The Solex Brothers Redux

Author: Luke Kennard
ISBN: 9781844715480
File Size: 47,54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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NEXT GENERATION POET 2014Like a toboggan of wolves who have eaten their driver, The Solex Brothers rushes blindly through the forest, drawing on the tropes and archetypes of folk tales, parables, political manifestos, philosophical tracts and grammar. Unlike a toboggan of wolves, The Solex Brothers explores the fate of the individual – albeit a rather feeble individual – and of personal responsibility in a culture of absurd, inexorable forces. Farce navigating towards moral absolution in narratives at once Fauvist and Baroque, expunging the twee with a reformist's remorseless vigour; cherishing its influences with a poststructuralist’s vertical rigour; and, at times, chasing its tail with a schoolboy’s reductive snigger. Like a toboggan of wolves who are beginning to regret having set-upon and eaten their driver, the world of “The Solex Brothers” is funny, sad and irretrievably lost

British Prose Poetry

Author: Jane Monson
Editor: Springer
ISBN: 3319778633
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This book is the first collection of essays on the British prose poem. With essays by leading academics, critics and practitioners, the book traces the British prose poem’s unsettled history and reception in the UK as well as its recent popularity. The essays cover the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries exploring why this form is particularly suited to the modern age and yet can still be problematic for publishers, booksellers and scholars. Refreshing perspectives are given on the Romantics, Modernists and Post-Modernists, among them Woolf, Beckett and Eliot as well as more recent poets like Seamus Heaney, Geoffrey Hill, Claudia Rankine, Jeremy Over and Vahni Capildeo. British Prose Poetry moves from a contextual overview of the genre’s early volatile and fluctuating status, through to crucial examples of prose poetry written by established Modernist, surrealist and contemporary writers. Key questions around boundaries are discussed more generally in terms of race, class and gender. The British prose poem’s international heritage, influences and influence are explored throughout as an intrinsic part of its current renaissance.

Prose Poetry

Author: Paul Hetherington
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691212139
File Size: 31,55 MB
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An engaging and authoritative introduction to an increasingly important and popular literary genre Prose Poetry is the first book of its kind—an engaging and authoritative introduction to the history, development, and features of English-language prose poetry, an increasingly important and popular literary form that is still too little understood and appreciated. Poets and scholars Paul Hetherington and Cassandra Atherton introduce prose poetry’s key characteristics, chart its evolution from the nineteenth century to the present, and discuss many historical and contemporary prose poems that both demonstrate their great diversity around the Anglophone world and show why they represent some of today’s most inventive writing. A prose poem looks like prose but reads like poetry: it lacks the line breaks of other poetic forms but employs poetic techniques, such as internal rhyme, repetition, and compression. Prose Poetry explains how this form opens new spaces for writers to create riveting works that reshape the resources of prose while redefining the poetic. Discussing prose poetry’ s precursors, including William Wordsworth and Walt Whitman, and prose poets such as Charles Simic, Russell Edson, Lydia Davis, and Claudia Rankine, the book pays equal attention to male and female prose poets, documenting women’s essential but frequently unacknowledged contributions to the genre. Revealing how prose poetry tests boundaries and challenges conventions to open up new imaginative vistas, this is an essential book for all readers, students, teachers, and writers of prose poetry.

The Migraine Hotel

Author: Luke Kennard
Editor: Salt Publishing
File Size: 11,28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is another sensational collection from Luke Kennard packed with humour and his heady mix of crazy animistic narrators and surreal mise-en-scene. Taking off from his much celebrated second collection, The Harbour Beyond the Movie which was shortlisted for the 2007 Forward Prize for Poetry, this book will delight Kennard's readers and find him even more fans. Not to be missed.