The Rise Of The Roman Empire

Author: Polybius
Editor: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141920505
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The Greek statesman Polybius (c.200–118 BC) wrote his account of the relentless growth of the Roman Empire in order to help his fellow countrymen understand how their world came to be dominated by Rome. Opening with the Punic War in 264 BC, he vividly records the critical stages of Roman expansion: its campaigns throughout the Mediterranean, the temporary setbacks inflicted by Hannibal and the final destruction of Carthage. An active participant of the politics of his time as well as a friend of many prominent Roman citizens, Polybius drew on many eyewitness accounts in writing this cornerstone work of history.

The Rise And Fall Of The Holy Roman Empire

Author: David Criswell
Editor: Publishamerica Incorporated
ISBN: 9781413754735
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The Rise and Fall of the Holy Roman Empire is the only complete history of the Holy Roman Empure currently in print. The vain attempt of the Holy Roman Empire to restore the legacy of ancient Rome is recounted in full. Unlike other histories, Dr. Criswell covers both emperors and popes, who were by charter co-rulers of the empire, and discusses the whole empire as it extended at various times far beoynd Germany and Italy to Spain, England, France, and even to Constantiniople, Jerusalem, and the Americas. Preferring facts to interpretation, Dr. Criswell has presented this history as a chronoligcal narrative, discussing each and every emperor and pope, as well as the dominant kings of Europe, from the time of Charlemagne to the empire's fall under Napoleon. The result is a history that combines Church history with secular history and is the first comprehensive, yet conscise, history of the Holy Roman Empire.

Rise Of The Roman Empire

Author: Thomas L. Dynneson
ISBN: 9781433162855
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"This work is a daring interpretation of the ways and means that the Roman Empire became the greatest military power of the ancient world, and how the vastness of this empire engulfed the entire Mediterranean world, as well as most of Europe. In the second century BCE, the Greek historian Polybius (200-118 BCE), after arriving in Rome in 168 BCE, asked in his Histories: 'How did the Romans succeed in building a world empire in such a short span of time?' This book takes the perspective Polybius's question was mistaken, in the sense that the formation of the Roman Empire, took a very long time--indeed, centuries. The formation of the Roman Empire began in 390 BCE when the Gauls burned Rome; and even before that time, as this book demonstrates, the kings of Rome were some of the first empire builders"--

The Rise Of Rome

Author: Plutarch
Editor: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241326966
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The biographies collected in this volume bring together Plutarch's Lives of those great men who established the city of Rome and consolidated its supremacy, and his Comparisons with their notable Greek counterparts. Here he pairs Romulus, mythical founder of Rome, with Theseus, who brought Athens to power, and compares the admirable Numa and Lycurgus for bringing order to their communities, while Titus Flamininus and Philopoemen are portrayed as champions of freedom. As well as providing an illuminating picture of the first century AD, Plutarch depicts complex and nuanced heroes who display the essential virtues of Greek civilization - courage, patriotism, justice, intelligence and reason - that contributed to the rise of Rome. These new and revised translations by W. Jeffrey Tatum and Ian Scott-Kilvert capture Plutarch's elegant prose and narrative flair. This edition also includes a general introduction, individual introductions to each of the Lives and Comparisons, further reading and notes. The Rise of Rome is the penultimate title in Penguin Classics' complete revised Plutarch in six volumes. Other titles include Rome In Crisis, On Sparta, Fall of the Roman Republic, The Age of Alexander and The Rise and Fall of Athens (forthcoming 2014).

The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire

Author: Barry Linton
Editor: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781514255445
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Arguably the greatest Empire to ever exist, Rome has indelibly left a significant mark on the modern world. The posthumous influence of the Roman Republic and Empire have no equal in all of history. Their varied culture, stunning art, brilliant philosophy, and towering architecture is embedded in our modern world. Roman innovation has left behind a legacy that has remained admired and emulated for over a thousand years. They built massive networks of roads before the birth of Christ. They constructed elaborate public sewer systems over 1,500 years before the United States became a Nation, and had networks of aqueducts bringing running water. Their tactics in battle are still studied by historians and military leaders of today. Their history is filled with great conflicts, compelling love stories, and the most treacherous of leaders. Hollywood has explored their culture time and again on the silver screen. Larger than life commanders like Julius Caesar would help shape their ultimate destiny. In his book entitled The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire: Life, Liberty, and the Death of the Republic author Barry Linton highlights and explains the significant struggles and contributions that have made Rome so well known. Join us as we explore the meteoric rise, monumental life, inevitable death, and eventual rebirth of Rome.

Ancient Empires

Author: Eric H. Cline
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521889111
Size: 14,65 MB
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"Ancient Empires is a relatively brief yet comprehensive and even-handed overview of the ancient Near East, the Mediterranean, and Europe, including the Greco-Roman world, Late Antiquity, and the early Muslin period. The book emphasizes the central, if problematic, connection between political and ideological power in both empire-formation and resistance. By defining the ancient world as a period strectching from the Bronze Age into the early Muslim world, it is broader in scope than competing books; yet at the same time its tight thematic concentration keeps the narrative engagingly focused"--

The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire

Author: Edward Gibbon
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The Fall Of The Roman Empire

Author: Rita J. Markel
Editor: Twenty-First Century Books
ISBN: 0822559196
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Examines the period of the decline of the Roman Empire, discussing the economic, social, political, religious, and military factors which led to its final downfall.

The Fall Of The Roman Republic

Author: David Shotter
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134851103
Size: 20,84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Revised and updated to include the latest research in the field, this second edition of a popular history text examines how the Roman republic was destabilised by the unplanned growth of the Roman empire. Central discussion points include: * the government of the Republic * how certain individuals took advantage of the expansion of the empire * Julius Caesar's accession to power * the rise of the Augustan principate following Julius Caesar's murder. Drawing on a wealth of recent scholarship and including an expanded and updated guide to further reading, a chronology, and a guide to the provinces of the Roman empire, students of history and classical studies will find this a helpful and accessible introduction to this complex period in history.

The Rise Of The Roman Empire

Author: Zachary Anderson
Editor: Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 1502605732
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Few civilizations have been as large and successful as the Romans, but Rome wasn’t always the capital of an expanding empire. Explore the history of Rome from the city’s founding through its peak.