thinks Noto, who takes his dangerous creation to Tommaso Scalzone, the Italian Interior Minister and head of the national police. Lucky they're fellow Sicilians, Noto muses. Lucky they know each other from childhood. Scalzone, brilliant and unassailable, will know where to sell the virus that will wipe out heroin, do it safely, and make them both rich beyond measure. He has no idea that Scalzone's immense power comes from the Mafia as well as the police, that Scalzone is one of the great criminal minds of our time and that Noto will lose his lottery ticket and his life. In possession of the virus, Scalzone develops a diabolical plan. He will wipe out the world's opium crop, an anti-terrorist coup for which the US will receive credit - but not before he has genetically engineered an opium poppy both immune to the virus and sterile. Seeds to the sterile hybrid, easily transportable to any corner of the globe, will give him an airtight monopoly over opium and its derivatives for years to come. Al Qaeda, the Taliban and others, threatened by the loss their cash crop, will pay his exorbitant price. Another defeat for the US; another triumph for terrorism. And behind it all, on a stage that spans half of Europe, is Scalzone and his cast of thousands. But wait. There is still an obstacle. Scalzone does not have an opium plant resistant to the virus, let alone a sterile hybrid. There is, however, one scientist who can give him what he needs: a genetic engineer at the University of Paris named Claude Armand. To carry out the necessary kidnapping, he relies on the Mafia pezzonovante with whom he is closest, Don Pippo Greco. The Don farms out the job to his hotshot nephew, Gianni (pronounced Johnny). Scalzone, in a fine expression of his shrewd criminal mind and brutal methods, enlists the support of a terrified Swiss German, the owner of a near-bankrupt genetics lab that has done secret military work in the past. Blossoming simultaneously in France is a passionate clandestine love affair between a Bordeaux aristocrat and a famous actress: Chantal Armand, the beautiful married daughter of Claude Armand. Chantal, on a visit to her ancestral home, is swept up in the kidnapping of her father and lands with him in the underground lab in Switzerland. After exhaustive investigations by the police, they are pronounced dead - thanks to the ingenious planning and execution of the crime. Jean-François Duret returns to his life in the countryside outside Bordeaux, hopelessly bereft after losing the only woman he has ever loved. By the time he discovers a clue that Chantal might still be alive, she has become the object of Scalzone's perverse lust. But she has not lost her passion for Jean-François. Indeed, she has been working tirelessly on an escape, spinning a web for Gianni and her other guards with the delicacy and determination that have made her a master of the theater. She deceives for Jean-François; Jean-François deceives for her; Scalzone deceives for power and money; Lichtheim, the Swiss German, deceives . . . himself. The search, then the chase, for Chantal begins. Everything is movement and color, from Paris to the stark beauty of the Alps, from Milan to the incongruously lovely Sicilian estate of Tommaso Scalzone. As layers of deception fall away, the air trembles with unpredictable and often gruesome change. But one constant remains - love. Jean-François finds Chantal at last, but must then face Scalzone in a conclusion that is as terrifying as it is unforgettable. And the all-important clue that puts Jean-François on Chantal's trail? No, no, not here. For that luscious tidbit, one must read THE POPPY BROKER

The Juice Of The Poppy

Author: Anthony Dickenson
Editor: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 1622124251
Size: 15,89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 188

Synopsis: Electronics expert Steve Dalton owns a medical equipment agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His business takes him all over the world. Last year, a chance alliance with Cecil Liu, a shrewd Chinese businessman, and Tim Foster, an ex-SAS officer, created a uniquely qualified trio who successfully took on Middle Eastern terrorists aiming to wreck the American economy. Steve, Cecil, and Tim, on their mission in the preceding novel, The Strangling of Satan, became known to Western Security Forces as "The Unholy Trinity." Now, a year later, the West is calling on the group's skills yet again. The latest mission stems from the fear that the war against illicit drugs, heroin in particular, is being lost, costing society an astronomical amount. The trio's task is to discover the drug syndicates' new distribution routes and the ethnic groups involved, and to develop a counter strategy. Each man in the Trinity faces life-and-death struggles while taking on this dangerous mission. Collaboration with Interpol and international drug agencies take them from Myanmar to Thailand, Singapore, Marseille, and the UK. Corruption is everywhere and no one can be trusted. However, even in the thick of things, love and romance still manage to flourish. About the Author: Anthony Dickinson is an osteopath and an acupuncturist who lives in Cheshire in northwest England. His travels and knowledge of the Far East and his concern about illicit drugs form the basis of this book. He believes we need to look at world problems from a different perspective. Publisher's website: http: //

Papers Relating To The Opium Question

Size: 13,45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Opium Trade In China

Author: James Johnston
Size: 10,38 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Opium Culture

Author: Peter Lee
Editor: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
ISBN: 9781594770753
Size: 19,77 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 145

In Opium Culture, Peter Lee presents a fascinating narrative that covers every aspect of the art and craft of opium use. The text is studded with gems of long forgotten opium arcana, dispelling many of the persistent myths about opium and its users, and includes information on the suppression of opium by the modern pharmaceutical industry.

A Poppy Is To Remember

Author: Heather Patterson
ISBN: 9780545999816
Size: 10,23 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 381

How did the bright red poppy that we all wear in November become Canada's symbol of honouring those who fought for our freedom on Remembrance Day? Moving text coupled with stunning illustrations by Governor General's Award-winning artist Ron Lightburn explain the symbolism behind the poppy. A bonus for teachers is the five-page spread all about the poem, "In Flanders Fields," Canada's wartime and peacekeeping endeavours, and the adoption of the poppy as our Remembrance Day emblem.