Shogun S Scroll

Author: Stephen F. Kaufman
Editor: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462907830
Size: 18,21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Shogun's Scroll offers a look at the samurai strategies and ethics of medieval Japan distilled into language modern readers can relate to and follow. In the tradition of The Art of War and The Book of Five Rings, this book offers timeless advice on success in war and life. Written in the voice of Hidetomo Nakadai, a late twelfth century scholar and servant in the court of Minamoto Yoritomo—the first shogun of Japan and one of the world's most ruthless generals—this treatise can be used as a guide for personal growth and motivation. The author draws on a lifetime of personal experiences with the philosophy of Japanese martial arts as well as countless historical sources to produce this profound work of docu-fiction. It is essential reading for those interested in martial arts, samurai, military history or Japanese history.

The Shogun Scrolls

Author: Hidetomo Nakadai
Editor: Tuttle Publishing
Size: 20,78 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"The Shogun's Scrolls" were written in the twelfth century by Hidetomo Nakadai, a scholar and servant in the court of Minamoto Yoritomo, the first shogun of Japan. The shogun ordered Nakadai to provide detailed advice on governing the realm and the resulting treatise can be used today as a guide for personal development and motivation, especially for followers of the martial arts.

The Shogun S Daughter

Author: Robert Ames Bennet
Editor: A. C. McCLURG & CO.
Size: 14,49 MB
Format: PDF
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Example in this ebook CHAPTER I—Eastern Seas My first cruise as a midshipman in the navy of the United States began a short month too late for me to share in the honors of the Mexican War. In other words, I came in at the foot of the service, with all the grades above me fresh-stocked with comparatively young and vigorous officers. As a consequence, the rate of promotion was so slow that the Summer of 1851 found me, at the age of twenty-four, still a middie, with my lieutenancy ever receding, like a will-o’-the-wisp, into the future. Had I chosen a naval career through necessity, I might have continued to endure. But to the equal though younger heir of one of the largest plantations in South Carolina, the pay of even a post captain would have been of small concern. It is, therefore, hardly necessary to add that I had been lured into the service by the hope of winning fame and glory. That my choice should have fallen upon the navy rather than the army may have been due to the impulse of heredity. According to family traditions and records, one of my ancestors was the famous English seaman Will Adams, who served Queen Elizabeth in the glorious fight against the Spanish Armada and afterwards piloted a Dutch ship through the dangerous Straits of Magellan and across the vast unchartered expanse of the Pacific to the mysterious island empire, then known as Cipango or Zipangu. History itself verifies that wonderful voyage and the still more wonderful fact of my ancestor’s life among the Japanese as one of the nobles and chief counsellors of the great Emperor Iyeyasu. So highly was the advice of the bold Englishman esteemed by the Emperor that he was never permitted to return home. For many years he dwelt honorably among that most peculiar of Oriental peoples, aiding freely the few English and Dutch who ventured into the remote Eastern seas. He had aided even the fanatical Portuguese and Spaniards, who, upon his arrival, had sought to have him and his handful of sick and starving shipmates executed as pirates. So it was he lived and died a Japanese noble, and was buried with all honor. With the blood of such a man in my veins, it is not strange that I turned to the sea. Yet it is no less strange that three years in the service should bring me to an utter weariness of the dull naval routine. Notable as were the achievements of our navy throughout the world in respect to exploration and other peaceful triumphs, it has ever surprised me that in the absence of war and promotion I should have lingered so long in my inferior position. In war the humiliation of servitude to seniority may be thrust from thought by the hope of winning superior rank through merit. Deprived of this opportunity, I could not but chafe under my galling subjection to the commands of men never more than my equals in social rank and far too often my inferiors. The climax came after a year on the China Station, to which I had obtained an assignment in the hope of renewed action against the arrogant Celestials. Disappointed in this, and depressed by a severe spell of fever contracted at Honkong, I resigned the service at Shanghai, and took passage for New York, by way of San Francisco and the Horn, on the American clipper Sea Flight. We cleared for the Sandwich Islands August the twenty-first, 1851. The second noon found us safe across the treacherous bars of the Yangtse-Kiang and headed out across the Eastern Sea, the southwest monsoon bowling us along at a round twelve knots. To be continue in this ebook

The Thousand Autumns Of Jacob De Zoet

Author: David Mitchell
Editor: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1848945035
Size: 14,20 MB
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**Pre-order UTOPIA AVENUE, the spectacular new novel from David Mitchell.** The Sunday Times Number One Bestseller, from the author of CLOUD ATLAS and THE BONE CLOCKS. Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2010 'Brilliant' - The Times 'A masterpiece' - Scotsman Be transported to a place like no other: a tiny, man-made island in the bay of Nagasaki, for two hundred years the sole gateway between Japan and the West. Here, in the dying days of the 18th-century, a young Dutch clerk arrives to make his fortune. Instead he loses his heart. Step onto the streets of Dejima and mingle with scheming traders, spies, interpreters, servants and concubines as two cultures converge. In a tale of integrity and corruption, passion and power, the key is control - of riches and minds, and over death itself. 'Confirms Mitchell as one of the more fascinating and fearless writers alive' - New York Times Book Review

The Shogun S Queen

Author: Lesley Downer
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 144815247X
Size: 14,47 MB
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'A persuasive storyteller and the setting is mesmerising' Antonia Senior, The Times _________________ The year is 1853, and a young Japanese girl’s world is about to be turned upside down. When black ships carrying barbarians arrive on the shores of Japan, the Satsuma clan’s way of life is threatened. But it’s not just the samurai who must come together to fight: the beautiful, headstrong Okatsu is also given a new destiny by her feudal lord – to save the realm. Armed only with a new name, Princess Atsu, as she is now known, journeys to the women’s palace of Edo Castle, a place so secret it cannot be marked on any map. Behind the palace’s immaculate façade, amid rumours of murder and whispers of ghosts, Atsu must uncover the mystery that surrounds the man whose fate, it seems, is irrevocably linked to hers – the shogun himself – if she is to rescue her people . . .

The Japan Of The Shoguns

Author: Denise L. Bissonnette
Editor: Northeastern University Press
Size: 12,63 MB
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The Wit And Wisdom Of An American Hanshi Effectual Thought Leader

Author: Stephen F. Kaufman
Editor: Worthy Shorts Inc
ISBN: 1935340093
Size: 14,25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is an anthology of writings and aphorisms by one of the world's most honored martial arts masters and a teacher of ancient wisdom made practical for contemporary global society. What Kaufman says is significant in the overall acceptance of self-understanding and mutual cooperation worldwide. An authority on negotiation, management, reality facilitation, motivation training, personal development, and spiritual ascension technique, he provides functional solutions that empower audiences to turn all challenges, real and imaginary, emanating from the worlds of business, military, and personal endeavor, into viable opportunity by demonstrating definitive working techniques that bring about advantageous results.

Authorizing The Shogunate

Author: Vyjayanthi R. Selinger
Editor: BRILL
ISBN: 9004255338
Size: 12,78 MB
Format: PDF
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Authorizing the Shogunate is a study of the symbolic construction of warrior order in the Heike monogatari corpus.

The Shogun Age Exhibition

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The Ronin S Mistress

Author: Laura Joh Rowland
Editor: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1429973862
Size: 16,52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Ronin's Mistress is a brilliant new twist on the fabled tale of the 47 Ronin, from Laura Joh Rowland--an author with "a painter's eye for the minutiae of court life [and] a politician's ear for intrigue." --The New York Times Book Review Japan, 1703. On a snowy night, 47 warriors murder the man at the center of the scandal that turned them from samurai into masterless ronin two years before. Clearly this was an act of revenge--but why did they wait so long? And is there any reason they should not immediately be ordered to commit ritual suicide? Sano Ichiro, demoted from Chamberlain to his old post as Most Honorable Investigator of Events, Situations, and People, has mere days to solve the greatest mystery of samurai legend--while his own fortunes hang in the balance.