The Song Machine Inside The Hit Factory

Author: John Seabrook
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393241939
Size: 19,52 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 605

"An utterly satisfying examination of the business of popular music." —Nathaniel Rich, The Atlantic There’s a reason today’s ubiquitous pop hits are so hard to ignore—they’re designed that way. The Song Machine goes behind the scenes to offer an insider’s look at the global hit factories manufacturing the songs that have everyone hooked. Full of vivid, unexpected characters—alongside industry heavy-hitters like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Max Martin, and Ester Dean—this fascinating journey into the strange world of pop music reveals how a new approach to crafting smash hits is transforming marketing, technology, and even listeners’ brains. You’ll never think about music the same way again. A Wall Street Journal Best Business Book

Summary Of John Seabrook S The Song Machine By Milkyway Media

Author: Milkyway Media
Editor: Milkyway Media
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The Song Machine (2015) recounts the last 20 years of music industry history, describing how changes in taste, technology, and industry practice have shaped the hit songs that currently dominate radio and streaming services. Despite some early predictions that technologies like the music-sharing service Napster would make hit songs obsolete, hits are just as important to the music industry now as ever before… Purchase this in-depth summary to learn more.

The Song Of The Machine

Author: David Blot
Editor: Black Dog & Leventhal
ISBN: 031652624X
Size: 11,95 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 462

A pulsating graphic novel on the epic history of electronic music, from the heyday of disco in the 1970s to the rave culture of the 1990s and beyond. With a foreword from house music legends Daft Punk, The Song of the Machine is a celebration of a musical wave that swept across the world over decades, demographics, and dance styles. Originally published in 2000 in France, and updated through today for this first English edition, the electrifying narrative introduces readers to the harbingers of the genre, such as David Mancuso, Larry Levan, and Frankie Knuckles (known as the "Godfather of House Music"); the prototypes of modern-day nightclubs and dance venues, like The Loft and Studio 54 in New York City, the Palace in Paris, and the Hacienda in Manchester, England, and of course, the technology and machines that first produced and synthesized the records that galvanized a movement. Told through exciting illustrations that evolve with the era they describe, and complete with specially curated playlists for each and every decade, The Song of the Machine recounts the influences and inspirations, the people and epic parties that created and defined this revolutionary music.

The Bloomsbury Handbook Of Popular Music Education

Author: Zack Moir
Editor: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1350049425
Size: 18,91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 524

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Popular Music Educationdraws together current thinking and practice on popular music education from empirical, ethnographic, sociological and philosophical perspectives. Through a series of unique chapters from authors working at the forefront of music education, this book explores the ways in which an international group of music educators each approach popular music education. Chapters discuss pedagogies from across the spectrum of formal to informal learning, including “outside” and “other” perspectives that provide insight into the myriad ways in which popular music education is developed and implemented. The book is organized into the following sections: - Conceptualizing Popular Music Education - Musical, Creative and Professional Development - Originating Popular Music - Popular Music Education in Schools - Identity, Meaning and Value in Popular Music Education - Formal Education, Creativities and Assessment Contributions from academics, teachers, and practitioners make this an innovative and exciting volume for students, teachers, researchers and professors in popular music studies and music education.

Book Reports

Author: Robert Christgau
Editor: Duke University Press
ISBN: 1478002123
Size: 12,38 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 262

In this generous collection of book reviews and literary essays, legendary Village Voice rock critic Robert Christgau showcases the passion that made him a critic—his love for the written word. Many selections address music, from blackface minstrelsy to punk and hip-hop, artists from Lead Belly to Patti Smith, and fellow critics from Ellen Willis and Lester Bangs to Nelson George and Jessica Hopper. But Book Reports also teases out the popular in the Bible and 1984 as well as pornography and science fiction, and analyzes at length the cultural theory of Raymond Williams, the detective novels of Walter Mosley, the history of bohemia, and the 2008 financial crisis. It establishes Christgau as not just the Dean of American Rock Critics, but one of America's most insightful cultural critics as well.

Nobody Cages Me

Author: Corey Washington
Editor: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1453568840
Size: 13,55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Jimi Hendrix is primarily looked at as a Rock musician, which is fine, but he is much more. From his seminal beginnings on the R&B chitlin circuit to his whirlwind international fame, Jimi Hendrix took from all sources musically. The consummate musician, Jimi was looking for any and every opportunity to jam with like-minded musicians, who did not want to be caged by musical categories. Almost by chance, Jimi was involved in two pioneering performances that launched two genres, that would dominate the African-American music scene for multiple decades (1970spresent). These genres are P-Funk and Hip-Hop! This is not a Jimi Hendrix biography, because that has already been done multiple times. Nobody Cages Me! is told from the perspective of a young African-American male, who had to discover Hendrix on his own. It took the popular wrestler Hulk Hogan to connect the author with Jimi Hendrix. The authors journey to Hendrix is a unique story in of itself. About the Author Corey Washington is an Educator/Author/Blogger/Journalist from Augusta, Georgia. He is also the author of Plain Talk volumes 1 and 2 (a two part series designed to promote cultural diversity and awareness). He holds both a bachelors and masters degree in Middle Grades Education from Augusta State University. Born in New York City during the twilight of Disco and the dawn of Hip-Hop(1976), the author did not discover Jimi Hendrix until 1997. Since then, he has studied and listened to every Hendrix recording and book that he could get his hands on. He hopes Nobody Cages Me! will get some people to see beyond the parameters of traditional "White" and "Black" music. Nobody Cages Me official website Plain Talk Volume 1 official website link to Plain Talk Volume 2 link to article on


Author: Piotr Król
Editor: Piotr Król
Size: 14,96 MB
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Uncovering Heian Japan

Author: Thomas LaMarre
Editor: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822325185
Size: 14,70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 358

Literary criticism of classical Japanese poetry, focusing on the emergence of “Kokinwakashu,’ an imperial anthology of waka poetry compiled in the 9th century.

A Machine Wrote This Song

Author: Jennifer Hayashida
ISBN: 9780998736273
Size: 19,35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 804

Poetry. Equal parts definition and destruction of language as material, Jennifer Hayashida's A MACHINE WROTE THIS SONG challenges us to examine what constitutes meaningful communication. In Hayashida's first collection of poems, we are invited to experience the loss of translation (between languages, generations, and geographies) with a tender scrupulousness. The speakers in A MACHINE WROTE THIS SONG are hooked on phenomenology in an attempt to understand competing scales of intimacy and violence, continuity and interruption. A MACHINE WROTE THIS SONG gives us the linguistic tools to examine our reality as an infinite series of connected concepts. Hayashida creates gentle tension by highlighting the synchronicities of experience, for example: motherhood / war, machination / art, memory / strategy, syntax / feeling. Throughout the collection, we are reminded to both revere and question our personal and collective relationship to the histories we embody through our languages: "This poem is / history without geography / You are / Interrupted Fern / This poem is / a dry-docked vessel / We are / a homemade dictionary."

Waging Heavy Peace

Author: Neil Young
Editor: Penguin UK
ISBN: 024196217X
Size: 12,45 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 978

Waging Heavy Peace is the remarkable memoir of rock icon Neil Young Neil Young is a singular figure in the history of rock and pop culture in the last four decades, inducted not once but twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Reflective, insightful and disarmingly honest, Waging Heavy Peace is his long-awaited memoir. From his youth in Canada to his crazy journey out to California, through Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills & Nash, to his massively successful solo career and his re-emergence as the patron saint of grunge on to his role today as one of the last uncompromised and uncompromising survivors of rock 'n' roll - this is Neil's story told in his own words. Young presents a kaleidoscopic view of personal life and musical creativity; it's a journey that spans the snows of Ontario to the LSD-laden boulevards of 1966 Los Angeles to the contemplative paradise of Hawaii today. Along the way he writes about the music, the victims, the girls and the drugs; about his happy family life but also about the health problems he and his children have experienced; about guitars, cars and sound systems; about Canada and California and Hawaii. Candid, witty and revealing, this book takes its place beside the classic memoirs of Bob Dylan and Keith Richards. 'Wryly funny, deeply moving, painfully honest' Guardian 'He's talking to you, not at you, unravelling himself as well, and you don't want it to end . . . You see rock and roll history from the inside out, and in the present tense' Independent 'Young appears bounteous and joyful, a genuinely happy hippy . . . Unusually for a rock memoir, this one is almost completely angst-free' Sunday Times 'Dryly hilarious . . . poignant . . . Waging Heavy Peace shows that Young is still in full possession of that stubborn, brilliant, one-of-a-kind instrument' Rolling Stone 'A real treat . . . he writes openly and movingly abut the key figures in his feel you know Young better for reading it' Metro