The Spitfire

Author: Frederick Chamier
Size: 13,64 MB
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The Spitfire

Author: Philip Kaplan
Editor: Casemate Publishers
ISBN: 1473898544
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“An amazing tribute to the people who designed, built and flew it—a comprehensive history of one of the most beautiful aircraft ever manufactured.”—Books Monthly The magnificent Vickers Supermarine Spitfire, together with its able partner the Hawker Hurricane, saved Britain from Nazi invasion in the summer of 1940 and irrevocably changed the course of the Second World War. This book from Philip Kaplan celebrates one of history’s most important weapons in a glorious new light. A British national icon, the Spitfire is the best-known symbol of the war years for generations of Britons. From the deep, haunting growl of its Rolls-Royce engine, to the elegant style of its elliptical wing, it is perhaps the most famous and revered combat airplane ever built. Kaplan investigates just what it is that fuels the Spitfire’s compelling mystique. During wartime, it held an unrivaled reputation amongst Allied and Axis airmen. Today, it continues to hold aviation enthusiasts in thrall. Kaplan highlights the immeasurable contributions of Spitfire designers Reginald J. Mitchell and Joseph Smith, test pilots Jeffrey Quill, Mutt Summers and Alex Henshaw, and ace Spitfire pilots including Al Deere, Sailor Malan and Pierre Clostermann. All added to the legend of this lovely, but deadly, little fighter. “Can be considered a ‘Potted History’ of the Spitfire and its military and civilian service, with particular emphasis being placed on the restoration of AR213. On that basis it will probably appeal to Spitfire aficionados in particular and to aviation and war-bird enthusiasts in general.”—NZ Crown Mines

The Story Of The Spitfire

Author: Ken Delve
Editor: The History Press
ISBN: 0750968532
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In a combat career that spanned the entirety of the Second World War, the Spitfire earned a reputation as the iconic fighter that friend and foe alike wanted to fly. Affectionately known as the ‘Spit’, the aircraft played a vital part in helping to lift the morale of the British public at home during the Second World War, where many a donation of pots and pans was made to support Spitfire production. Yet it was the RAF pilots responsible for flying the Spitfire in combat who knew, respected and loved this aeroplane the best. In this book author Ken Delve re-examines the Spitfire’s reputation using a wealth of important primary materials, including combat records, official trial reports and the personal accounts of those who flew the aircraft. The Story of the Spitfire charts the combat evolution of arguably the most important aerial fighting machine of the Second World War.

How The Spitfire Won The Battle Of Britain

Author: Dilip Sarkar
Editor: Amberley Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1445609819
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Finally lays to rest the myth that the Hurricane won the Battle of Britain rather than the numerically inferior, yet more glamorous, Spitfire.

Dallas And The Spitfire

Author: Ted Kluck
Editor: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441270140
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A Suburban Dad and an Ex Con Show What Discipleship Looks Like Ted is an educated thirty-something father of two who's been going to church his whole life. Dallas is a twenty-one-year-old former cocaine addict with a prison record who has recently become a Christian. When they agree to meet regularly for "discipleship," they know that chatting once a week in a coffee shop just won't cut it. Instead, they decide to get to know each other while restoring an old Triumph Spitfire. Filled with surprises and humor, Dallas and the Spitfire tells a gripping story of two lives changed, and along the way gives readers a new model for men's ministry.

The Lady In The Spitfire

Author: Helena Schrader
ISBN: 9780595401512
Size: 12,22 MB
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Returning from his first combat mission over Germany with a damaged B-17 and a wounded tail gunner, Lt. Jay Baronowsky of the US Eighth Air Force is forced to divert due to weather. In heavy cloud he nearly collides with an RAF bomber. On landing, he is shocked to discover that a woman piloted the RAF aircraft. However, he soon finds himself fascinated by the attractive and highly professional woman pilot. The Englishwoman is a sharp contrast to his American fiancée, who seems to have no understanding for what he is going through. Jay makes every effort to meet the English woman pilot, Emily, socially. Emily resists Jay's attentions. She has not yet recovered from the loss of her RAF pilot husband, Robin, who has been posted missing. In fact, she is not yet willing to admit that he is dead. But there seems to be no harm in having dinner with Jay or showing him a bit of the country. One thing leads inevitably to another, and Emily soon discovers that she likes Jay very much indeed. But should she risk getting involved with another pilot flying against Germany?

The Spitfire Girls Fly For Victory

Author: Jenny Holmes
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 1473560438
Size: 14,68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Planes to deliver. A war to be won. Bobbie Fraser, Mary Holland and Jean Thornton are Atta Girls - part of the Air Transport Auxiliary team flying planes between bases. Taking to the air in anything they're given, their work is dangerous but their courage always comes through. Now there's a new girl joining the ranks - Canadian Viv Robertson, who is bright, brash and brave. But can Viv settle into her new home with the other girls? And when life on the ground leaves them as vulnerable as in the air, can they stick together through the tough times ahead and ultimately fly to victory? A heart-warming, romantic story of friendship, camaraderie and triumph over adversity that fans of Donna Douglas, Nancy Revell and Elaine Everest will adore. ---------------------------- Readers love Jenny Holmes 'A delight to read' 'I highly recommend this book, great job Jenny!' 'Really enjoyed this book cant wait to read the next one' 'Lovely historical drama' 'I love reading these books on life in WW2' 'A book you can't put down'

The Spitfire Grill

Author: James Valcq
Editor: Samuel French, Inc.
ISBN: 9780573629303
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It all starts with the release of fidgety, suspicious Percy Talbott from state prison after serving a five-year sentence. We don't know why, only that she's released and on her way to Gilead and its "colors of paradise." But when she arrives it is February and bitter cold, and the only one around to meet her is restless Sheriff Joe Turner, who takes her to the Spitfire Grill to help the aging Hannah Ferguson run the diner. All is gray, dismal and listless around them, and the characters are in the "winter of their lives" emotionally and spiritually.

The Spitfire Girls

Author: Jenny Holmes
Editor: Random House
ISBN: 147356042X
Size: 19,91 MB
Format: PDF
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‘Anything to Anywhere!’ That’s the motto of the Air Transport Auxiliary, the brave team of female pilots who fly fighter planes between bases at the height of WWII. Mary is a driver for the ATA and although she yearns to fly a Spitfire, she fears her humble background will hold her back. After all, glamorous Angela is set to be the next ‘Atta Girl’ on recruitment posters. Bobbie learned to fly in her father’s private plane and Jean was taught the queen’s English at grammar school before joining the squad. Dedicated and resilient the three girls rule the skies: weathering storms and dodging enemy fire. Mary can only dream of joining them – until she gets the push she needs to overcome her self-doubt. Thrown together, the girls form a tight bond as they face the perils of their job. But they soon find that affairs of the heart can be just as dangerous as attacks from the skies. With all the fear and uncertainty ahead – can their friendship see them through the tests of war? A heart-warming, romantic story of friendship, camaraderie and triumph over adversity that fans of Donna Douglas, Nancy Revell and Call the Midwife will adore.