The Rainbow

Author: D. H. Lawrence
Editor: Wordsworth Editions
ISBN: 9781853262500
Size: 15,32 MB
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With an Introduction and Notes by Lionel Kelly, University of Reading. In 1915, Lawrence's frank representation of sexuality in 'The Rainbow' caused a furore and the novel was seized by the police and banned almost as soon as it was published. Today it is recognised as one of the classic English novels of the twentieth century. 'The Rainbow' is about three generations of the Brangwen family of Nottinghamshire from the 1840s to the early years of the twentieth century. Within this framework Lawrence's essential concern is with the passional lives of his characters as he explores the pressures that determine their lives, using a religious symbolism in which the 'rainbow' of the title is his unifying motif. His primary focus is on the individual's struggle to growth and fulfilment within marriage and changing social circumstances, a process shown to grow more difficult through the generations. Young Ursula Brangwen, whose story is continued in 'Women in Love', is finally the central figure in Lawrence's anatomy of the confining structures of English social life and the impact of industrialisation and urbanisation on the human psyche. AUTHOR: D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930) was an English novelist and poet, whose works were not only controversial during his lifetime, but long after his death. The explicit sexuality of his books, including his most popular work, 'Sons and Lovers', reached a peak with 'Lady Chatterley's Lover', his final book, that was not published in an unexpurgated form in the U.K. until after a court case for obscenity was dismissed, in 1960.

The Rainbow And The Kings

Author: Thomas O. Reefe
Editor: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520041400
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The Path On The Rainbow

Author: George William Cronyn
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Inside The Rainbow

Author: Sandy Sinclair
Editor: Sandy Sinclair
ISBN: 0970864035
Size: 11,30 MB
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Color For Philosophers

Author: C. L. Hardin
Editor: Hackett Publishing
ISBN: 9780872200395
Size: 13,14 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Awarded the 1986 Johnsonian Prize in Philosophy. This work on colour features a chapter, 'Further Thoughts: 1993', in which the author revisits the dispute between colour objectivists and subjectivists from the perspective of the ecology, genetics, and evolution of colour vision.

The Rainbow A Magazine Of Christian Literature

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Arlen And Harburg S Over The Rainbow

Author: Walter Frisch
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190467339
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"Over the Rainbow" exploded into worldwide fame upon its performance by Judy Garland in the MGM film musical The Wizard of Oz (1939). Voted the greatest song of the twentieth century in a 2000 survey, it is a masterful, delicate balance of sophistication and child-like simplicity in which composer Harold Arlen and lyricist E. Y. "Yip" Harburg poignantly captured the hope and anxiety harbored by Dorothy's character. In Arlen and Harburg's Over the Rainbow, author Walter Frisch traces the history of this song from its inception during the development of The Wizard of Oz's screenplay, to its various reinterpretations over the course of the twentieth century. Through analysis of the song's music and lyrics, this Oxford Keynotes volume provides a close reading of the piece while examining the evolution of its meaning as it traversed widely varying cultural contexts. From its adoption as a jazz standard by generations of pianists, to its contribution to Judy Garland's role as a gay icon, to its reemergence as a chart-topping recording by Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, "Over the Rainbow" continues to engage audiences and performers alike in surprising ways. Featuring a companion website with audio and video supplements, this book leaves no path unexplored as it succeeds in capturing the extent of this song's impact on the world.

Representing The Rainbow In Young Adult Literature

Author: Christine A. Jenkins
Editor: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442278072
Size: 20,92 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Discussions of gender and sexuality have become part of mainstream conversations and are being reflected in the work of more and more writers of fiction, particularly in literature aimed at young adult audiences. But young readers, regardless of their sexual orientation, don’t always know what books offer well-rounded portrayals of queer characters and situations. Fortunately, finding positive role models in fiction that features LGBTQ+ themes has become less problematic, though not without its challenges. In Representing the Rainbow in Young Adult Literature: LGBTQ+ Content since 1969, Christine Jenkins and Michael Cart provide an overview of the literary landscape. An expanded version of The Heart Has Its Reasons, this volume charts the evolution of YA literature that features characters and themes which resonate not only with LGBTQ+ readers but with their allies as well. In this resource, Jenkins and Cart identify titles that are notable either for their excellence—accurate, thoughtful, and tactful depictions—or deficiencies—books that are wrongheaded, stereotypical, or outdated. Each chapter has been significantly updated, and this edition also includes new chapters on bisexual, transgender, and intersex issues and characters, as well as chapters on comics, graphic novels, and works of nonfiction. This book also features an annotated bibliography and a number of author-title lists of books discussed in the text that will aid teachers, librarians, parents, and teen readers. Encompassing a wider array of sexual identities, Representing the Rainbow in Young Adult Literature is an invaluable resource for young people eager to read about books relevant to them and their lives.

D H Lawrence S The Rainbow And Women In Love

Author: Doo-Sun Ryu
Editor: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9780820461045
Size: 19,39 MB
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Focusing on D. H. Lawrence's concept of «essential criticism», which was introduced in his posthumously published «Study of Thomas Hardy» and his statement that «every work of art adheres to some system of morality. But it must contain the essential criticism on the morality to which it adheres», this book examines the ways in which Lawrence presents his ideas in his major novels The Rainbow and Women in Love. It explores how this concept plays a crucial role in his fiction as an «other» to the implied author's messages: functioning differently, as equivocation and creative strife, respectively, in The Rainbow and Women in Love, the concept helps to make these novels more dynamic that commonly realized.

The Rainbow Bridge

Author: Raymond L. Lee
Editor: Penn State Press
ISBN: 9780271019772
Size: 11,57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Venerated as god and goddess, feared as demon and pestilence, trusted as battle omen, and used as a proving ground for optical theories, the rainbow's image is woven into the fabric of our past and present. From antiquity to the nineteenth century, the rainbow has played a vital role in both inspiring and testing new ideas about the physical world. Although scientists today understand the rainbow's underlying optics fairly well, its subtle variability in nature has yet to be fully explained. Throughout history the rainbow has been seen primarily as a symbol&—of peace, covenant, or divine sanction&—rather than as a natural phenomenon. Lee and Fraser discuss the role the rainbow has played in societies throughout the ages, contrasting its guises as a sign of optimism, bearer of Greek gods' messages of war and retribution, and a symbol of the Judeo-Christian bridge to the divine. The authors traverse the bridges between the rainbow's various roles as they explore its scientific, artistic, and folkloric visions. This unique book, exploring the rainbow from the perspectives of atmospheric optics, art history, color theory, and mythology, will inspire readers to gaze at the rainbow anew. For more information on The Rainbow Bridge, visit: &