The Redemption Of The Animals

Author: Douglas Sloan
ISBN: 1584201959
Size: 13,45 MB
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As human beings, what is our true relationship to the animals on earth? What is our responsibility to our fellow creatures? Douglas Sloan explores these and other questions in this important book on the human-animal connection. His explorations are based on personal experience and wide-ranging research into the work of Rudolf Steiner and others, including scientist students of the inner life of animals and committed defenders of animal wellbeing. Rudolf Steiner describes how from the beginning of creation humans and animals have been united in deep kinship. A loss of the sense of this human–animal connection has resulted in an immense animal suffering the world over. Especially in their suffering, the animals now pose for the modern human being many pressing and perplexing questions. Are the animals conscious? Do they have feelings like ours? Do they experience pain? Do the animals have a spiritual reality and experience? Do the animals have souls and selves? Do the animals have capacities for cognitive intelligence, emotional empathy, language, and memory? Is there a crucial difference between the human and the animal, a basic difference in kind, or only a difference in degree? Do animals have rights? Are we justified in using the animals as we wish—eating them, hunting them, experimenting on them? Rudolf Steiner presents a vision of the ultimate redemption of the animals from their suffering. What is the nature of this redemption? What is our responsibility in making it happen? In exploring these and related questions with the help of Rudolf Steiner’s work and that of others on the issue, we can begin to see the importance in our time of our relating to the animals in a completely new way—a relationship that understands and respects the animals’ inner spiritual being, and one that requires a deep grasp of our own spiritual being in relation to theirs. In this book, Douglas Sloan seeks to help us toward this new relationship with the animals, both in concept and in everyday action.

The Redemption Of Love

Author: Carrie A. Miles
Editor: Brazos Press
ISBN: 1587431505
Size: 11,24 MB
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Biblical answers to issues of love, sex, marriage, and family within the growing economic study of religion.

The Redemption Of Black Elk

Author: Linda L. Stampoulos
Editor: CCB Publishing
ISBN: 1926585925
Size: 17,74 MB
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As a young child of the Oglala Lakota Sioux, Black Elk had been given a mighty vision which would lead him on a personal journey that lasted his entire life. Although Black Elk's vision was a prophetic message telling the terrible future of his tribe, it also held positive aspects that must be reclaimed. It is through this reclamation that the guiding beacons given to him reveal an ancient pathway woven into the images of the West. By exploring Black Elk's eyewitness account of the crucial events of that time, the author discovered a series of metaphorical footprints that show us the way toward inner strength and a balanced life...125 years later. To help with an interpretation of Black Elk's account, the author invoked the insight of Joseph Campbell, one of the world's foremost authorities on societal ideologies. Through his understanding of symbol and metaphor Campbell was able to examine the metaphorical footprints and provide us with a twenty-first century "spin" that a simple man generations before could only imagine. This book offers a new look at Black Elk's footprints and together with the insight of Joseph Campbell, presents an inward path to the positive forces within each of us, waiting for discovery. About the Author: Linda L. Stampoulos lives in New Jersey, and often travels to the West to research material her books. After completing her Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees at Montclair State University, she went on to Columbia University, to earn her Doctorate in Education. She has taught at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels in the Schools of Health Foundations and Educational Foundations at Montclair State University. A large portion of her curriculum included the works of Joseph Campbell. She is President of Pompano Associates, Inc. a Women s Business Enterprise, certified by the State of New Jersey Department of Commerce. They can be found at: Her last book, "Images of America: Visiting the Grand Canyon, Views of Early Tourism" was listed among the Southwest Books of the Year, Best Reading 2004. In addition, she has previously worked with Arcadia Publishing on several projects, including "Fort Peck Indian Reservation; The Little Bighorn, Tiospaye; "and" The Grand Canyon: Native People and Early Visitors." She is a consultant for Lenape tribal members who are writing a new book exploring the history of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In addition, she has devoted over twenty-five years to work in the field of Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services.

The Redemption Of Jamison Creed

Author: Kuma Starr
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595270948
Size: 13,17 MB
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The Widow Maker stood in the streets facing the saloon doors. "Come on out kid" don't make me come in and get you. The doors opened and the half-breed stepped out into the sun light. Ok Widow maker what now? You know the drill kid either pull that hog leg or unbuckle it’s your choice. No old man I think the day is the day I become famous! No kid the day is the day you die and both men went for their guns.

The Nullity Of Repentance Without Faith In The Redemption By Jesus Christ Proved From Holy Scripture 3 Sermons

Author: Benjamin Holloway
Size: 12,10 MB
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Cult And Conscience

Author: Jacob Milgrom
Editor: Brill Archive
ISBN: 9789004044760
Size: 13,67 MB
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The Redemption Of Professor Evelyn

Author: Dominick Forte
Editor: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1426933770
Size: 20,73 MB
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The Redemption of Professor EvelynThe Redemption of Professor Evelyn off ers both a discussion of the unseen spirit world and a parable of the supernatural as it affects one individual, Professor Horace Evelyn. Mankind, in all generations and cultures, has debated the existence of spirits and angelic beings. Weve wondered if angels and demons actually are myth or reality. A belief in evil spirits has always been inherent in the cultures of man. For example, the exterior facades of cathedrals built during medieval times incorporated gargoyles in their design in the belief that the ugly, grotesque features of their carved faces would scare away evil or unclean spirits. In contrast, angels are good spirits. Th e Creator endowed them with innate, independent life. They were given immortality. Spirits live forever, because they dont have a body to wear down, sustain damage or injury, or die. Enter Professor Horace Evelyn, who is being treated for severe schizophrenia. Professor Evelyn has not been able to fi nd a medical cure, but he soon realizes that he does not need a doctorhe needs an exorcist. His soul has become the site of a cataclysmic struggle between the forces of good and evil. Th is story is not about regaining his mental health; its about the salvation of his soul.

The Redemption Of Labour

Author: Cecil Balfour Phipson
Size: 11,16 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Redemption Of Er Th

Author: Satis
Editor: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491738138
Size: 14,83 MB
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n the fallen world of Erath, a place overrun by the forces of Darkness, a young boy is taken in by his grandfather when his parents perish in a fire at his birth. Feared and misunderstood by everyone around him, Brandye Dui-Erath grows up alone, save for a single family who sees the sadness in his heart. Through his grandfather's many fireside tales, Brandye begins to learn the true nature of the world around him. As Darkness and its creatures begin to creep into the once-safe lands of Consolation, he discovers that he has a connection to the long-forgotten ancient world. As events force him down a path of ever-growing danger, he finds his destiny is to suffer both joy and sorrow, and to learn the true nature of Darkness and Death. The Redemption of Erath: Consolation is thew first in a series of novels chronicling the epic journey of Brandye Dui-Erath through the dark and terrifying world of Erath?a journey that will take him to the ends of land and time and put the salvation of all men in his hands. "

The Redemption Of Jefferson Cade

Author: BJ James
Editor: Silhouette
ISBN: 9781459203198
Size: 14,32 MB
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"If ever you need me...I'll come for you." —Jefferson Cade, Prince Charming in blue jeans Four years ago, Marissa Alexandre and Jefferson Cade shared sweet passion in the wilds of Belle Terre. But Marissa was promised to another, and she'd left—taking Jefferson's heart with her. Now, the only woman he'd ever loved was in danger. Protecting Marissa from a murderous drug lord proved less challenging than healing the shadows of the past. But Jefferson was determined to rekindle Marissa's ardor...and this time he'd never let her go.