The Transits Of Venus

Author: William Sheehan
Editor: Prometheus Books
ISBN: 1615925473
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With a Full Preview of the June 8th, 2004, and June 5th, 2012 Transits of Venus!I could not put the book down! With the rare passages of Venus across the sun''s face as their theme, Sheehan and Westfall transport the reader through centuries of exciting historical drama . . . . The timely volume provides an enthralling trip through the history of astronomy. . . . - Clark R. Chapman, Institute Scientist, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, ColoradoA masterful work -- full of mystery, intrigue, passion and danger. Sheehan and Westfall take us on a wild and enchanting romp through time, as imminent scientists, disillusioned egoists, impassioned mathematicians, and preeminent explorers, chase the shadow of Venus around the globe on a grail-like quest for the ''perfect number.'' -- Steve O''Meara, Contributing Editor, Sky & TelescopeSheehan and Westfall have produced a page-turning account of the circumstances and history of one of Nature''s rarest phenomena. Passion, obsession, frustration, adventure, rivalry and disaster, above all the triumph of intellect to fathom the depths of space, are all exemplified in this fascinating tale of scientific endeavour. - Richard Baum, Director emeritus, Mercury and Venus Section of the British Astronomical AssociationSheehan and Westfall have produced an exciting, colorful and definitive account of the history of an extremely rare astronomical phenomenon. Using the detailed instructions provided, the book will inspire readers to view Venus as it transits the sun for the first time since 1882. - Steven J. Dick, NASA Chief HistorianWhat a heroic human quest to catch a glimpse of Venus in silhouette in front of the sun! The scientific payoff was nothing less than the confirmation of Copernican theory. Incredibly, transits of Venus portend the discovery of dozens of earth-like planets as they transit their host suns, causing them to wink in the night sky. - Geoff Marcy, Discoverer of Extrasolar Planets, University of California, BerkeleyIn a story that is enriched with historical and political context, Sheehan and Westfall capture the human spirit that drove a scientific collaboration spanning five centuries. This continuum of humanity painted over the petty egos of individual scientists, the setbacks of war, bad weather and human mortality to finally take measure of the rare transits of Venus and thereby reveal the size of Venus and the Earth-Sun distance. Just in time for the next silhouetting of Venus in June 2004, this book shows us why the tiny transit of Venus is a big deal! - Debra Fischer, Professor of Astronomy, San Francisco State UniversityIn this unique and fascinating history of science, acclaimed popular science writer William Sheehan-who was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for Science Writing-and award-winning geographer John Westfall take us back through the centuries to chronicle the intrepid explorations of scientists and adventurers who studied the transits of Venus in the quest for scientific understanding.In exquisite prose, the authors begin their true tale with the first telescopically observable transit in 1639, when Copernicus''s vision of the solar system was just gaining acceptance. This Earth-shattering observation was of monumental importance, because it helped confirm that the planets, including Earth, revolved around the Sun, and not the reverse as had heretofore been believed.Sheehan and Westfall take us on a journey through time vividly evoking the excitement and adventures of explorers and scientists who braved the elements, wars, and disease to follow the transits of the past. Some succumbed to an early grave. Others were victorious in capturing those precious, fleeting moments when Venus cast its shadow on the Sun. From the courageous voyage of Captain James Cook through later breath-taking adventures to the upcoming 2004 and 2012 transits, this uniquely invaluable tome will provide a history and a guide for the future on the unparalleled beauty and meaning of expe

Transit Of Venus

Author: Maureen Hunter
Editor: J Gordon Shillingford Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9780921368298
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Obsessions and lifelong loves permeate Maureen Hunter's "Transit of Venus" as the eighteenth-century astronomer, Le Gentil, charts the heavens for Venus and the realm of his heart for his young fiancee. Le Gentil puts off marrying the young and wilful Celeste as he travels around the world in his attempts to plot the course of Venus across the sky, only to be undone at every turn by weather, war, and misfortune, and to find upon his final return a woman undone by his absence and ready to set her own course. Spanning eleven years in the lives of Le Gentil and Celeste, Hunter's play explores issues of faith, solitude, and the human spirit.

The Transit Of Venus Enterprise In Victorian Britain

Author: Jessica Ratcliff
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1317316398
Size: 14,38 MB
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In nineteenth century, the British Government spent money measuring the distance between the earth and the sun using observations of the transit of Venus. This book presents a narrative of the two Victorian transit programmes. It draws out their cultural significance and explores the nature of 'big science' in late-Victorian Britain.

Observations Of The Transit Of Venus December 8 9 1874 Made And Reduced Under The Direction Of The Commission Created By Congress

Author: United States. Commission on the Transit of Venus, 1874
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Male Perspectives In Atwood S Bluebeard S Egg And Hazzard S The Transit Of Venus

Author: Giada Goracci
Editor: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443896489
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Postmodern revisions of fairy tales have influenced several discourses and disciplines especially during the second half of the twentieth century. In particular, during the course of postmodernism, the rewriting of classic fairy tales has contributed to the subversion of their stereotypical structures, thus advancing alternative re-readings. This work offers an investigation into gender discourse in two postmodern re-writings of Bluebeard, namely Margaret Atwood’s “Bluebeard’s Egg” and Shirley Hazzard’s The Transit of Venus, especially focusing on male/queer perspectives that have not yet been taken into consideration. Starting from an overview on the diverse conceptualisations of the terms “gender” and “sexuality” in modern and contemporary times, this book analyses the birth and evolution of male studies and, subsequently, explores the ways in which they have influenced the interpretation of classical tales. By means of an intertwined and shifting process, which enables the characters of these contemporary revisions to “disguise” their identities within the pages and beyond their texts, the figure of Bluebeard reveals himself as the “in-between” pattern for contemporary gender conceptualisations.

A Copper Plate And Discourse Of The Transit Of Venus On The 3d June 1769 Etc

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The Transit Of Empire

Author: Jodi A. Byrd
Editor: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 1452933170
Size: 11,42 MB
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Examines how “Indianness” has propagated U.S. conceptions of empire

Transits Of Venus Iau C196

Author: International Astronomical Union. Colloquium
Editor: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521849074
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Proceedings of the IAU C196 meeting, which coincided with the 8 June 2004 transit of Venus.

Transit Of Planets

Author: Vinay Garg
Editor: All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies
Size: 10,36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Transit of planets talks about the technique of making predictions on the basis of current position of planets on the horoscope of native. The main objective of Astrology is to predict the future of the native with the help of his horoscope. For making accurate prediction it is necessary to make an analysis of three factors. These three factors are YOGAS formed with the combination and permutation of planets, 2nd important factor is periods (dasa) and 3rd factor is transit. When a person comes with a query, first of all it should be analyzed that the query is related with which house, planets, the planet occupying this house and the planets aspecting this house. The determination of the auspicious or inauspicious results of that house shall be done by analyzing three factors. These are house, house Lord and significators. For example if the question asked is regarding marriage in that case we shall see that which planets are there in seventh house, this house is aspected by which planets. Marriage yoga for the possibility of marriage is there or not and in addition to that the position of significator of 7th house i.e. Jupiter/Venus should be analyzed. For females the significator of 7th house is Jupiter and for males the natural significator of 7th house is Venus. By analyzing the placement, combination, and benefic or malefic impact of these planets we conclude weather auspicious yoga for the possibility of marriage is there or not. After Yoga next important factor to be considered is major or sub period, the duration of main period is a long and sub period’s duration also can be 6 months or more than 2 years therefore, in order to predict the timing of an event during these 2 years the help of transit can be taken. Therefore, for predicting an event the importance of transit should be considered. Although it is a matter of long discussion to determine whether transit predictions should be made on the basis of ascendant sign or moon sign. For supporting the predictions from both, scholars have given logical and justifiable opinions. But, the conclusions that we have derived on the basis of our experience advocate that auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of the transit results of planets should be done on the basis of moon sign and what type of results i.e, which house results it shall yield would be decided on the basis of ascendant sign. For instance if moon is positioned in 7th house and the sign of Leo is there, therefore transit of Saturn into this sign shall cause negative impact of Saturn’s SADHESATI because transit of Saturn into Leo shows inauspicious results therefore there can be delay or problems in marriage and married life. Similarly what can be the results of transit of planets by considering the other important factors has been taken into account in this book. Because of lack of availability of books in the field of transit predictions this book has been written for catering the need of students of all India Federation of Astrologer’s Societies Delhi. This book shall be of immense help for solving the problems of students while studying the techniques of making predictions.